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Sunda Magnetic Sweeper

Ultra Heavy Duty Skid Steer Magnet for Ball Mill Clean Up

Recommended Industry Applications

Picks Up All Ferrous Debris with Easy Hydraulic Clean off

Use Your Skid-Steer to Clean Up Ball Mill Abrasive

The Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnet is built for skid steers / track loaders to enable you to pick up steel balls used in ball milling and any other type of ferrous debris in an efficient manner. The Sunda has a 12” W x 11” H x 48” L permanently charged ceramic magnet assembly that allows the Sunda to pick up a 2.5” 8 penny nail from 16” off the ground. This magnetic power is necessary to pick up metal balls that are used to crush rocks in ball mills.

The Sunda can pick up steel balls from uneven surfaces where it would be impossible to scoop the balls with a bucket and would normally necessitate using a shovel and broom to clean up. When it’s time to drop off the collected metal from the magnet, the Sunda uses a ram powered by the skid steer / track loader’s auxiliary hydraulics to press the 12-gauge stainless steel debris pan away from the magnet housing, separating the debris from the magnetic field causing it to drop away from the magnet.


A Debris Digging Rake comes standard on the Sunda and helps to dislodge debris that may be embedded in the ground. The 3/8” spring teeth dig into hard surfaces to groom the area and kick up any steel that may be stuck in the ground so that the magnet can catch it. Rubber stone guards are equipped to prevent any flying stones from causing damage to anything around the Sunda.

$23,989.99 USD

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Sunda Magnetic Sweeper Logo

Product Pricing

 Sunda 49 magnetic sweeper

Sunda 49 magnetic sweeper

$ 23989.99


Weight: 2035 lbs | Length: 56
Width: 76 | Height: 31



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Sunda Series Sunda 74
Maximum Lifting Height 16”
Sweeper Weight 1922 lbs
Shipping Weight 2035 lbs
Sweeper Width 49”
Sweeping Height Adjustment Yes, continuous with lift arms
Sweeper Wheel Type N/A
Clean Off Method Hydraulic Flip Down
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Pricing Range $23989.99

CAD Drawings

Sunda Heavy Duty Construction Rear View

SUNDA Dimensions and Heavy Duty Construction

Sunda Skid Steer Magnet Front View Dimensions

SUNDA Rear View Dimensions

Sunda Debris Pan Side View

Sunda Debris Pan side view open and closed

SUNDA Gauss Measurements


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Part #1 Sunda steel frame (1pc)

$ 5134.64

Part #2 Sunda steel pivot rod (1pc)

$ 232.01

Part #3 Sunda pivot rod bolt 0.500″ x 3.0″ (2pcs) w/ nyloc nut (2pcs)

$ 40.26

Part #4 Sunda steel upper step (1pc)

$ 132.39



Sunda 49 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 720.00

Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnetic Sweeper

Get a preview of the Sunda Magnetic Sweeper for Skid Steers / Track Loaders.

Massive Magnetic Power Easily Controlled

The Sunda’s 12” x 11” x 48” C8 ceramic magnet uses a double pole assembly to create a more concentrated magnetic field in the recommended operating range. Since the Sunda was built for retrieving steel ball mill abrasive balls it needs that much magnetic power to be able to effectively pick the balls up consistently. This video shows how many 20mm balls the Sunda can hang on to without dropping any.

Unmatched Holding Power

The Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnet holds on tight to any debris that it collects, this helps when the bottom of the magnet hits the ground to retain debris using the wrap around function that allows debris to snap to the back of the magnet rather than getting wiped off. This video shows how hard the Sunda holds onto a 3” diameter steel ball.

Hands Free Hydraulic Clean Off

The Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Pickup Magnetic Sweeper utilizes the skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulics to power a ram that presses a 12-gauge stainless steel debris pan away from the magnet so the collected debris is removed from the magnetic field so it will be dropped on the ground or directly into a bin / dumpster.

Sunda Debris Pan and Magnet Housing Details

Built For Ball Mill Clean Up

The Sunda Ball Mill Clean Up Magnetic sweeper was developed specifically for cleaning up steel balls used in ball mills, the amount of magnetic power available with the Sunda is more than what is required to pick up normal metal debris (nails, bolts, wire, screws, tools). Steel balls are the most difficult debris type to pick up since all the weight is in the center and there isn’t much ferrous (magnetic) material available for the magnet to grab onto at the top of the ball nearest the magnet, so that is why the 12” x 11” x 48” magnet is needed. These videos show the Sunda working at a cement plant which just got a shipment of 20mm steel balls delivered for the ball mill on site and the Sunda picking up steel balls of various sizes.

Easy to Operate

The 18.5” Inside top of Universal Adaptor Plate to bottom of magnet design and 0-degree lead in allows for easy magnet positioning – you can couple into it and if you set the lift arms of the skid steer on the lower stops it will provide a 2.5”- 3.5” sweeping height, so you can’t easily ram it into the ground. Check out this video to see POV operation of the Sunda on a Bobcat S570.

Skid Steer Requirements

The Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnet weighs 1922lbs, to safely use this magnetic sweeper on a skid steer / track loader, the machine will need to be able to comfortably lift that much weight without becoming unstable.  The Sunda also requires auxiliary hydraulics for clean-off.

Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnet

Debris Digging Rake Included

Metal debris can get stuck in the ground from getting run over by vehicles and heavy equipment. Over time the debris will get pushed back up from weather changes and can create another hazard. Using the Debris Digging Rakes that come standard on the Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Pickup Magnet will help to loosen up the ground you are operating on and kicks metal up and out of the ground so it can be collected by the magnet. This allows for a more thorough cleaning while also grooming the surface you are operating on.

Sunda Magnetic Sweeper Close Up Details

Sunda Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper Maximum Pickup Height

The magnet assembly in the Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnet was designed to retrieve steel balls, which is the most difficult debris type to pick up. As a result, the Sunda is exceptional at retrieving all debris types. It will pick up a 2.5” inch nail from 16” inches off the floor. This gives more than enough power to sweep at the recommended 2” – 5” sweeping height while at speed.

Collects Debris of All Types

The Sunda has massive magnetic power which is more than enough for most debris cleanup efforts. Running the Sunda on a skid steer to collect nails, bolts, rebar, screws and wires allows the operator to run the machine at whatever speeds they are comfortable with while still collecting all the debris on the ground. The Sunda works fast to clear large spaces.

Overview of Features

The Sunda Ball Mill Abrasive Clean Up Magnet has a ton of features that make collecting metal using a skid steer / track loader an easy job. This video goes over the features of the Sunda and how they help the Sunda work more effectively.

Key Features

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