Powerstik Pro Elite Magnetic Sweeper

Maximum Power and Adjustable Ergonomics for Roofing Professionals

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Powerstik Pro Elite Delivers over 2x More Magnetic Power (at surface of sleeve) than the Original with New Super Blue Magnets

Powerstik Pro Elite

Adjustable for every height with added arm support!

The Powerstik Pro Elite Handheld Magnetic Sweeper was created to provide the most magnetic power that can be offered in a compact handheld package. It is packed with more Super Blue magnets than the Pro model and features a combination armrest / adjustable grip to enhance ergonomics for different height users.


This model comes with the same wear bar equipped clean-off sleeve as the Pro but has 50% more Super Blue magnet material contained inside the aluminum housing. The increased magnetic power allows the Pro Elite to retrieve a 2.5” long nail from 3.25” and hold significantly more metal before needing to be cleaned off. This increased holding power is beneficial when dragging the Pro Elite through long grass or collecting large amounts of any kind of metal debris without needing to clean the magnet off.

Because of the 4-sided clean off sleeve with wear bars, the Pro Elite model is also great for cleaning up concrete floors in machine/fabrication shops and factories. The wear bars allow four wear cycles before the sleeve needs to be replaced, all without damaging the internal magnets or aluminum housing.

$299.99 - $2,189.99 USD

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Product Pricing

 Powerstik Pro Elite 12 magnetic sweeper - single

Powerstik Pro Elite 12 magnetic sweeper - single

$ 299.99


Weight: 21 lbs | Length: 48
Width: 20 | Height: 2



 Powerstik Pro Elite 12 magnetic sweeper - POP case of 8

Powerstik Pro Elite 12 magnetic sweeper - POP case of 8

$ 2189.99


Weight: 110.9 lbs | Length: 15
Width: 21 | Height: 47



 Powerstik magnetic sweeper - POP mixed case (PS 4pcs, Pro 3pcs, Pro Elite 3pcs)

Powerstik magnetic sweeper - POP mixed case (PS 4pcs, Pro 3pcs, Pro Elite 3pcs)

$ 1835


Weight: 110.9 lbs | Length: 15
Width: 21 | Height: 51



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Powerstik Pro Elite Series Powerstik Pro Elite
SKU PSElite12-Single
Sweeping Width 12″
Weight 4.3 lbs
Dimensions 19.31” W x 50.5-55” H x 2.08“ D
Magnet Dimensions 12" Super Blue Magnet Assembly
Magnet Type Super Blue Rare Earth Magnets
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5” 8 penny nail) 3.25” inches
Cleaning Method Quick Clean Off Sleeve
Handle Extendable Grip
Pricing Range $299.99

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  1. Absolutely love it! Thank you.

  2. Great tool. Easy to hang in the trunk. Easy to get around bushes and tight spots when collecting nails. Easy to clean off nails over a barrel.

  3. A quality product. Expensive, but it does what it promises to do, and it does it well. Perfect for getting in around shrubs, landscaping, flowerbeds, and eavestrough gutters.

  4. Game changer! Love the removable sleeve.

  5. Best magnets on the market.


Powerstik Pro Elite Series Brochure

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Part #1 Powerstik Pro / Pro Elite Sleeve (4pcs)

$ 63.99


There are no Powerstik Pro Elite accessories.

Powerstik Models Comparison

Powerstik Models Powerstik Powerstik Pro Powerstik Pro Elite
Sweeping Width 12" 12" 12"
Product Weight 2.6 lbs 3.1 lbs 4.3 lbs
Overall Height 44.75" 46.6" 50.5 - 55"
Magnet Type Ceramic 8 Super Blue Super Blue
Max Pickup Height
(using 2.5" 8 penny nail)
2" 2.75" 3.25"
Clean Off Method Wipe Clean with Glove or Rag Quick Clean Off Sleeve Quick Clean Off Sleeve
Handle Type 4.25" Grip 12" Grip Extendable Grip

Power Comparison: Powerstik vs Pro vs Elite


powerstik gauss measurements comparison

The new Powerstik Pro & Pro Elite models are packed with our Super Blue rare earth magnet system, the Pro model is packed with ½” tall magnet blocks, giving it great pickup performance and a massive increase in power compared to the original ceramic powered Powerstik as sown on the graph. The Pro Elite model’s aluminum housing is fully packed with Super Blue magnets, this further increases the maximum pickup height and greatly improves the holding power. The Pro Elite will therefore grab and hold onto more debris than the Pro before it needs to be cleaned off and the Pro model will grab and hold onto more debris than the original Powerstik.


The chart shows the gauss levels of each Powerstik model (Pro & Elite models measured on sleeve surface) with the blue line representing our original ceramic model and the green and red lines showing the power of our new Rare Earth Super Blue magnet systems used in the Powerstik Pro & Pro Elite models.

Improved Holding & Pickup Power

Pro Elite Nail Pickup

Real world performance is shown in the following videos with the max pickup height videos for the Powerstik Pro Elite Handheld Magnetic Sweeper model below and a comparison video that shows how much debris each Powerstik model can hold.

Powerstik Pro Elite Max Pickup Height

Powerstik Magnetic Sweeper Line Holding Force Comparison

What the Professionals are Saying

Roofing Professionals Impressions of Powerstik Pro Elite

Ergonomic Handle for All Day Use

Weighing in at only 4.3Lbs and featuring the support of the combination grip / armrest that counterweights the magnet assembly, the Powerstik Pro Elite Handheld Magnetic Sweeper is the go-to lightweight magnet that makes any ferrous metal retrieval operation easier.

Powerstik Pro Elite Adjustable Arm Rest

Hook Design for Getting Into Tight Spots

Completing a roofing job means retrieving all nails, screws, and other metal debris that can get dropped while removing and installing a new roof. The Powerstik Pro Elite is the go-to sweeper for professionals who want to do a thorough cleanup job that includes getting in and around bushes and other obstacles that are impossible to clean around with bulkier magnets. Making a regularly tedious and annoying job like cleaning around A/C units and gardens easy ensures that it is done more often and not avoided because of the difficulty; resulting in a cleaner site for homeowners after the work is done.

Maneuverable Roofing Magnet

Industrial Process Cleanup Using Powerstik Pro Elite

Wear Bar Equipped Clean-Off Sleeves

The new sleeve included on both the Powerstik Pro & Powerstik Pro Elite models serve two functions. The first is obviously to clear the magnets of debris more easily than if you used your hand or a rag. The second is to serve as a wear surface to prevent the aluminum housing from being scraped away on hard surfaces. The Sleeve has alignment holes on all sides which gives you 4 injection molded surfaces to wear down before the sleeve needs to be replaced, this extends the life of the tool and keeps your hands away from the often-sharp metal debris stuck to the Super Blue magnets.

Powerstik Pro Elite Shotblasting Magnet

Abrasive Cleanup Using Powerstik Pro Elite

The Powerstik Pro Elite Handheld Magnetic Sweeper is useful for more than just roofing cleanup, throughout the development of this product, it has proven to be a useful tool for cleaning up after shot blasters and to pick up steel abrasive from vertimills. Because the Elite model is fully packed with Super Blue magnets it has impressive holding power even when compared to larger rolling sweepers. The videos below show the Elite model picking up about 1.5lbs of 12mm steel abrasive, and about 2-3 lbs of S550 shot blasting media. Because of its small profile but powerful performance, the Powerstik Pro Elite is perfect for picking up even the most elusive debris types in tight spaces.

Powerstik Pro Elite Holding Power

Super Blue Magnets Stick Like Glue

The Powerstik Pro Elite’s holding power is shown here, it easily holds on to railway spikes while getting dragged by a forklift over gravel. The Super Blue magnets keep debris secured when dragged but will effortlessly release the debris when the sleeve is removed.

Available as Single Units
or in POP Display Cases

Single Powerstik Pro Elite sweepers are sold in the box shown.

elite single box

New POP Display Case

The New POP Display Case can be ordered with eight Powerstik Pro Elite or a combination of four original Powerstiks, three Powerstik Pros and three Powerstik Pro Elite’s. The case that the sweepers ship in can be converted into a point-of-purchase display by removing the outer sheath.

Powerstik Pro Elite Case

elite outer case front

Outer Case Front

elite outer case back

Outer Case Back

elite inner case front

Inner Case Front

elite inner case left

Inner Case Left

elite inner case right

Inner Case Right

Powerstik Mixed Case

combo outercase-front

Outer Case Front

outer case back

Outer Case Back

combo inner case front

Inner Case Front

combo inner case left side

Inner Case Left

combo inner case right side

Inner Case Right

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