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Erebus Khamsin Gobie Ananke Remoras

Grader Magnetic

Heavy Duty Offroad Hanging Magnet with onboard out-riggers and aluminum sleeve

$3,659.99 – $4,269.99 USD

(all prices in USD)


Available in 4 sizes:  Erebus 62”, 74”, 86”, 98”

The Erebus Heavy Duty Offroad Hanging Magnet is built to clean metal from the toughest job sites, the onboard out-riggers and aluminum sleeve protect the magnet housing from ground strikes and scrapes. The Erebus also has 10.5 “ x 3.25” Carlisle flat free bump wheels that allow the magnet to roll over changing terrain rather than hit the aluminum clean off sleeve off the ground. The wheel bearings have been replaced with custom 5/8” UHMW bushings that can withstand greater impacts and roll smoothly.


From recycling centers to highway maintenance, the Erebus is a heavy duty durable magnet with exceptional pickup power. It can pick up a 2.5” 8 penny nail from 8.25” off the ground, so in the recommended sweeping height range of 3-5” there is plenty of power available to collect metal debris. The aluminum clean off sleeve resists crush forces that normally make clean off sleeves difficult to remove and slides easily on PVC rails inside the aluminum sleeve that prevent friction.


The Erebus can be easily mounted on a Bluestreak Equipment hanging bracket or by using the included chains with quick links. A hanging magnet mounts easily on a variety of vehicles and is a versatile tool for keeping job sites clean and safe for personnel and equipment.


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Off Road Hanging Magnet Designed to be raised or lowered, as needed.

$2,339.99 USD$2,889.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 4 sizes: 62”, 74”, 86”, 98”

With Quick Clean Off Sleeve


The KHAMSIN hanging magnet was designed for more “off road” applications such as gravel, sand, and dirt roads and yards, or grass covered areas. Ideal for rural roads or gravel roadsides. Ideal for gravel parking lots and driveways.


The Khamsin design allows you to leave the magnet permanently mounted, enabling you to lower and deploy the magnet for use when needed, and then easily raise and secure it when not needed or for transport between locations.


Larger 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels keep the magnet from hitting the ground or sinking into softer ground surfaces.


The Khamsin has a slightly higher minimum sweeping height of 2.5” inches compared to the ISO’s minimum sweeping height of 1.75” inches, in order to operate more effectively in off road applications.


A Quick Clean Off Sleeve comes standard for quick and easy debris removal.


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Simple, Basic, Strong. An economical choice for a magnet that can pick up from greater heights.

$919.99 USD$2,849.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 15 widths: 14″, 20″, 26″ 32″, 38″, 44″, 50″, 56″, 62″, 68″, 74″, 80″, 86″, 92″, 98″

The GOBIE hanging magnet was designed to be strong yet economical.


The two 4.5”x4.5” housings placed side by side create a magnet that can “reach” further downward, able to pickup debris from greater heights.


Maximum lifting height of 11” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail). Gauss measurements are also provided at different distances for this magnet. Measuring Magnetic Sweeper pickup power and performance


The Gobie can hang from almost any piece of equipment as long as it doesn’t hit the ground all the time.


Comes in 15 different sizes (widths) from 14” inches to 98” inches, in 6” inch increments.


Includes 4 hanging chains with 8 quick clips to hang the GOBIE.


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Easy Clean-Off Side-Shifting Hanging Grader Magnet. Keep Roads Clear and Safe with the Ananke!

$14,899.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: 95″

The Ananke is a hanging magnet that is loaded with convenience and durability features designed to operate in harsh environments like mines, highways and in military road clearing settings and increase productivity of any grader with rear auxiliary hydraulics. The Ananke can even pick up nails from outside of the grader’s blade width if used with the optional side shift bracket.


C8 magnets allow the Ananke to retrieve 2.5” inch 8 penny nails from up to 10.75” inches, so when used in the recommended 3” inch – 5” inch operating range it can collect any type of metal debris even at speed. When it’s time to clean the magnet, the operator can perform clean-off from the cab of the grader using hydraulic power. If using the side shift bracket you can switch between clean-off and side shift by using the included remote control.


Reduce punctures and increase uptime on all equipment using your roads by having a magnet that works while you do to ensure a safe environment to travel and work.


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A Hanging Magnet Designed to Take a Hit. Designed for rough terrain.

$2,289.99 USD$4,429.99 USDBuy Here


(all prices in USD)


Available in 6 sizes: Remoras 38″, Remoras 50″, Remoras 62″, Remoras 74″, Remoras 86″, Remoras 98″

The Remoras magnetic sweeper is designed for handling rough outdoor uneven, rutted or pot hole filled conditions.


It makes sense for Telehandlers operating in these rougher conditions because it comes with a protective cage around the magnet that protects and shields the magnet over it’s entire length from hitting the ground when Telehandler wheels dip into ruts, potholes etc.


The Remoras also comes in multiple widths up to 98 inches wide, so you can get one to fit any size of Telehandler.


Because the Remoras was intended for rougher conditions it only comes in one magnet strength (which is the same magnet strength as the largest strength Wrasse model). A Quick Clean Off Sleeve comes standard on the Remoras.


The Remoras also comes with four hanging chains.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


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Know what you need for your next project?

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Grader Magnetic Sweeper

What is the danger posed by the debris problem?

Roadways and parking lots are constantly collecting foreign metal debris from day-to-day activities which accumulates over time to present an issue later. Whether it is causing flat tires, getting kicked up and cracking windshields, or entering water systems. Metal debris is causing an issue and needs to be minimized. A magnetic sweeper on a grader is a very proactive way to start combatting this problem.

How easy is the grader magnet to clean off?

A magnet may work very well at picking up debris, but how easy is it to clean off? Think through how you would clean the magnet off step by step.  Make sure it makes sense to you and your situation.  We try and do this for you so that clean off isn’t a difficult or time-consuming task, but some manufacturers don’t.  Pay attention to the details of how this will work from start to finish, right up to the point of getting the debris in the garbage or scrap bin. Clean up can be made easier with our quick clean off sleeves that lets you remove debris quickly into a pile to be moved into a scrap bin.

How good is the grader magnet at hanging on to the debris that it picks up?

You are not going to be cleaning your magnet off constantly, so it’s important that when your magnet does pick up a nail or screw that the magnet secures the debris so that it won’t fall off. If the magnet is struck by the ground or suddenly jarred, the last thing you want is for the debris to fall off again.  Our  “Wrap Around Feature”, not only makes sure debris doesn’t get wiped off of the bottom of the magnet, it makes the debris holding capacity higher and you’ll find in practice that most of your debris ends up on the side of your magnet not the bottom of it.  This is a good indication to you why we have this feature.

How far off the ground will the grader magnet be positioned?

We want to make sure our products meet your expectations. Therefore, make sure you look at our “maximum lifting height” specifications for each magnet option.  We bench test every one of our magnetic sweeper models to determine their maximum lifting height of a two-and-a-half-inch standard nail.  Everyone knows what a two-and-a-half-inch nail looks like which is why we use this as a standard measure of magnet strength and it will give you a very good idea of magnet performance.  We have videos of our products picking up various other materials so take a look at the videos in the video galleries. 

Where do you mount a grader magnet?

A grader magnet can be front, mid or rear mounted on a variety of graders as long as enough clearance and space is present.

A grader magnet has no specific requirements of the vehicle to ensure FIT. You should however, take a look at the CAD files for each product showing overall dimensions to ensure it will work with your intended model and the anticipated mounting position.

The maximum lifting height of the Hanging Magnet Models are as follows;

Erebus | 8 and 1/4 inches
Khamsin | 9 inches
Gobie | 11 inches
Ananke | 10 3/4 inches
Remoras | 8 and 1/2 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
ErebusErebus 8.25" 248.5lbs, 291.8lbs, 327.3lbs, 357.6lbs 62", 74", 86", 98" Yes, Via Chain and quick links, 2-4” recommended 10.5” Flat Free Aluminum quick clean off sleeve All Terrain

$3,659.99 - $4,269.99 USD

KhamsinKhamsin 9" 191 lbs, 225 lbs, 258 lbs, 291 lbs 62", 74", 86", 98" Yes, minimum 2.5" with wheel on the ground, 3" recommended, 5" inch maximum 10” x 3” Foam Filled flat proof bump wheels with steel hubs and 5/8” ball bearings rated at 100 kg (220 lbs) capacity each Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$2,339.99 - $2,889.99 USD

GobieGobie 11" 90 lbs, 120 lbs, 152 lbs, 182 lbs, 216 lbs, 246 lbs, 278 lbs, 308 lbs, 342 lbs, 372 lbs, 404 lbs, 434 lbs, 468 lbs, 498 lbs, 530 lbs 14", 20", 26" 32", 38", 44", 50", 56", 62", 68", 74", 80", 86", 92", 98" Yes, by changing hanging height. None Wipe clean with glove or rag. Flat Surfaces

$919.99 - $2,849.99 USD

AnankeAnanke 10 3/4" 1064 lbs 95" Raise or lower using chain links or Top link adjustment (with side shift bracket) None Hydraulic, via auxiliary hydraulic system on vehicle. Roadways and Shoulders

$14,899.99 USD

RemorasRemoras 8 1/2" 155lbs, 204 lbs, 251lbs, 296lbs, 244lbs, 389lbs 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98" Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a specified maximum height of. 5" None Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory All Terrain

$2,289.99 - $4,429.99 USD

Why Add a Magnetic Sweeper to your Grader?

While smoothing over roadways, shoulders, and parking lots, picking up hazardous metal debris without the need for another machine or laborer is a great upgrade to improve efficiency and safety. This is possible with the addition of a Bluestreak magnet that can stay attached to your grader permanently, collecting any ferrous material left behind by accidents, construction or parts fallen off of vehicles that can pose a hazard to motorists and workers.

Khamsin Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment

Possible Mounting Location of Grader Magnets

Depending on application, magnet may be more effective when mounted before or after blades.

Grader magnet mounting points
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We have manufactured and developed application driven magnetic products since 2005.

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