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Bluestreak Equipment magnetic sweepers are designed for specific industry applications. Power and pickup strength is always important, so is durability, weight and cost. All of these are considered to ultimately deliver the best performing magnetic sweeper for the intended application.

Sweepers to control foreign Object Debris (FOD) on airport runways, ramps, access roads and parking lots. Whether you manage a major international airport, a small airfield, a military deployment or an aircraft manufacturing plant, our airport runway sweepers will keep your assets secure and your personnel safe.

Magnetic sweepers for cleaning up new construction sites or demolition sites of all sizes and terrains to keep workers and vehicles safe. Options range from hand operated magnets to magnetic sweepers that can be attached to most vehicles on site.

Equipment around farms is a huge source of metal debris that is dangerous for equine friends. We have solutions to clear arenas, paddocks, stables and tracks of metal debris while simultaneously grooming the surface, keeping horses and riders safe.

Fencing, shading, and equipment infrastructure required for some farming operations create field debris, and roadway and processing area debris. Machinery debris is common around buildings. Protect livestock, keep metal debris out of future crops and prevent flats on equipment while you work.

Light and durable magnets to clean up after roofing, garage, yard and DIY projects, or after the contractors leave you with a mess and you’re finding nails and debris and experiencing flat tires.

Prevent flats on landfill, and transfer station access roads and designated dumping areas with regular quick sweeps of the lanes with powerful vehicle mounted magnetic sweepers that will keep your landfill moving and your customers flat free and complaint free.

Sweepers to control and clean up metal pieces created in stamping operations, and around machine centers as well as outside manufacturing buildings where debris can accumulate from material movement, recycling and shipping / receiving operations. We have sweepers that can keep your operations moving and your assets and people safe.

Magnetic sweepers to collect metal debris from MRO to firing range training. Whether you manage a major military base, a maintenance shop, a military deployment or a firing range of some type, our Military focused magnetic sweepers will keep your assets secure and your personnel safe.

Sweepers to clean up around shop operations and on mining haul roads and access roads to keep your operation moving and productive by picking up hazards that can cause flat tires or injuries. Whether it’s around the operation centers or equipment buildings or keeping a 120 km haul road clear of debris, we have the sweepers to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Construction activities, metal fabrication including grindings, and shavings and larger pieces of metal can be sharp and dangerous and in order to leave worksites in a safe condition for humans, wildlife and other vehicles we have sweepers to pick up this debris quickly and easily before leaving a site.

Steel abrasive used in ball milling can be hazardous to leave on the ground after mill cleanout and is difficult to pick up using loader buckets or a shovel / broom. Using a magnetic sweeper to pull metal balls out of the ground reduces labour costs of a mill clean out, and allows for re-use of the abrasive.

Solutions to keep parking lots visually clean and free of tire damaging debris. Solutions to simultaneously sweep while working or to quickly clean as needed. Hanging and tow behind options available.

Keep grassy areas and park roads and parking lots free of tire damaging debris and park visitors safe from sharp metal debris while you do normal park tasks with a magnetic sweeper attached to a vehicle, or target problem areas individually with push type sweepers.

Have problems with wire strand debris and other general metal debris from fabrication activities? Clean your facility while vehicles are working with a hanging magnet or use a fork mounted magnet on a regular basis to quickly clear an area of metal debris.

Have problems with wire strand debris and other general metal debris from fabrication activities? Clean your facility while vehicles are working with a hanging magnet or use a fork mounted magnet on a regular basis to quickly clear an area of metal debris.

Sweepers for vegetation control trucks, line painting trucks, street sweeping vehicles, road graders and general highway maintenance vehicles to quickly make roads and shoulders safe for these vehicles, reduce flat tires, and increase road safety for the general public.

Stray Roofing nails are part of having a roof installed and we have magnetic sweepers that work in Northern grass and Southern grass that’s normally about an inch longer and will also work on driveways, sidewalks, around air conditioner units, shrubs and landscaping. All of our Roofing sweepers have our “wrap around” feature to ensure nails don’t get wiped off by grass.

Sweepers for the control and cleanup of metal pieces simply from having so much equipment moving in a confined area, and from container seals and tags. We have sweepers that can keep your shipping terminal port moving without delay and keep your equipment assets secure and your personnel safe.

Surface preparation by shot blasting leaves some amount of stray shot that can’t be recovered by the shot blasting machines and needs to be picked up in preparation for the new surface treatment whether that’s new paint or a new coating. In the case of highways and airstrips the shot must be picked up for the safety of cars and airplanes. We have sweepers that can get the job done whether it’s a small floor, a large bridge, a highway, or an airport runway.

Street Sweeping trucks / vehicles have difficulty picking up some metal debris and the sweeping equipment on the vehicle can also be damaged sometimes by picking up metal debris. In addition, the vehicle can experience flat tires. We have magnets that can mount to street sweeping vehicles in front of other sweeping equipment to pick up metal debris before it causes a problem.

Whether you operate your own company’s truck loading docks and yard, or a major distribution center, or a cross docking facility, or a port trucking facility, we have magnetic sweepers to keep flat tire causing debris cleaned up and eliminate delays and disruptions to operations.

Keep your recycling facility clear of metal debris that can be harmful to vehicles or staff and visitors to the site. Debris can accumulate quickly when processing recycling and using a magnetic sweeper regularly keeps that debris controlled to prevent flat tires and personnel damage.

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