What Is a Magnetic Broom

Magnetic brooms are a type of multipurpose tool that collects ferrous metals. Some of the debris they collect includes nails, washers, screws, and nuts from garages, floors, and walkways, among other areas. Magnetic brooms offer an efficient way to clean up a variety of environments, and they come in different types, depending on the job.

Types of Magnetic Broom Sweepers

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Types of Magnetic Broom Sweepers
Based on the needs of a particular application, different types of magnetic nail broom sweepers are available. These include:


Handheld magnetic broom sweepers don’t come with any wheels, and they’re particularly lightweight and compact for optimal portability and maneuverability. Their ability to get close to metal debris makes them ideal for many applications, despite their size.

Fork Mount

These magnetic sweepers connect to forklift forks, enabling forklift drivers to collect metal debris before running over it. Users can easily clean the magnet by lifting the fork over disposal bins or dumpsters to discard metal debris.

Push Type

Unlike handheld magnetic sweepers, push type magnetic sweepers feature wheels to provide more comfort when operating them, which is ideal for applications requiring more extensive cleaning. Additionally, they come with larger magnets for increased pickup power, along with larger widths that make them suitable for larger work areas.

Front Mount

A front mount magnetic sweeper connects to the front of vehicles to collect potentially damaging debris before the vehicles’ tires run over it.


Hanging sweepers attach to equipment and vehicles, allowing operators to continue their normal duties while simultaneously collecting metal debris. Their simple design makes them a great value, as they feature no other components beyond the magnet.

Continuous Discharge

As continuous discharge sweepers move forward, they continually collect and deposit metal materials into removable trays, facilitating continuous performance.

Rear Mount

Rear mount sweepers connect to the rear end of forklifts, which allows operators to easily clear areas of debris without any inconvenience of operation.

Tow Behind

These magnetic brooms attach to the trailer hitch on nearly any type of vehicle with a variety of options and hitch types. Their larger magnet provides added pickup strength along with faster operating speeds.

Magnetic Broom Sweeper Applications

A wide range of applications use magnetic broom sweepers to clean many types of spaces. The following are some of the most common applications for these devices:

  • Factory workshops
  • Hardware tool factories
  • Construction site cleaning
  • Foundries
  • Mechanical processing plants
  • Scrap iron acquisition
  • Parking lots

The Benefits of Using a Magnetic Broom

Magnetic broom sweepers offer a number of benefits, such as:

Simple Cleanup

Magnetic brooms can pick up any type of ferrous metal, including everything from small pieces such as dust or shavings to larger materials. This is why these brooms are considerably more effective than traditional push brooms, which may not pick up all pieces of debris. 


In many locations, workers may drop supplies or tools, particularly in locations such as parking lots or construction sites. Magnetic brooms will help retrieve these items and prevent costly replacements.

Maintenance & Injury Prevention

A magnetic broom sweeper can reduce maintenance costs by protecting vehicles and equipment. These devices help remove debris that could puncture tires or cause other costly damage. They also prevent injury by clearing areas of potentially harmful metal debris that could cause trips, puncture wounds, or cuts. This creates a safer space for employees and others.


The basic design of these sweepers makes them compatible with almost any environment, including environments with extreme temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and rough and uneven terrain.

Reliable Magnetic Sweepers from Bluestreak Equipment

If you need to remove metal debris from any type of environment, magnetic broom sweepers can efficiently collect and dispose of it. At Bluestreak Equipment, we offer a selection of high-quality magnetic sweeper products of varying designs to meet your unique requirements.


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