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Lynx Magnetic Sweeper

Economical Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper for Tractors and Skid Steers

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Lynx Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper

The Lynx Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper uses a universal skid steer adaptor plate that allows it to be used on many types of equipment, weighing in at only 348 lbs means it can be used on any skid steer and many small tractors with loader arms and a universal skid steer attachment plate system. The Lynx magnetic sweeper uses a permanently charged 4.5” inch x 4.5” inch x 68″ inch ceramic magnet and can pick up a 2.5” inch nail from 8.5” inches off the ground which offers excellent pickup performance for most debris types in the recommended 2” inch to 5” inch operating range.


The Lynx has a durable 3/16” inch aluminum debris pan that resists damage and retains the collected debris even if the magnet hits the ground thanks to the wrap around function. Cleaning off the Lynx is as easy as emptying out a normal bucket, the magnet in the sweeper hangs on pivots with UHMW bushings and swings away from the back wall which releases all the debris from the magnet when the unit is tipped forward.

The optional Debris Digging Rake accessory extends the function of the Lynx magnet by loosening up debris that is stuck under the surface of the ground you are sweeping on, so it can be collected by the magnet. The Debris Digging rake also grooms whatever surface the Lynx is operating on and gives a clear visual indicator of where you’ve swept already.

$4,499.99 USD

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Lynx Magnetic Sweeper

Product Pricing

 Lynx 68 magnetic sweeper

Lynx 68 magnetic sweeper

$ 4499.99


Weight: 399.0 lbs | Length: 77
Width: 24 | Height: 23



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Lynx Series Lynx 68
Sweeper Width 68″
Magnet Type Permanently charged ceramic magnet
Cleaning Off Method Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered.
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5”, 8 penny nails) 8.5”
Sweeping Height 2”- 5” recommended
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Sweeper Weight 348 lbs
Shipping Weight 26.4 lbs
Pricing Range $4499.99

CAD Drawings

Lynx Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper Construction

Lynx Magnetic Sweeper Front View

Lynx Magnetic Sweeper Rear View

Lynx Side View Dimensions

Lynx Gauss Measurements


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Part #2 Lynx aluminum debris tray (1pc)

$ 748.95

Part #3 Lynx frame 0.250 x 2.75 inch bolt (7pcs) w/ nyloc nuts (7 pcs)

$ 25.77

Part #4 Lynx debris tray 0.250 x 0.750 inch bolt (16pcs) w/ nyloc nuts (16 pcs)

$ 26.31

Part #5 Lynx aluminum housing ceramic magnet assembly (1pc) with hardware

$ 1249.02



Lynx 68 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 171.88

Lynx 68 Debris Digging Rake Accessory

$ 989.99

Lynx Magnetic Sweeper Preview

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Lynx Magnetic Sweeper Feature Pic

Lynx Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper Features Overview

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Skidsteer Magnet Picking Up IBeam

Versatile Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper

The Lynx front mounted magnet attachment utilizes a universal adaptor plate, made for skid steers, track loaders, and many small tractors. Click on one of the tabs below to see the Lynx in action on a variety of equipment.

Lynx Swing-Out Clean-Off System

The Lynx skid steer magnet utilizes pivots on the frame and magnet that allow the housing to swing away from the debris pan when tilted forward. Once the magnet housing swings away from the frame, all debris is released from the magnetic field and drops to the ground. If your equipment has sufficient lifting height, the Lynx can be cleaned off directly into a dumpster.

Wrap Around Function

Since the fully packed magnet housing on the Lynx front mounted magnetic sweeper touches the back of the debris pan, any debris that gets wiped away from a ground strike will be snapped around to the back of the magnet as shown in the photo below.

Wrap Around Function on Lynx Skidsteer Magnet

Lynx Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper Power Test

Economical Skid Steer Magnet Attachment Holding Power

The Lynx’s permanently charged ceramic magnet is smaller than the other skid steer magnets we offer but it still performs at an exceptional level, it can easily pick up a 108 Lbs I-Beam just like our larger models. The Lynx magnet will also pull a 2.5” inch nail from 8.5” inches off the ground, so when operating in the recommended 2” inch – 5” inch sweeping height there is more than enough power to collect most types of debris.

Lynx Magnetic Sweeper Features

Operating The Lynx Magnet on a Bobcat MT100

Using the Lynx front mounted magnet on a miniature track loader like a Bobcat MT100 is an easy task that just requires a little bit of feathering the controls to adjust for changes in terrain. The Lynx has a strong 3/16” aluminum debris pans which can stand up to ground strikes and won’t lose collected debris thanks to the wrap around function, but it is still best to avoid ground strikes where possible. Check out this video to see what is involved in running the Lynx magnet on a mini track loader.

Optional Debris Digging Rake

Lynx DDR Details

Groom the Ground and Capture Embedded Debris!

The Lynx Magnetic Sweeper has the option to attach a debris digging rake which utilizes 5/16” spring teeth to loosen any embedded debris up out of the ground so it can get caught by the magnet. The rake accessory is nonadjustable on the Lynx magnet except for using the roll function of your lift arms to adjust digging depth.


The video to the right shows how to attach the debris digging rake to the Lynx magnetic sweeper for Skidsteers and Compact tractors.

Lynx Magnetic Sweeper Wrap Around Function

Attaches in Seconds!

The Lynx Front Mounted Magnetic Sweeper uses a universal skid steer adaptor plate that attaches to many types of equipment from skid steers to mini track loaders to compact tractors. As long as your equipment has a normal skid steer mounting plate system it will attach to the Lynx in minutes! See the video below to see the attachment process in action.

Setting Correct Sweeping Height

Setting the sweeping height on skid steers only requires rolling the sweeper back, and lowering the lift arms to the bottom stops, this will set you near the recommended sweeping height. On a tractor your lift arms may go lower so you will have to adjust to get the correct sweeping height (2 inches to 5 inches).

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