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Magnetic Sweepers
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Bluestreak Equipment creates magnetic sweepers ranging from simple hand-held options to large tow-behind trailers with automatic clean off features. Whether you are cleaning up your garage after a project or prepping an equestrian event space, Bluestreak has a magnet that is sure to satisfy your needs.

These sweepers have no wheels and are light and small, making them comfortable to handle and easy to transport and maneuver in tight, compact spaces. In spite of their small size, they are highly effective because they get very close to any metal debris.

Handheld magnetic sweepers are also great for cleaning up in tight spaces outdoors and in manufacturing shops, these magnets can get places not accessible by other magnet types. 12” and 14” inch sizes available.

These sweepers have wheels, which make them more comfortable to use in extended sweeping operations. With wheels carrying the weight, they also have bigger magnets with more pickup power and larger widths to cover more ground quickly.

Available in sweeping widths from 14”- 37” these magnetic sweepers have an array of features to make the job easier. Useful in “Off-road” Applications like roofing, construction, manufacturing shops, or areas with smooth floors.

These sweepers are designed to attach to vehicles and other equipment on premises, allowing you to clean up metal debris while you do your normal work activities. They offer great value since you are only paying for a big magnet–no handles, or frame components.

These versatile and economical magnets have a variety of sweeping widths between 6”- 98” inches and they also come in many power levels and with different features necessary in many applications.

These sweepers mount to the back end of forklifts, allowing you to clean up metal debris while you work without interfering with maneuverability during normal forklift operations.

These magnets allow debris sweeping to take place while other work is happening which keeps the area continuously cleaned. Available in sweeping widths from 18”- 50” inches.

These sweepers mount to the forks of forklifts, allowing you to clean up metal debris before you run over it. In addition, they allow you to clean the magnet off easily over a dumpster or disposal bin by lifting the magnet over the bin with the forklift.

Ranging in sweeping widths from 26” - 98” inches these magnets will attach to most vehicles with forks and can even groom your dirt or gravel yard while collecting debris. Generally most useful on forklifts and skid steers.

Similar to snow plow attachments, these sweepers allow you to clean up metal debris that could damage tires before you run over it. They can stay mounted and be used when performing other duties, and are a great choice where debris is heavy and will definitely cause flat tires.

Available sweeping widths from 54" - 76" inches these all-terrain magnetic sweepers are perfect for ATV's, UTV's and skid-steers to pick up metal debris before it causes a puncture.

These sweepers are designed to continually clean off and deposit collected materials into a removable debris tray as they move forward, allowing them to always operate at 100% strength. The on-board debris bins facilitate easy disposal.

Ripwhirl Technology lets these rare earth steel shot magnetic sweepers pick up large amounts of steel shot while keeping the magnet at 100% power by removing collected shot as you sweep. Available in 25”- 52.” inch sweeping widths.

These trailer type sweepers are convenient because they easily attach to the back of almost any vehicle with various hitch types and options. They also generally have bigger magnets because weight is not an issue, resulting in more pickup strength and greater operating speeds.

Available in sweeping widths from 38”- 98” with a variety of features and power levels, a Tow Behind Magnet is great for many applications from air strip FOD collection to landfill road sweeping.

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