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Skid Steer
Magnetic Sweepers

Types of Skid Steer Magnets

There is 1 type of magnetic sweepers suitable for operation on a Skid Steer

Front Mounted

Front mounted magnetic sweepers easily attach to skid steers / track loaders using a universal adaptor plate similar to a bucket attachment, if auxiliary hydraulics are present on the magnet they connect using standard hydraulic fittings.

Economical Front Mounted Pick Up Power for Tractors and Skid steers

$4,499.99 USDBuy Here This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Lynx 68″

The Lynx magnetic sweeper is powered by a permanently charged 4.5” x 4.5” C8 magnet assembly which is light enough to work on any skid steer or track loader and almost any sub compact tractor with loader arms and a universal skid steer adaptor plate.


The Lynx front mount magnet is powerful enough to hold onto a 108lbs I Beam and pick up a 2.5” inch nail from up to 8.5” inches off the ground. So it will have no problem collected most types of debris in the recommended sweeping height range of 2 to 5 inches.


With a sturdy 3/16” inch aluminum debris pan and wrap around function that snaps debris to the back of the magnet if the ground is hit, the Lynx can withstand ground strikes without losing collected debris. Optional debris digging rakes extend functionality of the Lynx by kicking embedded debris up out of the ground so it can get collected by the magnet while grooming the surface you are working on and giving a clear indicator of what areas have been swept.


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Quick Coupling Magnetic Sweeper for Skid Steers

$10,799.99 USDBuy Here This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Meerkat 67″

No Hydraulic Connection Required


Just hook into the Meerkat and go without needing to attach hydraulic connections. The Meerkat is a powerful magnetic sweeper that attaches to any skid steer or track loader with a universal adapter plate. This sweeper has three pivoting C8 magnets that can pick up a 2.5” nail from 10” off the ground and easily release it using the gravity powered Swing-Out Clean-Off system.


The three magnet assemblies are each 6.8” W x 5.25” H x 20.75” L and pivot on UHMW bushings for a smooth action on clean-off that functions like emptying a normal bucket; using gravity to separate the magnets from the stainless debris pan which releases collected metal.


The Meerkat comes standard with attachment points to accommodate our optional Debris Digging Rake accessory which helps operators dig up embedded debris from hard packed surfaces while it smooths / grooms the area you’re working in and helps you see where you’ve swept already.


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Adaptable Magnetic Sweeping for Front End Loaders and Skid Steers

$15,499.99 USDBuy Here This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Sokoke 92″

The Sokoke magnetic sweeper is a bigger and stronger version of the existing Meerkat magnetic sweeper, The Sokoke is meant for tougher jobs and heavier equipment while also a viable option for skid steers. The bracket assemblies have pre-drilled bolt holes to accept one of five brackets available from Bluestreak Equipment. Allowing you to use the Sokoke on many popular front-end loader models or skid steers, depending on which bracket is purchased with the Sokoke.


This versatile magnetic sweeper has three 29”-inch x 9”-inch x 6.25”-inch magnet assemblies that pivot on UHMW bushings which allows the metal debris stuck on the stainless-steel debris pan to be separated from the magnetic field by swinging the magnets away from the debris pan using gravity. This clean-off system allows the operator to raise the Sokoke over a scrap bin and empty the debris off by tipping it forward just like emptying a bucket. No one needs to manually handle the metal debris, which increases safety and efficiency.


The Sokoke also has the capability to accept the Debris Digging Rake accessory, this allows an operator to dig up debris that may be embedded under the surface after being runover by heavy machinery so it can be collected. The rakes also allow an operator to have a clear visual indicator of where they have swept while grooming the land, creating a more uniform surface.


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Hydraulically Controlled Magnetic Cleaning! With Yard Grooming Debris Digging Rake.

$19,999.99 USDBuy Here This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Ocicat 76″

The Ocicat is a front mounted magnetic sweeper that attaches to any skidsteer or track loader with a universal adapter plate and standard auxiliary hydraulic hose fittings. The Ocicat has a powerful C8 magnet that can pick up a 2.5” nail from 13” off the ground and drop it into a scrap metal bin without having to touch the nail using the hydraulic clean-off system.


Low maintenance design and 4 easy tie-down points make the Ocicat ideal for transport between sites where the magnet is needed for collecting metal debris in rough conditions.


Included debris digging rake digs and loosens embedded debris so the magnet can pick it up and also grooms gravel and hard packed areas at the same time.


Low profile design provides high visibility from operator cab.


Heavy Duty Construction with wrap around design to prevent collected debris from being wiped off the bottom before it can be disposed of.


Available in one 76” inch magnet sweeping width. See CAD Drawings for details.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


Ball Mill Clean Up Magnetic Sweeper for Skid Steers

$23,989.99 USDBuy Here This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

(all prices in USD)


Available in 1 size: Sunda 49″

The Sunda magnetic sweeper is built to quickly retrieve all sizes of steel balls used in ball mills. This is possible thanks to the permanently charged 12” x 11” x 48” C8 ceramic magnet housing that can reliably pick up steel balls and will hold 247Lbs of 20mm balls without dropping any. When its time to empty the debris off, the Sunda uses a hydraulic ram powered by the skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulics to separate the debris p an from the magnetic field which drops everything off onto the ground or over a bin.


The massive magnetic power of the Sunda also enables it to be an excellent magnetic sweeper for general metal debris clean up. The Sunda can pick up a 2.5” inch 8 penny nail from 16” inches off the ground, this means you can set the magnet high enough to avoid hitting the ground while still collecting all debris on the ground while moving.


Thanks to the wrap around function (link to wrap around page), even if the stainless-steel debris pan hits the ground, debris will just snap around to the back of the magnet rather than knocked off the magnet. The Sunda skid steer magnet also comes standard with a height adjustable 3/8” inch spring steel debris digging rakes equipped. This allows the operator to agitate debris out of packed ground and groom the surface the Sunda is being used on.


Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more...


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Know what you need for your next project?

Top 4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper

What terrain will the magnet be operating in. 

Depending on the area of operation you intend to use a sweeper on, different products may be best suited to your needs. Our Lynx model is perfect for moderate terrain as its aluminum debris pan will absorb hits without causing damage to the magnet. If you are working in severe terrain with large potholes and bumps the larger models with a stainless steel debris pan will be able to sustain more damage from ground strikes. 

How much lifting capacity does your skid steer have?

Bluestreak  Equipment has designed our line of skid steer magnets to work with most skid steers. The Lynx model is the lightest magnetic sweeper so it will work on miniature track loaders while the Sunda model is heavy enough that you will need at least 2000lbs lifting capacity to use it on your skid steer. 

How high will your skid steer lift? 

Different models of skid steers have different maximum lifting heights, depending on if you buy a magnetic sweeper that requires being tipped down to clean off (swing out clean off system or if you buy a magnetic sweeper with hydraulic clean off. You will need to be able to lift the magnet higher or lower to clean off the magnet into an 8 foot dumpster. 

What type of debris are you collecting? 

Bluestreak Equipment’s skid steer magnetic sweeper line features models with a range of magnetic power. Keep in mind the size and type of debris you are picking up (nails and bolts vs large metal chunks and ball mill abrasive) and the speed you want to travel while picking it upThese factors will influence the magnetic power that you need for effective cleanup. More magnetic power allows for more speed and greater pickup potential of more difficult debris types. 

The maximum lifting height of the Skid Steer Magnets;

Lynx | 8 and 1/2 inches
Meerkat | 10 inches
Sokoke | 12.5 inches
Ocicat | 13 inches
Sunda | 16 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Product Max Lift Height Weight Widths Height Adj. Wheel Type Clean-off Method Terrain Surface Pricing Purchase
LynxLynx 8.5" 348 lbs 68" Yes, continuous using lift arms of the skid steer None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered All Terrain

$4,499.99 USD

MeerkatMeerkat 10" 737 lbs 67" Yes, continuous using lift arms of the skidsteer None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered All Terrain

$10,799.99 USD

SokokeSokoke 12.5" 1491 lbs alone or 1800 lbs +/- with DDR and Mounting Bracket 92" Yes, continuous with lift arms None Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered. All Terrain

$15,499.99 USD

OcicatOcicat 13" 1652 lbs 76" Continuous, using lift arms None Hydraulic debris release using auxiliary hydraulics All Terrain

$19,999.99 USD

SundaSunda 16" 2035 lbs 49" Yes, continuous with lift arms None Hydraulic Flip Down All Terrain

$23,989.99 USD

Easily attach a magnet to your Skid Steer to quickly and effectively remove metal debris from your yard or worksite.”

Whether on a worksite or around the farm it is easy to use our skid steer magnetic sweepers to remove metal debris that can cause damage to livestock, equipment, and tires. The Oblast and the Upland both easily attach to most Skid Steers and feature powerful C8 magnets that are permanently charged ensuring consistent and long-lasting performance. Having your magnet mounted in front of the Skid Steer makes sure all nails, bolts, staples, fabrication scraps and all other ferrous metal debris is collected before it can cause a puncture that will cost you money and time.

Upland Magnetic Sweeper in Action Attached to Skid Steer

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