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Powerstik Pro Elite Caiman Aardvark Alpha Erebus Ananke Meerkat    Sokoke    Ocicat    Sunda Mammoth

Mining Facility
Magnetic Sweepers

Heavy Duty Magnetic Power for Detailed Cleaning

$299.99 USD$2,189.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size:  Powerstik Pro Elite 12″

The Powerstik Pro Elite is Bluestreak’s premium handheld magnetic sweeper built for professionals with over 2x more power than the original Powerstik. This additional power increases the speed you can clean an area by picking up more per pass and holding more debris before needing to clean the magnet.


The Pro Elite comes with the new Powerstik Quick Clean-Off sleeve that removes debris with a press of a button and slide of the sleeve. It also doubles as a wear bar to prevent damaging the aluminum housing when dragging on hard surfaces, it has four sides so you can flip it around multiple times when a side gets worn out.


The new adjustable height arm rest allows for easy maneuvering of the 4.3lbs sweeper by people of different heights.


The new rare earth Super Blue magnet system in this sweeper will pick up a nail from 3.25” and will hold an impressive amount of weight making it perfect for picking up any metal debris in tight spaces.


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Power & Durability in an 82 Inch Width. Similar to the Yacare Only Bigger!

$12,999.99 USD

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 sweeper width: Caiman 82″

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is one step up from the Yacare magnetic sweeper.


It is like the Yacare because it has an enclosed magnet and Dual Spring Assisted Debris Release Handles, but it's wider at 82 inch wide and has much more power with 50% more magnets.


More power and wider sweeping width makes it a good choice for towing behind pickup trucks, larger tractors and UTVs such as John Deere Gators, Kubota side by sides, etc.


The Caiman also has solid pick up performance in off road conditions provided by the "wrap around" design, the adjustable sweep height, flat proof tires, adjustable hitch height and optional debris digging rake accessory. The torsion ride suspension system increases control in rough terrain and reduces stress on the sweeper and tow vehicle’s chassis.


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Heavy-Duty Off-Road Tow-Behind Magnet. Clean Off with a Push of a Button!

$14,999.99 USD

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Aardvark 96″

The Aardvark Magnetic Sweeper is designed for landfill sites, construction sites, access roads, rail trails, mining areas or any larger rough terrain areas. With urethane foam filled flat free wheels, heavy duty construction. With a 12” maximum pickup height using a 2.5” nail the Aardvark has plenty of power to clean up metal debris in the toughest conditions.


This unit is packed with off-road features, such as sweeping height control, inset wheels and a torsion ride suspension system to smooth out rough terrain. The Aardvark Heavy Duty Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper also features a 12-volt automatic push button clean off system which makes cleaning off debris from the sweeper easy and automatic.


The magnet housing is fully enclosed, offering a level of protection around the magnet. This means you don’t have to worry about metal getting all over the magnet. The Aardvark also has wrap around function (link to wrap around function blog page) which retains collected debris even if the 14-gauge aluminum debris pan hits the ground while sweeping. This makes the Aardvark magnetic sweeper an excellent option for cleaning up metal debris when terrain gets tough.


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Remote controlled height adjustment without leaving the cab of your vehicle!

$4,939.99 USD$5,119.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 2 sizes:  ALPHA 86”, ALPHA 98”

With outdoor rated IP65 12-volt DC actuators rated at 562 lbs each and 7.5” inches of up and down movement for remote controlled raising and lowering of magnet from raised travelling to lowered sweeping position.


The ALPHA is the same as the AETHER magnetic sweeper but with the addition of the remote-controlled electric actuators for up and down movement.


Like the AETHER the ALPHA was designed for those off-road dirt and gravel situations where more ground strike prevention is needed.


The 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels on the ends prevent the magnet from hitting the ground and from sinking into loose surfaces, and the wheeled outriggers provide additional ground strike prevention in the middle of the magnet’s overall length.


Maximum lifting height of 9” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail). See Gauss strength measurements at various sweeping height distances also available.


Comes standard with a black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve for quick and easy debris removal.


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Heavy Duty Offroad Hanging Magnet with onboard out-riggers and aluminum sleeve

$3,659.99 – $4,269.99 USD

(all prices in USD)


Available in 4 sizes:  Erebus 62”, 74”, 86”, 98”

The Erebus Heavy Duty Offroad Hanging Magnet is built to clean metal from the toughest job sites, the onboard out-riggers and aluminum sleeve protect the magnet housing from ground strikes and scrapes. The Erebus also has 10.5 “ x 3.25” Carlisle flat free bump wheels that allow the magnet to roll over changing terrain rather than hit the aluminum clean off sleeve off the ground. The wheel bearings have been replaced with custom 5/8” UHMW bushings that can withstand greater impacts and roll smoothly.


From recycling centers to highway maintenance, the Erebus is a heavy duty durable magnet with exceptional pickup power. It can pick up a 2.5” 8 penny nail from 8.25” off the ground, so in the recommended sweeping height range of 3-5” there is plenty of power available to collect metal debris. The aluminum clean off sleeve resists crush forces that normally make clean off sleeves difficult to remove and slides easily on PVC rails inside the aluminum sleeve that prevent friction.


The Erebus can be easily mounted on a Bluestreak Equipment hanging bracket or by using the included chains with quick links. A hanging magnet mounts easily on a variety of vehicles and is a versatile tool for keeping job sites clean and safe for personnel and equipment.


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Easy Clean-Off Side-Shifting Hanging Grader Magnet. Keep Roads Clear and Safe with the Ananke!

$14,899.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: 95″

The Ananke is a hanging magnet that is loaded with convenience and durability features designed to operate in harsh environments like mines, highways and in military road clearing settings and increase productivity of any grader with rear auxiliary hydraulics. The Ananke can even pick up nails from outside of the grader’s blade width if used with the optional side shift bracket.


C8 magnets allow the Ananke to retrieve 2.5” inch 8 penny nails from up to 10.75” inches, so when used in the recommended 3” inch – 5” inch operating range it can collect any type of metal debris even at speed. When it’s time to clean the magnet, the operator can perform clean-off from the cab of the grader using hydraulic power. If using the side shift bracket you can switch between clean-off and side shift by using the included remote control.


Reduce punctures and increase uptime on all equipment using your roads by having a magnet that works while you do to ensure a safe environment to travel and work.


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Quick Coupling Magnetic Sweeper for Skid Steers

$10,799.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Meerkat 67″

No Hydraulic Connection Required


Just hook into the Meerkat and go without needing to attach hydraulic connections. The Meerkat is a powerful magnetic sweeper that attaches to any skid steer or track loader with a universal adapter plate. This sweeper has three pivoting C8 magnets that can pick up a 2.5” nail from 10” off the ground and easily release it using the gravity powered Swing-Out Clean-Off system.


The three magnet assemblies are each 6.8” W x 5.25” H x 20.75” L and pivot on UHMW bushings for a smooth action on clean-off that functions like emptying a normal bucket; using gravity to separate the magnets from the stainless debris pan which releases collected metal.


The Meerkat comes standard with attachment points to accommodate our optional Debris Digging Rake accessory which helps operators dig up embedded debris from hard packed surfaces while it smooths / grooms the area you’re working in and helps you see where you’ve swept already.


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Adaptable Magnetic Sweeping for Front End Loaders and Skid Steers

$15,499.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Sokoke 92″

The Sokoke magnetic sweeper is a bigger and stronger version of the existing Meerkat magnetic sweeper, The Sokoke is meant for tougher jobs and heavier equipment while also a viable option for skid steers. The bracket assemblies have pre-drilled bolt holes to accept one of five brackets available from Bluestreak Equipment. Allowing you to use the Sokoke on many popular front-end loader models or skid steers, depending on which bracket is purchased with the Sokoke.


This versatile magnetic sweeper has three 29”-inch x 9”-inch x 6.25”-inch magnet assemblies that pivot on UHMW bushings which allows the metal debris stuck on the stainless-steel debris pan to be separated from the magnetic field by swinging the magnets away from the debris pan using gravity. This clean-off system allows the operator to raise the Sokoke over a scrap bin and empty the debris off by tipping it forward just like emptying a bucket. No one needs to manually handle the metal debris, which increases safety and efficiency.


The Sokoke also has the capability to accept the Debris Digging Rake accessory, this allows an operator to dig up debris that may be embedded under the surface after being runover by heavy machinery so it can be collected. The rakes also allow an operator to have a clear visual indicator of where they have swept while grooming the land, creating a more uniform surface.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


Hydraulically Controlled Magnetic Cleaning! With Yard Grooming Debris Digging Rake

$19,999.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Ocicat 76″

The Ocicat is a front mounted magnetic sweeper that attaches to any skidsteer or track loader with a universal adapter plate and standard auxiliary hydraulic hose fittings. The Ocicat has a powerful C8 magnet that can pick up a 2.5” nail from 13” off the ground and drop it into a scrap metal bin without having to touch the nail using the hydraulic clean-off system.


Low maintenance design and 4 easy tie-down points make the Ocicat ideal for transport between sites where the magnet is needed for collecting metal debris in rough conditions.


Included debris digging rake digs and loosens embedded debris so the magnet can pick it up and also grooms gravel and hard packed areas at the same time.


Low profile design provides high visibility from operator cab.


Heavy Duty Construction with wrap around design to prevent collected debris from being wiped off the bottom before it can be disposed of.


Available in one 76” inch magnet sweeping width. See CAD Drawings for details.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


Ball Mill Clean Up Magnetic Sweeper for Skid Steers

$23,989.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Sunda 49″

The Sunda magnetic sweeper is built to quickly retrieve all sizes of steel balls used in ball mills. This is possible thanks to the permanently charged 12” x 11” x 48” C8 ceramic magnet housing that can reliably pick up steel balls and will hold 247Lbs of 20mm balls without dropping any. When its time to empty the debris off, the Sunda uses a hydraulic ram powered by the skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulics to separate the debris p an from the magnetic field which drops everything off onto the ground or over a bin.


The massive magnetic power of the Sunda also enables it to be an excellent magnetic sweeper for general metal debris clean up. The Sunda can pick up a 2.5” inch 8 penny nail from 16” inches off the ground, this means you can set the magnet high enough to avoid hitting the ground while still collecting all debris on the ground while moving.


Thanks to the wrap around function (link to wrap around page), even if the stainless-steel debris pan hits the ground, debris will just snap around to the back of the magnet rather than knocked off the magnet. The Sunda skid steer magnet also comes standard with a height adjustable 3/8” inch spring steel debris digging rakes equipped. This allows the operator to agitate debris out of packed ground and groom the surface the Sunda is being used on.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


Remote – Controlled Clean off & Height Adjustment!

$44,375.00 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Mammoth 68″

Built to Retrieve Ball Milling Steel Abrasive Material


The Mammoth magnetic sweeper is built to clear big spaces quickly, the powerful 12” x 12” x 68” alternating pole C8 magnetic assembly can hold huge amounts of metallic debris before needing to be cleaned off and can pick up a 2.5” nail from 16” off the ground. The Mammoth can retrieve the even the most elusive debris types including the nickel/steel balls used in material processing from within its 2” – 7” sweeping range.


Height adjustment and clean off is just as heavy duty as the magnetic power, these functions can be controlled from the tow vehicle using a wireless remote that activates the 12v 3000psi hydraulic system that controls magnet position and trailer height.


Comes standard with lights & fenders, on-board battery charger, and pintle ring hitch. Debris digging rake and grader attachments are optional accessories that extend the function of the Mammoth to grooming roads and industrial yards with gravel or packed surfaces.


Check out the Product Demo Videos to see the Mammoth in action in different applications.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


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Know what you need for your next project?

The maximum lifting height of the Mining Site Magnets;

Powerstik Pro Elite | 3 and 1/4 inches
Caiman | 10 and 1/2 inches
Aardvark | 12 inches
Alpha | 9 inches
Erebus | 8 and 1/4 inches
Ananke | 10 and 3/4 inches
Meerkat | 10 inches
Sokoke | 12.5 inches
Ocicat | 13 inches
Sunda | 16 inches
Mammoth | 16 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
Powerstik Pro ElitePowerstik Pro Elite 3.25" 4.3 Lbs 12" None None Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$299.99 - $2,189.99 USD

CaimanCaiman 10 1/2" 900 lbs 82" 2" to 6" Continuous Adjustment 16.5" x 6.5" flat proof, hub and spindle wheels Spring Assisted Dual Debris Release Handles All Terrain

$12,999.99 USD

AardvarkAardvark 12" 1072 lbs 96" 1.5" to 6" Continuous Adjustment 16.5" x 6.5" flat proof, hub and spindle wheels Automatic All Terrain

$14,999.99 USD

AlphaAlpha 9" 328 lbs, 361 lbs 86”, 98” Yes , 2 ½” minimum, recommended from 3” to 5” maximum, remote controlled raising and lowering of magnet from raised travelling to lowered sweeping position. 10" x 3" foam filled flat proof wheels with 5/8" ball bearings, each with a 100 kg (220 lb) rating Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$4,939.99 - $5,119.99 USD

ErebusErebus 8.25" 248.5lbs, 291.8lbs, 327.3lbs, 357.6lbs 62", 74", 86", 98" Yes, Via Chain and quick links, 2-4” recommended 10.5” Flat Free Aluminum quick clean off sleeve All Terrain

$3,659.99 - $4,269.99 USD

AnankeAnanke 10 3/4" 1064 lbs 95" Raise or lower using chain links or Top link adjustment (with side shift bracket) None Hydraulic, via auxiliary hydraulic system on vehicle. Roadways and Shoulders

$14,899.99 USD

MeerkatMeerkat 10" 737 lbs 67" Yes, continuous using lift arms of the skidsteer None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered All Terrain

$10,799.99 USD

SokokeSokoke 12.5" 1491 lbs alone or 1800 lbs +/- with DDR and Mounting Bracket 92" Yes, continuous with lift arms None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered. All Terrain

$15,499.99 USD

OcicatOcicat 13" 1652 lbs 76" Continuous, using lift arms None Hydraulic debris release using auxiliary hydraulics All Terrain

$19,999.99 USD

SundaSunda 16" 2035 lbs 49" Yes, continuous with lift arms None Hydraulic Flip Down All Terrain

$23,989.99 USD

MammothMammoth 16" 3500 lbs 68" 2”-7” Using On-board Hydraulics and Adjustable Height Stops 10 ply (3520lbs each) rated highway trailemr tires Hydraulic All Terrain

$44,375.00 USD

Reduce mining facility maintenance costs and disruptions caused by flat tires.

The price of flat tires...

Tire costs are a large expense for mining operations, and keeping yards and haul roads clean can greatly reduce the root cause of excessive tire costs which is damage causing debris. Reducing the amount of damage causing debris can reduce overall tire expenses.


Tire damage and flats can be excessive because the number of pieces of equipment with tires is high in mining operations and there is also a fairly high debris problem from the amount of mechanization.


Reducing metal debris problems reduces not only tire damage and repair costs but it also reduces the associated operational downtime, schedule disruptions and possibility or risk of human injury from the incident or from the repair of the tire. After all repair of tires in a mining environment isn’t as simple as changing the tire on your car.


Picking metal debris is a good thing for business..

Mines not only have to be concerned about their roads and yards and their equipment, but they also have to be concerned about trucks entering the sites for supply and distribution purposes.


These vehicles can’t be flat proofed and yet have to access at least a portion of the site.


Mines may have outside areas and yards and long roads that have to be kept clean and the best way to do this is with a large, wide and powerful magnetic sweeper to cover large areas quickly and be able to pickup even the toughest debris.

phu-bia-debris from Magnetic Sweeper from PKO to Muenglong-blueatreak-equipment3

Flat Tire Cost Savings Analysis

Flat Tire Cost Savings Analysis

For a details flat tire cost savings analysis and payback period.


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