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Magnetic Sweepers

Compact & Light Weight. With Quick Clean Off Sleeve.

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Available in 3 sizes: Scape 14, Scape 20, Scape 26

The Scape magnetic sweeper is a compact, light weight "all terrain" push magnet. It's perfect for home owners and light users, but is also a favorite of roofers who want a light but effective tool. The Scape fits nicely behind the seat of a pickup truck.


Because the Scape is so light, it can easily be picked up by one side of the lower “Y handle. Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve.


The Scape also features the all terrain "wrap around” design for use on grass surfaces.


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Designed with all the features but lighter. The Magnet for Roofers!

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Available in 2 sizes: Ecko 20 and Ecko 26

The Ecko magnetic sweeper is an "all terrain" push magnet designed for roofers that want a lighter sweeper but still want all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability and durability.


It includes a wider range of wheel height settings, quick debris release, sturdy design, "wrap around" design and angled front nose. It’s all about the details and the Ecko pays attention to them all.


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Entry Level Professional Magnetic Sweeper. Solid Performance and Durability in a No Frills Design.

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Available in 4 sizes: Magnum 20, Magnum 25, Magnum 31, Magnum 37

The Magnum magnetic sweeper is an "all terrain" magnet originally designed for the price conscious roofing market looking for durability and performance without a lot of extra features.


With double the amount of magnets than the Scape Series™, the Magnum Series sweeper packs a lot of pickup power for an entry level professional sweeper.


It has a welded design, double welded lower handle support brackets, a three piece “Y type” handle for extra durability, and good commercial level pickup power, with a medium weight to allow easy loading and unloading from job site to job site.


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The Biggest & Baddest Push Magnet. Ready to handle any rental situation.


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Available in 3 sizes: RIP 20, RIP 25, RIP 31

The RIP magnetic sweeper is an "all terrain" magnet specifically designed for the rental industry and professional contractors.


The RIP is the big brother of the Ecko Series magnet and so it has everything the Ecko has and a bit more; debris release handle, seven wheel height adjustment settings, angled front nose, “wrap around” and loads of lifting power.


You're not going to find a stronger or better built all terrain push magnet on the market. The performance is exceptional.


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Maximum Pickup Power in a No Frills Design. Gets the job done!

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Available in 3 sizes: Force 19, Force 25, Force 31

The Force magnet is an "all terrain" magnet with loads of pickup power in a no frills design. It's for those users who really care about pick up power. Most of all, it doesn’t have all the extra features just the basics, but it’s sturdy, rugged and gets the job done.


Maximum lifting height is an incredible 6 ¼” (using a two and a half inch nail).


“Wrap Around” feature holds onto nails and debris even if grass tries to wipe it off.


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Perfect balance of features for commercial manufacturing shops

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Available in 3 sizes: Aurora 19,  Aurora 25,  Aurora 31

The Aurora magnetic sweeper is a flat surface magnet with the perfect balance for a commercial manufacturing shop environment. It has just the right features; no height adjustment which wouldn’t be used anyway, easy clean off, and just the right power with medium pick up power.


The Aurora is available in a narrower 19 inch sweeping width so it is easier to manoeuver around shop equipment in a smaller shop environment.


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The biggest push magnet designed for flat surfaces such as concrete and asphalt

$499.99 USD$599.99 USDBuy Here

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Available in 3 sizes: Bora 25, Bora 31, Bora 37

Packed with two layers of C8 grade magnets


The Bora magnetic sweeper is the biggest push magnet designed for flat surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. It has two layers of C8 ceramic magnets packed end to end for loads of pickup power.


It is similar to the RIP magnet in pickup power with a lifting height of 5 and 3/4 inches.


The Bora is also loaded with features. It is designed for professionals who needs pick up power, durability and wider widths. Sizes: 25, 31 and 37 widths.


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Know what you need for your next project?

The maximum lifting height of the Push Magnet Models are as follows;

Ecko | 4 and 1/4 inches
Scape | 4 and 1/4 inches
Aurora | 4 and 1/2 inches
Magnum | 4 and 3/4 inches
RIP | 5 and 3/4 inches
Bora | 5 and 3/4 inches
Force | 6 and 1/4 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
EckoEcko 4 1/4" 17.7lbs, 21lbs 20", 26" 5 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Debris Release Handle All Terrain

$269.99 USD$289.99 USDBuy Here

ScapeScape 4 1/4" 11.3lbs, 13.7lbs, 18.2lbs 14" , 20", 26" 3 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$169.99 USD$209.99 USDBuy Here

AuroraAurora 4 1/2" 26lbs, 33lbs, 39lbs 19", 25", 31" None 6" Plastic Wheels Debris Release Handle Flat Surfaces

$359.99 USD$429.99 USDBuy Here

MagnumMagnum 4 3/4" 22lbs, 27lbs, 33lbs, 38lbs 20", 25", 31", 37" 2 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Wipe clean with a glove or rag. All Terrain

$239.99 USD$319.99 USDBuy Here

RIPRIP 5 3/4" 37lbs, 45lbs, 56lbs 20", 25", 31" 7 Wheel Settings 8" Steel Hub & Ball Bearing Wheels Debris Release Handle All Terrain

$429.99 USD$569.99 USDBuy Here

BoraBora 5 3/4" 47lbs, 56lbs, 64lbs 25", 31", 37" 3 Wheel Settings 8" Steel Hub & Ball Bearing Wheels Debris Release Handle Flat Surfaces

$499.99 USD$599.99 USDBuy Here

ForceForce 6 1/4" 34lbs, 41lbs, 48lbs 19", 25", 31" 3 Wheel Settings 7" Steel Hub & Ball Bearing Wheels Wipe off debris with glove or rag All Terrain

$289.99 USD$349.99 USDBuy Here

Choose the Right Push Magnet for Your Application.

Select a magnet width that works best for your application.

Bluestreak has a number of rolling magnet models to suit different user preferences and applications. One feature to consider is simply the width of the magnet. Select a width that matches your application. Do you need to cover larger areas quickly and need a wider width or will you be working in smaller tighter locations that would benefit from a smaller width.


Keep in mind, the only reason for choosing a wider width magnetic sweeper with wheels is to reduce the time spent sweeping because a wider magnet covers more ground in the same amount of time.


There is NO difference in pickup strength between a wider magnet model, say a RIP 31, versus a RIP 20. There is a difference in pickup strength between a model series, say a RIP versus a Scape.

magnetic sweeper magnum series 4 bluestreak equipment

Should you pick a magnet with the most pickup power?

Before choosing only on the basis of pickup power, keep in mind that not every application needs the most power. Some applications may benefit from having more application specific features rather than power. Many roofers want a lighter rolling magnet that they can put behind the seat of their pickup truck and because they may not have to clean a very large job site it may be acceptable to them to pass over an area several times.


However, if you are wondering about pickup power, Bluestreak measures pickup power in terms of the “maximum lifting height using a two and a half inch nail”. Everyone knows what a two and a half inch nail looks like. This measure indicates the maximum height that the sweeper can pick up a two and a half inch nail from in a bench test. This is the best indication of performance and pickup power that is easy to understand.


Below are the maximum lifting height measurements of the Push Magnet Models.

Consider what surface you will be working on.

When choosing a rolling magnetic sweeper consider the terrain you will be working on because the terrain you will be working on greatly effects the magnets' performance.


We design some of our magnetic broom sweepers to work well on flat surfaces as well as ones that are more "all terrain" and more versatile on a variety of surfaces.


If you know you will be working mainly on concrete then choose a rolling magnetic broom that is designed for flat surfaces. Or if you are going to be picking up debris in grass then choose a magnet that works well on all terrain.


"All terrain" magnets versus "Flat Surface" magnets

"Wrap around" feature to keep debris from being brushed off the back and more height control.

All Terrain Magnets

All Terrain push magnets are designed to work well on all terrains can be used on any surface. However, they have been specifically designed to perform well on grass, dirt and other rough or uneven surfaces.


As you push the magnetic sweeper over rough surfaces like grass, the grass comes in contact with debris stuck on the bottom of the magnet and it pushes the debris backwards. On many magnets the debris is actually pushed off the back of the magnet from the grass.


That's why Bluestreak's all terrain magnets are designed with a “wrap around” feature so that when any debris stuck to the bottom of the magnet is pushed backward it simply snaps around on the back side of the magnet rather than falling off.

Flat Surface Magnets

Flat Surface push magnets are designed specifically for industrial applications that use them on flat surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.


They have features that improve their performance and reliability in industrial applications such as the Bora's stronger frame.


These magnetic sweepers do not have the wrap around feature which is not necessary for use on flat surfaces. Because they do not have this feature they will not perform well in grass or on surfaces which may come in contact with the bottom of the sweeper.


For more information read our article: "Push Broom Magnets for Flat Surfaces - Does size matter?"

Heavy duty solid frame construction and pickup power.

Applications of Rolling Magnets

Rolling magnetic sweepers are an effective solution for quickly removing ferrous metal debris and waste in active worksites and public locations with lots of foot traffic. By utilizing Bluestreak Equipment’s magnetic sweepers with wheels, workers can easily collect debris for recovery or disposal.


Some of the most common applications for our push-type sweepers include:

Roofing: Nails, staples, and metal debris can collect on roofing job sites during construction, maintenance, and repair operations. Magnetic sweepers allow workers to clean up any accumulated magnetic materials quickly and easily.

Construction: On construction sites, excess metal debris (e.g., nails, screws, staples, wiring, and metal fragments) can cause equipment damage and employee injury. A rolling magnetic floor sweeper provides a fast and easy method of cleaning up metal debris to protect workers and equipment.

Rental Units: Our magnetic sweepers are built with reliability and durability in mind, making them excellent for use as rental units. Equipment rental businesses can invest in our magnetic sweepers without worrying about them not fulfilling a customer’s needs or needing constant maintenance and repair work.

Manufacturing Sites: Manufacturing facilities regularly experience accumulations of metal debris, such as shavings, grindings, and blanks, that can cause injury to workers or damage to equipment. Facility employees can use push-type magnetic sweepers to collect waste material for disposal and/or re-use in future operations.

Other applications for our push-type sweepers include:

  • Airports

  • Equine Facilities

  • Farms

  • Highways and Roads

  • Landfills

  • Military Facilities

  • Mining Sites

  • Parking Lots

  • Parks and Campsites

  • Precast Concrete Sites

  • Residences

  • Shipping Terminals

  • Shot Blast Facilities

  • Streets

  • Trucking Terminals

Advantages of Rolling Magnetic Broom Sweepers

Magnetic sweepers come in many different forms, including handheld magnetic sweepers, push-type magnetic sweepers, and vehicle-mounted magnetic sweepers. Each type has different advantages that make it suited for different applications.


  • Handheld magnetic sweepers require users to hold them throughout the entire sweeping operation. However, they are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle, making them ideal for covering tight spaces in and around equipment, buildings, and other existing structures.

  • Push-type magnetic sweepers have wheels, which allow users to cover a larger area in a short period of time than is possible with a handheld magnetic sweeper. Additionally, since users do not need to carry them, they can house more powerful and, consequently, heavier magnets.

  • Vehicle-mounted magnetic sweepers are greater in power and larger in size than push-type magnetic sweepers. They are suitable for use in large sweeping applications, such as roads and streets.

Advantages of Rolling Magnetic Broom Sweepers infographic
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Choose Bluestreak for High-Quality Magnetic Sweepers

If you need magnetic sweepers for your facility or worksite, turn to the experts at Bluestreak Equipment. By partnering with us, you benefit from our:

  • Extensive experience. We’ve developed and manufactured application-driven magnetic products since 2005.

  • Broad product selection. We offer a full line of magnetic sweeper products. In addition to push-type sweepers, we supply handheld, hanging, rear-mounted, fork-mounted, front-mounted, tow-behind, and continuous discharge variations.

  • In-house manufacturing capabilities. All of our products are designed and manufactured in our facilities in Ontario, Canada, where we can ensure every piece meets our strict specifications and standards.

For additional information about our magnetic sweepers or assistance choosing one for your applications, contact us today.

bluestreak equipment manufacturing

Manufacturing In-House

All of our products are designed and manufactured on site at our facilities in Ontario, Canada.

Application Driven Design Bluestreak Equipment

Application-Driven Design

We have manufactured and developed application driven magnetic products since 2005.

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