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Types of Front End Loader Magnets

There are two types of Front-End Loader Magnetic Sweepers

Road clearing Magnetic Sweeper

Front Mounted

Front mounted magnetic sweepers protect the tires on your front-end loader and can be easily emptied into scrap bins from the cab. Bluestreak front mounted loader magnets are perfect for clearing large spaces with rough terrain.



Bluestreak hanging magnets are a versatile and economical way of controlling metal debris in an area that doesn’t have a severe problem. The magnet can be hung between the wheels, in front of or behind the loader.

Keep Working Areas Clean Using Magnetic Sweepers

Front-End Loaders are excellent tools for cleaning up and moving materials across large areas. Mounting a magnet on these machines while they do their regular work or specifically to clean an area is a great way to clear large spaces of metal debris. Keeping debris out of your workspace improves safety, efficiency and saves money on replacement tires and downtime. Every piece of debris you retrieve with a magnetic sweeper is one less potential flat tire that can slow your operation down. Take a look at the recommended Front-End Loader magnets and the 6 considerations about which magnet to choose below.

Farm Cleanup Magnet For Tractor Loaders

Economical Front Mounted Pick Up Power for Tractors and Skid steers

$4,499.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Lynx 68″

The Lynx magnetic sweeper is powered by a permanently charged 4.5” x 4.5” C8 magnet assembly which is light enough to work on any skid steer or track loader and almost any sub compact tractor with loader arms and a universal skid steer adaptor plate.


The Lynx front mount magnet is powerful enough to hold onto a 108lbs I Beam and pick up a 2.5” inch nail from up to 8.5” inches off the ground. So it will have no problem collected most types of debris in the recommended sweeping height range of 2 to 5 inches.


With a sturdy 3/16” inch aluminum debris pan and wrap around function that snaps debris to the back of the magnet if the ground is hit, the Lynx can withstand ground strikes without losing collected debris. Optional debris digging rakes extend functionality of the Lynx by kicking embedded debris up out of the ground so it can get collected by the magnet while grooming the surface you are working on and giving a clear indicator of what areas have been swept.


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Adaptable Magnetic Sweeping for Front End Loaders and Skid Steers

$15,499.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Sokoke 92″

The Sokoke magnetic sweeper is a bigger and stronger version of the existing Meerkat magnetic sweeper, The Sokoke is meant for tougher jobs and heavier equipment while also a viable option for skid steers. The bracket assemblies have pre-drilled bolt holes to accept one of five brackets available from Bluestreak Equipment. Allowing you to use the Sokoke on many popular front-end loader models or skid steers, depending on which bracket is purchased with the Sokoke.


This versatile magnetic sweeper has three 29”-inch x 9”-inch x 6.25”-inch magnet assemblies that pivot on UHMW bushings which allows the metal debris stuck on the stainless-steel debris pan to be separated from the magnetic field by swinging the magnets away from the debris pan using gravity. This clean-off system allows the operator to raise the Sokoke over a scrap bin and empty the debris off by tipping it forward just like emptying a bucket. No one needs to manually handle the metal debris, which increases safety and efficiency.


The Sokoke also has the capability to accept the Debris Digging Rake accessory, this allows an operator to dig up debris that may be embedded under the surface after being runover by heavy machinery so it can be collected. The rakes also allow an operator to have a clear visual indicator of where they have swept while grooming the land, creating a more uniform surface.


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Designed to Take a Hit! Wrapped in A Protective Cage!

$2,289.99 USD$4,429.99 USDBuy Here


(all prices in USD)


Available in 6 sizes: Remoras 38″, Remoras 50″, Remoras 62″, Remoras 74″, Remoras 86″, Remoras 98″

The Remoras magnet is an "all terrain" hanging magnet that you can attach to equipment you already use and own. This magnet is specifically designed to withstand frequent ground hits while picking up metal debris from uneven and rough surfaces with potholes and ruts.


A protective cage protects the magnetic housing from hitting the ground when your vehicle travels over uneven, rough terrain.


Magnets of this type are very useful if there are severe ruts in industrial yards caused by constant use over the same path by heavy vehicles, such as is common in precast concrete yards, where concrete pieces are stored outside in rows or aisles and delivered and removed from those aisles by large heavy forklifts.


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For extra ground strike protection! With wheeled outriggers and bump wheels.

$2,979.99 USD$3,589.99 USDBuy Here


(all prices in USD)


Available in 4 sizes:  AETHER 62”, AETHER 74”, AETHER 86”, AETHER 98”

The AETHER hanging magnet was designed for those off road dirt and gravel situations where more ground strike prevention is needed than the EIGER provides, but less ground strike prevention than the REMORAS provides.


The 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels on the ends prevent the magnet from hitting the ground and from sinking into loose surfaces, and the wheeled outriggers provide additional ground strike prevention in the middle of the magnet’s overall length.


Maximum lifting height of 9” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail). Measuring Magnetic Sweeper pickup power and performance.


Comes standard with a black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve for quick and easy debris removal. Also includes 6 stabilizing chains with 12 quick clips to the AETHER from your vehicle.


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Off Road Hanging Magnet Designed to be raised or lowered, as needed.

$2,339.99 USD$2,889.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 4 sizes: 62”, 74”, 86”, 98”

With Quick Clean Off Sleeve


The KHAMSIN hanging magnet was designed for more “off road” applications such as gravel, sand, and dirt roads and yards, or grass covered areas. Ideal for rural roads or gravel roadsides. Ideal for gravel parking lots and driveways.


The Khamsin design allows you to leave the magnet permanently mounted, enabling you to lower and deploy the magnet for use when needed, and then easily raise and secure it when not needed or for transport between locations.


Larger 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels keep the magnet from hitting the ground or sinking into softer ground surfaces.


The Khamsin has a slightly higher minimum sweeping height of 2.5” inches compared to the ISO’s minimum sweeping height of 1.75” inches, in order to operate more effectively in off road applications.


A Quick Clean Off Sleeve comes standard for quick and easy debris removal.


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Heavy Duty Aluminum Sleeve Hanging Magnetic Sweeper


$2,589.99 USD$3,189.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 4 sizes:  NYX 62”, NYX 74”, NYX 86”, NYX 98”

The Nyx Heavy Duty Hanging Magnetic Sweeper is built to endure heavy duty terrain while clearing metal debris. An Aluminum quick clean off sleeve protects the magnet housing from impacts and crush forces and allows debris to be removed from the magnetic field quickly and easily.


The Nyx also features 10.5” x 3.25” inch Carlisle flat free wheels with UHMW bushings replacing standard ball bearings for greater impact resistance and smooth operation. These wheels will touch down on terrain changes before the clean off sleeve so the Nyx can glide over obstacles rather than strike the ground.


A 4.5” x 4.5” inch permanently charged C8 magnet housing allows the Nyx to pull a 2.5” inch 8 penny nail from up to 8.25” inches off the ground. So, in the 3”-5” inch recommended sweeping height range the Nyx has plenty of pick up power to retrieve metal debris regardless of terrain requirements. The Nyx attaches easily to many different vehicles using the included chains; making it a versatile and durable tool for clearing debris in rough environments.


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Sokoke Cleanoff Into 8 Foot Bin

Using a front mounted magnetic sweeper eliminates the need to touch any metal debris, this helps to prevent lacerations from sharp debris and decreases the physical effort required to clean the magnet off. When the magnet is clean there is more power available to pick up debris. When the magnet is easier to clean off it will be cleaned more often and therefore operate more efficiently when sweeping.

Easy, Convenient, Durable, Quick Clean Off Sleeve

A hanging magnet needs to be easy to clean off. Hanging magnets use a PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve as the clean off method. To clean the hanging magnetic sweeper off when full of debris, just remove the Bump Wheel on one end (if equipped with bump wheels), and pull off the Quick Clean Off Sleeve. All the debris will drop off on the side of the magnet that you pull the Sleeve off. Clean off is easy, quick, and simple. Once debris is cleaned off the magnet, it can be put into a scrap bin or dumpster for proper disposal.

6 Considerations When Choosing a Front-End Loader Magnetic Sweeper

Consideration 1: What Terrain Will the Magnet be Operated In?

If the area you want to sweep is full of deep potholes and ruts, you may need a magnet with more pickup power to pull debris and durability to endure ground strikes, in this case a magnet like the Sokoke would be more appropriate. For situations that have less terrain variations, a hanging magnet may work perfectly to keep your area clean.

Consideration 2: How Severe is the Metal Debris Problem?

In cases where the production of hazardous metal debris is part of normal operation (broken pallets, precast concrete wires, nails in a landfill) a stronger magnet should be used regularly to ensure areas are clean. If metal debris is an occasional issue and the magnetic sweeper is permanently attached to a loader that works in the area, a hanging bar works perfectly to keep busy areas clean as the loader performs its normal operations.

Consideration 3: Where/How Will the Debris be Unloaded?

The hanging magnetic sweepers on this page use Quick Clean Off Sleeves to empty all collected debris onto the ground in a small pile once the sleeve is pulled off. This requires the debris to be picked up and thrown out manually, which is fine for everyday maintenance sweeping to keep an area clean.  The Sokoke model is mounted on the front of a loader’s lift arms which can be raised over a dumpster and emptied off without any manual contact with the debris. This system is better when you have an area you need to clear quickly rather than hanging a magnet permanently to do regular sweeping wherever the loader travels.

Consideration 4: Danger Posed by Debris

If the debris problem is severe enough and the debris type is likely to puncture the tire of the loader that is supposed to clean it up you may want to consider a front mounted magnet so the tires remain protected behind the magnet, the Sokoke is designed to be as wide or wider than most loader’s wheel width so it keeps the tires safe. Hanging magnets can also be mounted to the front of a loader using chains, this method is harder to keep stable but can provide protection.

Consideration 5: Cost

Hanging magnetic sweepers are less expensive than front mounted magnets and can still provide great cleaning capabilities at lower speeds and lower sweeping heights. Hanging magnets can usually be permanently installed, so over time the amount of debris collected compared to a front mounted magnet that is occasionally used may be comparable.

Consideration 6: Debris Type

Larger debris types will be picked up easier by the larger Sokoke magnetic sweeper, the size of the magnets in the Sokoke provide more pickup and holding power than the hanging magnets so if you are trying to pick up bigger debris at higher speed, the larger front mounted magnet may be the best option. If you are trying to pick up smaller debris like nuts, bolts, nails, banding and staples, a hanging magnet will be perfectly suited to collecting that debris when operated at the right sweeping height and speed.

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The maximum lifting height of front end loader magnets;

Lynx | 8 and 1/2 inches
Sokoke | 12 and 1/2 inches
Remoras | 8.5 inches
Aether | 9 inches
Khamsin | 9 inches
Nyx | 8 and 1/4 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
LynxLynx 8.5" 348 lbs 68" Yes, continuous using lift arms of the skid steer None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered All Terrain

$4,499.99 USDBuy Here

SokokeSokoke 12.5" 1491 lbs alone or 1800 lbs +/- with DDR and Mounting Bracket 92" Yes, continuous with lift arms None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered. All Terrain

$15,499.99 USDBuy Here

RemorasRemoras 8 1/2" 155lbs, 204 lbs, 251lbs, 296lbs, 244lbs, 389lbs 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98" Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a specified maximum height of. 5" None Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory All Terrain

$2,289.99 USD$4,429.99 USDBuy Here

AetherAether 9" 230 lbs, 264 lbs, 297 lbs, 330 lbs 62", 74", 86", 98" Yes, by changing hanging height. Minimum 2.5“ recommended hanging height 3” to 5“ maximum. 10” x 3” foam filled flat proof wheels with Steel hubs and 5/8 inch ball bearings rated at 100kg (220 lbs) capacity each Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve. All Terrain

$2,979.99 USD$3,589.99 USDBuy Here

KhamsinKhamsin 9" 191 lbs, 225 lbs, 258 lbs, 291 lbs 62", 74", 86", 98" Yes, minimum 2.5" with wheel on the ground, 3" recommended, 5" inch maximum 10” x 3” Foam Filled flat proof bump wheels with steel hubs and 5/8” ball bearings rated at 100 kg (220 lbs) capacity each Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$2,339.99 USD$2,889.99 USDBuy Here

NyxNyx 8.25" 204.6 lbs, 252.5 lbs, 291.1 lbs, 324.5 lbs 62", 74", 86", 98" Yes, 3" - 5" 10.5" x 3.5" foam filled flat proof wheels with 5/8" UHMW bushings Aluminum quick clean off sleeve All Terrain

$2,589.99 USD$3,189.99 USDBuy Here

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