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RIP Magnetic Sweeper

Wrap around design - when pushing through grass debris wraps around the back of sweeper.

Recommended Industry Applications

The RIP is the Biggest & Baddest
of The Push Type Magnets.

Ready to handle any rental situation!

The RIP is the big brother of the Ecko Series magnet and is specifically designed for the rental industry and professional contractors that need all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability, loads of lifting power and durability for all terrains.


Unique “wrap around” design for use on grass because it prevents debris from being wiped off by long grass or weeds. The debris simply snaps around on to the back of the sweeper.


It also has loads of features including angled front “nose” design for pushing through grass, secondary debris release handle, simply pull and debris falls off, seven wheel height adjustment settings to fine tune the sweeping height for optimum performance and welded design construction to ensure durability.

$429.99 - $569.99 USD

See Pricing For All Models Below


Product Pricing

 RIP™ 20 magnetic sweeper

RIP™ 20 magnetic sweeper

$ 429.99


Weight: 38.5 lbs | Length: 33
Width: 11 | Height: 8



 RIP™ 25 magnetic sweeper

RIP™ 25 magnetic sweeper

$ 499.99


Weight: 49.6 lbs | Length: 33
Width: 12 | Height: 8



 RIP™ 31 magnetic sweeper

RIP™ 31 magnetic sweeper

$ 569.99


Weight: 57.3 lbs | Length: 42
Width: 12 | Height: 8



* If you want to order more than one you may add or adjust product quantities once you have added the product to your shopping cart.


RIP Series RIP 20 RIP 25 RIP 31
SKU R20 R25 R31
Sweeper Width 20″ 25″ 31″
Ground Clearance .5″ to 3.5″ in .5″ increments (7 settings) .5″ to 3.5″ in .5″ increments (7 settings) .5″ to 3.5″ in .5″ increments (7 settings)
Cleaning Method Debris Release Handle Debris Release Handle Debris Release Handle
Lifting Weight (using 2.5″, 8 penny nails) 13 lbs 17 lbs 21 lbs
Height Adjustability Yes, 7 wheel bolt settings Yes, 7 wheel bolt settings Yes, 7 wheel bolt settings
Housing Construction Aluminum 1/8″ walls Aluminum 1/8″ walls Aluminum 1/8″ walls
Wheels 8″ steel hub and ball bearing 8″ steel hub and ball bearing 8″ steel hub and ball bearing
Magnetic Surface Area 72 sq. inches 96 sq. inches 120 sq. inches
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5″, 8 penny nails) 5 3/4″ 5 3/4″ 5 3/4″
Total Sweeper Weight 37 lbs 45 lbs 56 lbs
Total Shipping Weight 38 lbs 49 lbs 57 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 33″L x 11″W x 8″H 33″L x 12″W x 8″H 42″L x 12″W x 8″H
Sweeper Handle 3 pc aluminum 3 pc aluminum 3 pc aluminum
Maintenance None None None
Accessories None None None
Pricing Range $429.99 $499.99 $569.99

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Based on 9 reviews
1-5 of 9 reviews
  1. The grip on the handle lasts about a week and falls off. The rest of the rip magnet is awesome. I’ll be buying more of their magnets.

  2. Wow. The A1 Abrams of roofing magnets. Bulky and a bit always too lift into the truck but the performance far out weighs the drawbacks. This thing is amazing.

  3. This is definitely the best magnet I’ve ever used!!

  4. It is a powerful magnet, and it has performed well. At first, I thought the holes for the handles were drilled off-center, but it was my stupidity. After I figured out what I was missing it went together easily. Bluestreak is a company you can trust for quality professional-grade products. Their Powerstik is also a wonderful tool. A must for any roofing contractors. We now maintain one on every truck.

  5. Strong product, well built, and easy to assemble.

    Image #1 from Antonio
    Video #1 from Antonio


Rip Series Brochure Pdf

1 file(s) | 145.46 KB

Rip Assembly Instructions PDF

1 file(s) | 1.54 MB



Part#1 Rip bolt bag of assorted steel hardware (item a b c d e f g h p) (68 pcs)

$ 59.24

Part#2 Rip aluminum upper Y handle and grip (item i) (1 pc)

$ 48.84

Part#3 Rip aluminum release lever (item j) (1 pc)

$ 49.85

Part#4 Rip aluminum release rod (item k) (1 pc)

$ 48.85


There are no RIP accessories.

Loads of Pickup Power!

The RIP has a double layer of permanently charged magnets for greater magnetic field and loads of lifting power.

The performance is unbelievable.

rip31 series roofing magnet strong hold roofing demo bluestreak equipment

Nothing Compares to this Push Magnet.

When renters go to the trouble of renting a tool, they want to make sure they rent something that can get the job done. And renters can throw almost anything at a tool, and the tool better be up to the task. The RIP is up to the task.


The seven wheel height settings allow you to fine tune the sweeping height to ensure maximum performance in any rental situation.


The angled front nose makes it much easier to push through grass, all the pivot points have nylon flange bushings so there is no metal on metal contact, meaning no squeaks, long life, and a nice tight feel to the tool.


And the feature that is used the most, the handle, was specifically made three pieces to give the handle sturdiness and durability and also contributes to the tight feel of the sweeper unlike many single piece handle designs on the market.

Unique Wrap Around Feature

“Wrap Around” feature designed for pushing the magnetic sweeper through grass. The "Wrap Around" feature prevents debris from being brushed off by grass once picked up. The debris just wraps around onto the back side of the magnet instead.

wrap around feature

RIP Pickup Performance Test

A performance test to show the pickup height of the RIP magnetic sweeper. We're using a 2 1/2 inch nail for the test and the RIP is picking it up at a 5 and 3/4 inches height.

Angled Nose for Sweeping in Grass


Sweeping Height Control

The RIP has 7 wheel height settings to adjust the sweeping heights from .5″ to 3.5″ to accommodate any situation. Height adjustment allows fine tuning of performance on a variety of terrains and conditions for optimum performance.

3 Sweeper Sizes Available

Easy to use debris release handle

Debris Release Handle

Debris release handle lifts magnetic housing out of the tray. Debris then drops off the bottom of sweeper, no lifting or bending over.

bora magnetic sweeper flange

Flange Bushings on Moving Parts

All moving parts are protected by nylon flange bushings to reduce wear and extend sweeper life.

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