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It’s all about the details and the Ecko pays attention to them all. Loads of Features!

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(all prices in USD)


Available in 2 sizes: Ecko 20 and Ecko 26

With the Ecko magnetic sweeper there is nothing extraneous that doesn’t have a purpose. Everything has a reason, and form follows function. It's the perfect magnetic tool!


The Ecko is an all terrain push magnet good for picking up metal debris on surfaces from grass to asphalt.


Some features include; five wheel height settings to fine tune sweeping height to grass height conditions, angled front nose to make it easy to push through grass, pivot points have nylon flange bushings, three piece handle for a sturdy tight feel and more.


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The biggest, baddest push magnet.


$399.99 USD$539.99 USDBuy Now

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Available in 3 sizes: RIP 20, RIP 25, RIP 31

Renters can throw almost anything at this tool and it will get the job done.


The RIP magnetic sweeper is bigger and badder than the Ecko. It just has more... more power, more features.


The RIP is an all terrain push magnet that works well on flat and all terrain situations. Take it from dirt and grass to asphalt and concrete.


Renters can throw almost anything at a tool, and the tool better be up to the task. The RIP is up to the task and gets the job done!


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Easily tow behind small vehicles. Durable & Easy to Use!


$1,599.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size:  HOG 62″″

The HOG magnetic sweeper is designed for the renters that need somewhat lighter use applications such as gravel and dirt driveways and yards.


The sweeping height is continuously adjustable using the turnable top link. Just turn the top link and the wheels pivot up or down to adjust the sweeping height. The flat proof 10 inch x 3 inch wheels ensure no flat problems no matter how bad the debris problem.


Easily towed with an ATV, UTV, lawn mower, golf cart, forklift and the 60 inch width of the HOG is perfect for these tow vehicles because these vehicles are this same general width.


Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve and Debris Digging Rake accessories are available.


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Severe Duty Off Road Tow Behind Sweeper. Loads of Options in a Compact Size!

$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 sizes: Rhino 62″, Rhino 74″, Rhino 86″

The Rhino magnetic sweeper tows behind ATV’s, tractors, mowers or utility vehicles and was designed as a severe duty sweeper for off road conditions, in dirt and gravel, and uneven terrain. The Rhino is a rental center magnetic sweeper that has all the features needed for these conditions including easily adjustable sweeping height, inset wheels, flat proof tires, safety flags for visibility, adjustable hitch height to accommodate many vehicles, and the optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve and Debris Digging Rake accessories.


The Rhino is available in 3 sweeping widths of five, six and seven feet. The Rhino is ideal for keeping rough terrain and large areas free of dangerous metal debris and is a proven method for reducing flat tires and accidents.


Easily attach this towable sweeper to any vehicle to remove ferrous metal debris quickly and easily.


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Durability, Power & Easy Clean Off System. This thing is built like a tank!

$6,499.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 sweeper width: Yacare 72″

The Yacare magnetic sweeper is a 72 inch wide, durable off road tow behind magnetic sweeper with spring assisted clean off!


Perfect for rental centers because it's a towable and a lot of rental customers have vehicles capable of towing the Yacare. The Yacare is easily towed by UTV's, tractors, pickup trucks and ATV's. The Yacare's heavy duty design of only steel and stainless steel makes the Yacare ideal for long term maintenance free use by rental centers.


The Yacare clean off system is entirely different from both the HOG and RHINO. It replaces the Quick Clean Off Sleeve system with an easier more durable long term solution that's especially helpful for heavy debris conditions. The Yacare also has more power and advanced durability providing sound rationale to move up from the Rhino to the Yacare.


The Yacare keeps all the features that make the Rhino so popular; the pick up performance in off road conditions provided by the "wrap around" design, the adjustable sweep height, flat proof tires, adjustable hitch height and optional Debris Digging Rake accessory.


This thing is built like a tank. Check out the CAD drawings.


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Hydraulically Controlled Magnetic Cleaning! With Yard Grooming Debris Digging Rake.

$19,999.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Ocicat 76″

The Ocicat is a front mounted magnetic sweeper that attaches to any skidsteer or track loader with a universal adapter plate and standard auxiliary hydraulic hose fittings. The Ocicat has a powerful C8 magnet that can pick up a 2.5” nail from 13” off the ground and drop it into a scrap metal bin without having to touch the nail using the hydraulic clean-off system.


Low maintenance design and 4 easy tie-down points make the Ocicat ideal for transport between sites where the magnet is needed for collecting metal debris in rough conditions.


Included debris digging rake digs and loosens embedded debris so the magnet can pick it up and also grooms gravel and hard packed areas at the same time.

Low profile design provides high visibility from operator cab.


Heavy Duty Construction with wrap around design to prevent collected debris from being wiped off the bottom before it can be disposed of.


Available in one 76” inch magnet sweeping width. See CAD Drawings for details.


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Know what you need for your next project?

The maximum lifting height of Rental Center Magnets;

Ecko | 4 and 1/4 inches
RIP | 5 and 3/4 inches
HOG | 6 inches
Rhino | 8 and 1/2 inches
Yacare | 9 and 3/4 inches
Ocicat | 13 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
EckoEcko 4 1/4" 17.7lbs, 21lbs 20", 26" 5 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Debris Release Handle All Terrain

$269.99 USD$279.99 USDBuy Now

RIPRIP 5 3/4" 37lbs, 45lbs, 56lbs 20", 25", 31" 7 Wheel Settings 8" Steel Hub & Ball Bearing Wheels Debris Release Handle All Terrain

$399.99 USD$539.99 USDBuy Now

HogHog 6" 128 lbs 62" 0" to 6" Continuous Adjustment 10" x 3" flat proof tires Wipe clean with glove or rag. All Terrain

$1,599.99 USDBuy Now

RhinoRhino 8 1/2" 252 lbs, 277 lbs, 302 lbs 62", 74", 86" 0" to 5 1/2" Continuous Adjustment 13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires Wipe clean with glove or rag or purchase the optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

YacareYacare 9 3/4" 511.4 lbs 72" 2" to 6" Continuous Adjustment 13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires Spring Assisted Dual Debris Release Handles All Terrain

$6,499.99 USDBuy Now

OcicatOcicat 13" 1652 lbs 76" Continuous, using lift arms None Hydraulic debris release using auxiliary hydraulics All Terrain

$19,999.99 USDBuy Now

Tough magnetic sweepers to stand up to the rental center environment.

The 3 Requirements for Rental Centers

Rental centers demand magnetic sweepers that can stand up to a variety of applications. People rent magnetic sweepers for all kinds of "do it yourself" construction and roofing projects or to clean up after seeing the nails and fasteners left by professional contractors.


rental center magnetic sweeper

A rental center magnetic sweeper needs to be durable and long lasting and it needs to stand up to repeated rentals and hard use by equipment renters without the need for constant repair because repairs take time, reducing the number of times a tool can be rented and repairs cost labor time and materials to fix reducing margins on rental revenues.



At the same time the rental centers need to attract rental customers with tools that equipment renters want to rent, tools that the renter believes will do the job well, and tools that look like they won’t break while being used, and tools that look like they are going to be comparatively easier to use than alternatives.

It is with these 3 things in mind that we recommend the Ecko, the RIP, the HOG and the Rhino rental center magnetic sweeper products.


Longlasting, Tough, Durable!

"Y" shaped handle design
Nylon flange bushings
Solid welded construction

Longevity and durability of the tool count in the rental business. That’s why our featured rental center magnetic sweeper products include things such as;

  • Three piece “Y” shaped handle –  A “Y” shaped handle is far superior for durability providing a solid feel compared to one piece designs.

  • Nylon flange bushings – All moving joints on the RIP and Ecko are protected by nylon flange bushings for long life, no squeaking and rattling here.

  • Welded construction – The welded construction provides solid durability.

  • All aluminum construction – All aluminum construction on the RIP and Ecko ensure no parts of the sweeper become magnetized, and it also ensures no rust accumulation so that the sweeper stays looking great.

  • Durable handle grip – The handle grip isn’t going to tear and fall off in a week, the grip is super durable.

  • Paint job – The paint job on the HOG and Rhino are superior, check out why here.

  • Replacement parts – If someone ever does run over something with their truck, we sell parts for everything with a complete listing on our website, so you can put your sweeper back into service.

  • Permanently charged C8 ceramic magnets – Permanently charged magnets will never decrease in performance.

  • Flat proof tires

Consider Adding Accessories

Accessories can be added to some magnetic sweepers to make the task of picking up debris easier. As a rental center consider whether your rental centers and renters will want these accessories.

1. Quick Clean Off Sleeve

We've found that most users like and prefer the quick clean off sleeve method for removing debris from the sweeper. A Quick Clean Off Sleeve makes cleaning off the magnet simple and easy. A Quick Clean Off Sleeve is available only for the Rhino magnetic sweeper.

2. Debris Digging Rake

About 30% of our buyers buy a Debris Digging Rake (DDR). A DDR does a lot of things; it loosens up embedded debris so the magnet can pick it up, it grooms at the same time, and it allows you to see what areas have been swept and in which direction so you don't miss any areas. A DDR is available for both the HOG and Rhino.

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