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Bluestreak Equipment designs and manufactures magnetic sweepers to fit and work with specific vehicles and their intended uses.

Keep airport aprons, ramps and flight lines clean with a magnetic sweeper that mounts under a baggage tug to pick up foreign object debris (FOD) in the entire area the tug travels during daily operations. Available In sizes from 26”- 98” inches with a variety of magnetic power levels and features.

Mount a magnet to the front, middle, or behind your ATV. Available in a variety of sizes from 26” – 98” inches with different power levels and attachment methods these sweepers will give your ATV the power to keep your spaces free of harmful metal debris wherever you may roam.

Line painting trucks, highway vegetation control trucks, highway maintenance trucks, garbage/recycling trucks all use and service sides of roads and highways and experience flat tires and are ideally suited to be clearing these roads of harmful metal and other debris to reduce their own flat tires and costs and to prevent flat tires for the general public while improving the visual appearance of roads and highways. Check out our line of commercial truck magnets to get started.

Add a rear pin mounted, or mid-mounted magnet to your forklift to maintain a yard or facility free from dangerous metal debris while the forklift goes about daily operations or add a fork mounted option to occasionally clear affected areas. Our complete line of sweepers for indoor and outdoor forklifts of all sizes will keep your operations running smooth. Available in sizes 26” – 98” inches with many options for strength and various applications.

Sweepers to pick up and control metal debris on fully gravel/dirt roads or gravel sided roads. Whether you’re managing a roads department in a small rural township or a larger county and using graders for regular road maintenance or resurfacing, our sweepers can help you prevent flat tires and keep roads safe with a magnet mounted to your grader. Available in sizes 14” – 98” with different power levels available at each width.

Whether you want to use a pickup truck to sweep large mall parking lots or in highway roadside maintenance operations, or to sweep parking lots and roadways in an industrial facility, we have sweepers to help keep areas debris free and safe for vehicle traffic. Sweeping widths from 26” – 98” inches available with adjustable height systems, mounting bracket accessories, etc.

Whether you’re using your compact track loader to keep the streets and construction sites free of metal debris in a new housing subdivision or cleaning up a demolition site or at an industrial site, we have heavy duty magnetic sweeper options for your compact track loader. Debris digging rake accessories available to dig out debris so that it can be picked up.

Sports fields, campgrounds, public parks, and road allowances accumulate debris and some of it is harmful metal debris. Hang a magnetic sweeper under your commercial mower to keep these areas free of dangerous metal debris and protect the public and equipment that operates on these areas. Available in sizes 26”- 98” inches with a variety of power levels.

Hanging a magnet on your yard truck, yard tractor, yard jockey, yard dog, yard goat, port tractor, spotter truck, switcher, hostler, terminal tractor, shunt truck, or whatever you call it, will keep your trailer yards clear of puncture causing metal debris, protecting tractors, trailers and other vehicles from debris that comes from broken pallets and other operations. Available with a variety of features from ground strike protection to automatic lifting and lowering these magnets can be fit for many applications with sizes from 26” – 98” inches.

Collect hard to pick up metal debris that street sweeper brushes can’t retrieve with a magnet and avoid flat tires and damage to the street sweeping vehicle at the same time. Our magnets are perfect for collecting metal debris that would otherwise be missed. Available in 26” – 98” widths with different levels of magnetic power.

Whether your telehandler goes out to construction sites or stays on your site permanently as a material mover, as a variant on a forklift, equipping a magnet under your telehandler to collect metal debris makes sense to keep the job site or your site clean and free of flat tire causing metal debris. Available in sizes 26” – 98” inches in width with options for magnet protection and height adjustment.

Tow behind options are available from 72” – 96” inch sweeping widths while hanging options are available from 14” – 98” inches. Each type of magnet has varying levels of power options and terrain capability to ensure an appropriate magnet for each situation. Whether you’re keeping equine facilities safe for horses, clearing debris around barns and laneways, or clearing metal debris from fields so that it doesn’t contaminate crops, we have options to fit your needs.

Sweepers that front mount like a snow plow, or hang from the front, middle or rear, or tow behind, we have options to keep your property or worksite protected from metal debris that are always working wherever the UTV travels. Available in sizes from 26” – 98” inches wide and a variety of power levels and attachment methods to fit any situation’s needs.

Use a front mounted magnetic sweeper for heavy duty metal clean-up using your front-end loader to get the job done fast and clean with a 92” width. Or use a hanging magnet to passively clean while other work gets done up to 98” of sweeping width.

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