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Roofing Magnet Catalogue

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A Light and Agile Handheld Tool. Hook design gets in and around everything and anything!

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Available in 1 size:  Powerstik 12″

The Powerstik Magnet reaches areas a wheeled sweeper cannot and was designed for superior access to get in and around everything a roofer might encounter - pipes, wires, plants, garden decorations and more...


The Powerstik is a magnet that can get to places that a wheeled sweeper can not because of its' super slim profile and hook design. Because you can get so close to and right on top of the debris, the performance is better than its' size might suggest.


Easily hold the Powerstik over a bin and clean it off with one swipe of your hand in seconds.


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Lightweight & Powerful Handheld Magnet with Clean-off Sleeve

$229.99 USD$1,835.00 USDBuy Here

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Available in 1 size:  Powerstik Pro 12″

The Powerstik Pro model is a more powerful and just as versatile variation of the original Powerstik, it has almost 2x more magnetic power on the surface of the clean off sleeve thanks to the Super Blue magnets inside but retains the 1 handed maneuverability that made the original a hit with roofing professionals. Because of the increase in power, this new magnet needed an easier way to clean the debris off.


Included with the Powerstik Pro is the new Quick Clean Off Sleeve that can be installed in four positions which grants four different sets of wear bars to use up on hard surfaces before the sleeve needs to be replaced.


The increased pickup and holding power of the Pro model allows for faster and more thorough debris retrieval in spaces that regular magnetic sweepers can’t reach. Say goodbye to bending over and digging around in gardens and under decks to get dropped screws and nails, the hook design of the Powerstik Series can pull metal from gardens, decks, bushes and around any other obstacles.


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Heavy Duty Magnetic Power for Detailed Cleaning

$299.99 USD$2,189.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size:  Powerstik Pro Elite 12″

The Powerstik Pro Elite is Bluestreak’s premium handheld magnetic sweeper built for professionals with over 2x more power than the original Powerstik. This additional power increases the speed you can clean an area by picking up more per pass and holding more debris before needing to clean the magnet.


The Pro Elite comes with the new Powerstik Quick Clean-Off sleeve that removes debris with a press of a button and slide of the sleeve. It also doubles as a wear bar to prevent damaging the aluminum housing when dragging on hard surfaces, it has four sides so you can flip it around multiple times when a side gets worn out.


The new adjustable height arm rest allows for easy maneuvering of the 4.3lbs sweeper by people of different heights.


The new rare earth Super Blue magnet system in this sweeper will pick up a nail from 3.25” and will hold an impressive amount of weight making it perfect for picking up any metal debris in tight spaces.


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Compact, Light Weight, Wheeled Push Type Magnet. With Quick Clean Off Sleeve.

$169.99 USD$209.99 USDBuy Here

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Available in 3 sizes: Scape 14, Scape 20, Scape 26

The Scape magnetic sweeper is an "all terrain" push type magnetic sweeper with quick clean off sleeve for easy clean off of metal debris from the sweeper!


This is a favorite for roofers who want a light weight but effective tool that is economical.


The Scape is handy! It fits nicely behind the seat of a pickup truck. It can easily be picked up by one side of the lower “Y handle. Hold it over a bin with one hand while you snap the Quick Clean Off Sleeve off. “Wrap Around” feature holds onto nails and debris even if grass tries to wipe it off.


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Designed with loads of features but lighter. The well balanced magnet for roofers!

$269.99 USD$289.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 2 sizes: Ecko 20 and Ecko 26

The Ecko magnetic sweeper is an “all terrain” push type magnet designed for roofers that want a lighter sweeper but still want all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability and durability.


It includes a wider range of wheel height settings, quick debris release, sturdy design, “wrap around” design and angled front nose.


It’s all about the details and balancing what's important and the Ecko does this very well.


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Entry Level Professional Magnetic Sweeper. Solid Performance & Durability in a No Frills Design

$239.99 USD$319.99 USDBuy Here

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Available in 4 sizes: Magnum 20, Magnum 25, Magnum 31, Magnum 37

The Magnum magnetic sweeper is an “all terrain” magnet originally designed for the price conscious roofing market looking for durability and performance without a lot of extra features.


Where the Ecko has all the features the Magnum slims down on features and focuses on pickup power and simplicity of design.


With double the amount of magnets than the Scape Series™, the Magnum Series sweeper packs a lot of pickup power for an entry level professional sweeper.


It has a welded design, double welded lower handle support brackets, a three piece “Y type” handle for extra durability. It has a medium weight that still allows easy loading and unloading from job site to job site.


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The Biggest & Baddest All Terrain Push Magnet. Ready to handle any roofing site!


$429.99 USD$569.99 USDBuy Here

(all prices in USD)


Available in 3 sizes: RIP 20, RIP 25, RIP 31

The RIP magnetic sweeper is an “all terrain” magnet designed specifically for professional contractors.


The RIP is the big brother of the Ecko Series magnet and so it has everything the Ecko has in features and a bit more. It includes the debris release handle, seven wheel height adjustment settings instead of five, angled front nose and “wrap around” design.


The RIP has the most pickup power of our roofing magnet selection with a pickup height of a 5 and 3/4" inches!


You’re not going to find a stronger or better built all terrain push magnet on the market. The performance is exceptional!


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Know what you need for your next project?

The maximum lifting height comparison for roofing magnets;

Powerstik | 2 inches
Powerstik Pro | 2 and 3/4 inches
Powerstik Pro Elite | 3 and 1/4 inches
Scape | 4 and 1/4 inches
Ecko | 4 and 1/4 inches
Magnum | 4 and 3/4 inches
Rip | 5 and 3/4 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
PowerstikPowerstik 2" 3lbs 12" None None Wipe clean with hand All Terrain

$119.99 USD$1,835.00 USDBuy Here

Powerstik ProPowerstik Pro 2.75" 3.1 lbs 12" None None Clean off Sleeve All Terrain

$229.99 USD$1,835.00 USDBuy Here

Powerstik Pro ElitePowerstik Pro Elite 3.25" 4.3 Lbs 12" None None Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$299.99 USD$2,189.99 USDBuy Here

ScapeScape 4 1/4" 11.3lbs, 13.7lbs, 18.2lbs 14" , 20", 26" 3 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Quick Clean Off Sleeve All Terrain

$169.99 USD$209.99 USDBuy Here

EckoEcko 4 1/4" 17.7lbs, 21lbs 20", 26" 5 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Debris Release Handle All Terrain

$269.99 USD$289.99 USDBuy Here

MagnumMagnum 4 3/4" 22lbs, 27lbs, 33lbs, 38lbs 20", 25", 31", 37" 2 Wheel Settings 6" Plastic Wheels Wipe clean with a glove or rag. All Terrain

$239.99 USD$319.99 USDBuy Here

RIPRIP 5 3/4" 37lbs, 45lbs, 56lbs 20", 25", 31" 7 Wheel Settings 8" Steel Hub & Ball Bearing Wheels Debris Release Handle All Terrain

$429.99 USD$569.99 USDBuy Here

Roofing Magnet Comparison Sheet

Roofing Magnet Comparison Sheet

Download the Roofing Magnet Comparison Sheet

Don't add just any roofing magnet to your toolbox...

...make it a professional tool built to last.

A roofing magnet is a valuable tool to add to any roofers' equipment to help you leave your roofing site clean and your customer's happy. But the last thing you want is another tool that is a cheap piece of junk and doesn't get the job done or doesn't last.


Our top picks and "best magnetic sweepers for roofers" are listed below. These sweepers are designed for the roofing application and are for roofer who demand a tool that is tough and durable and has some real quality to it. We've added specific features to some models that roofer's will love including the "wrap around" design that prevents nails from being wiped off the sweeper and the quick release handle system for quick and easy clean off.


And most of all every model has a solid, sturdy feel to it that makes using it a real pleasure.

rip 31 series roofing magnet strong hold roofing demo bluestreak equipment

Should you buy a roofing magnet with the most pickup power?

Before buying a roofing magnet based only on pickup power, keep in mind that not every application needs the most power. Some applications may benefit from having more features rather than power. Some roofers want a tool that is light and compact that they can easily put behind the seat of their pickup truck. A light tool may have enough pickup power because you may not have to clean a very large job site and it may be acceptable to pass over an area several times.


However, if you're wondering about pickup power and are looking for the biggest, baddest magnet possible then you'll want to know that Bluestreak measures pickup power in terms of the “maximum lifting height using a two and a half inch nail”. Everyone knows what a two and a half inch nail looks like. This measure indicates the maximum height that the sweeper can pick up a two and half inch nail from in a bench test. This is the best indication of performance and pickup power.


Below are the maximum lifting height measurements of our Roofer Magnet selection.


Does Width Matter?

Keep in mind the width of a magnet doesn't affect it's pickup power. So a Magnum 20 width is just as strong as a Magnum 25 or a Magnum 31.


Look for the "Wrap Around" feature.

All of Bluestreak's roofing magnets have a design feature called "Wrap Around". This is the most important feature affecting performance. It ensures that grass doesn't wipe debris off the bottom of the sweeper.


Ecko Rolling Magnet Review from Customer

Why buy a roofing magnet?

Roofers are tapping into the additional value of adding a roofing magnet to their toolbox. The need for roofers to utilize magnetic sweepers has always existed but the use of magnetic sweepers by roofers continues to grow due to concerns from homeowners about roofing nails left in the grass and on the site after the job is done. There are also some liability concerns over injuries caused by a roofers' nails left at the site.


Some professional roofers are using this clean up service to their advantage and differentiating themselves on the quality of their cleanup efforts because it’s the one aspect of their service that the customer is able to evaluate well and it’s the one thing they mention in word of mouth comments about their roofing job.


Roofers wanting to cash in on positive word of mouth advertising and referrals are using the quality of their clean up job as a point of differentiation.

rip31 series roofing magnet strong hold roofing demo bluestreak equipment

Roofing Nail Magnets FAQ

Will a Magnet Attract a Nail?

All nails made out of ferrous metal, which are metals containing iron or steel, can be attracted by magnets, while non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, can’t be picked up by magnets. Since most roofing nails are made out of steel, magnets can be used to attract them for easy clean-up of roofing and construction sites.

How Do I Pick up Nails in Grass?

When on a construction or roofing job, losing nails is almost inevitable. When this happens, especially on a grassy worksite, it can make cleanup difficult and time-consuming. To solve this challenge, magnetic sweepers offer the ideal solution for quickly and effectively picking up nails. Many users opt for either a handheld magnet sweeper or a rolling magnetic sweeper to pick up roofing nails from the grass.


A handheld magnet sweeper is ideal for picking up nails in tight places or areas where a wheeled sweeper cannot reach. The lightweight design of handheld magnets makes a convenient solution for on-the-go cleanup on roofing or construction worksites.


A rolling magnet sweeper makes site cleanup simple with its push-type design. Bluestreak offers several rolling magnet models and widths to suit varying applications. Rolling roofing nail magnet sweepers allow for greater cleanup coverage in a shorter time compared to handheld magnetic sweepers. The wheeled design also allows rolling magnet sweepers to house larger, more powerful magnets for the most efficient cleanup.


The “Wrap Around” feature of Bluestreak’s rolling sweepers makes them the most effective and efficient solution for picking up nails in grass and other terrain. This essential design feature prevents grass from wiping off the debris as the rolling sweeper moves forward. Debris that is picked up shifts around to the back of the sweeper without falling off. The “Wrap Around” feature ensures a more thorough capture of ferrous materials like roofing nails.


Will a Magnet Pick Up Galvanized Nails?

The short answer is yes! Although galvanized nails are covered with a thin layer of zinc, this does not affect the magnetic properties of the metal beneath the zinc layer. As long as the material below the layer of zinc is magnetic, it can be picked up by a magnetic sweeper.


How High Should a Nail Magnet be in the Grass?

When picking up roofing nails in grass, it is crucial to ensure that your magnetic sweeper is properly set up. For the magnetic sweeper to be at the ideal height to effectively pick up nails from grass, the magnet’s bottom should barely touch the tip of the grass.

You want to ensure no more than the last quarter-inch of the grass tips are touching the bottom of the magnet to prevent the grass from bending over too much as the sweeper is pushed forward. When the grass is bent over too much, it can trap the roofing nails in the grass, making it more difficult to pick up. By allowing the grass to stand up straight, the magnet sweeper can easily pull nails out of the grass.

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