Ocicat Magnetic Sweeper

Built Tough to Handle Fast Offroad Cleaning & Grooming
(pictured clearing land of metal debris after recent building demolition)

Recommended Industry Applications

Rugged & Reliable Cleanup for Tough Job Sites

One of the great things about owning/operating a skid steer or track loader is how versatile they are. Increase the utility of your machine with the Ocicat Front Mounted Skid Steer Magnet.


This attachment was designed to be a fast and convenient solution for clearing tough terrain of metallic debris that can be hazardous to equipment, personnel, and animals. The Ocicat attaches to almost any skid steer using a universal skid steer connection plate and auxiliary hydraulic ports.


Not only does the Ocicat perform ground-to-bin metal collection without having to physically handle the debris, it can also easily groom hard packed surfaces while collecting embedded metal debris. The tines on the front of the Ocicat can be raised or lowered depending on if the affected area’s surface requires agitation for grooming or metal collection purposes.

$19,999.99 USD

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Ocicat Magnatic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment

Product Pricing

 Ocicat 76 magnetic sweeper

Ocicat 76 magnetic sweeper

$ 19999.99


Weight: 1780.2 lbs | Length: 94
Width: 48 | Height: 32



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Ocicat Series Ocicat 76
Sweeper Width 76″
Cleaning Method Hydraulic Flip Up
Sweeping Height Adjustability Continuous with lift arms
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Maximum Lifting Height (using a 2.5″ nail) 13”
Total Sweeper Weight 1650 lbs
Sweeper Wheel Type N/A
Pricing Range $19999.99

CAD Drawings

Ocicat Heavy Duty Front View

Ocicat Heavy Duty Rear View

Ocicat Dimensions front view

The OCICAT uses permanently charged grade C8 magnets that will never need to be recharged. Power will never decrease, ensuring years of consistent use.

Yak Construction


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Ocicat Series Brochure

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Ocicat Series Manual

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Part #1 Ocicat steel frame (1pc)

$ 9019.59

Part #2 Ocicat steel cylinder cover (1pc)

$ 288.20

Part #3 Ocicat steel lid (1pc)

$ 1460.80

Part #4 Ocicat 1″ x 12″ x 29″ rubber stone guard outside (1pc)

$ 92.75



Ocicat 76 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 939.99

Ocicat Magnetic Sweeper Skid steer Attachment Field Test & Review

See the Ocicat Magnetic Sweeper in action on a John Deere 330g Skidsteer with a performance review after the demo.

Ocicat Ground to Bin clean off system

Slow motion footage of the ocicat collecting and releasing debris.

Demonstration of hands-free debris clean off system.

Ocicat Labelled Photo

The Ocicat Front Mounted Skid Steer Magnet features a clean off system that allows an operator to empty debris from the magnet using hydraulic power. The magnet assembly hangs on 3.5” inch steel pivot points and is powered by the auxiliary hydraulic ports of your skid steer. The low-profile layout of the hydraulic ram and lid allows for excellent visibility to the ground while operating the Ocicat; this helps you keep an eye on the depth of the debris digging rakes. The rakes add a secondary function to having the Ocicat attached to your skid steer; you can resurface and groom large areas quickly while preventing future problems with metal debris.

Attaching the Ocicat Magnetic Sweeper to a Skidsteer

The Ocicat features an 18” Inside top of Universal Adaptor Plate to bottom of magnet design and 0 deg lead in which allows for easy magnet positioning – you can couple into it and if you set the lift arms of the skid steer / track loader on their lower stops it will provide a 3”to 4” sweeping height so you can’t ram the bottom of the Ocicat into the ground.  It hooks on in seconds and detaches just as quickly, check out the demonstration below to see what is involved in attaching and detaching the Ocicat to a track loader.

Ocicat Labelled Photo

The connection between the Ocicat and a skidsteer can be made without any specialty adaptors, the standard hydraulic ports will suit most machines. The hydraulic lines are secured on the inside and outside of the magnet assembly to prevent chafing and wear as the magnet operates its cleanoff cycles.

Ocicat Skidsteer Magnet Power Test

Skidsteer magnet debris collection

The magnetic power of this skidsteer attachment is strong enough to pick up a 2.5” nail from 13” off of the floor in a bench test. What this means in the real world is that even when traversing terrain with varying grades the magnet will continue to collect metal as the machine rides the bumps and dips.


The Ocicat has a Wrap Around feature that retains collected debris on the back of the magnet if the pan brushes against the ground while moving.

Land Grooming Debris Digging Rakes

Fixed ocicat labelled photo

A new feature for the skid steer magnet market is our adjustable depth, debris digging rakes that come standard on the Ocicat. These spring-loaded tines are 3/8” thick and can loosen up hard packed gravel to create a uniform grade.


A single pass without the rakes down will yield an impressive amount of collected debris but with the rakes down and running over the same area, the Ocicat will collect even more ferrous debris. Agitation from the lowered tines, shakes embedded debris loose which allows it to be caught by the magnetic field and collected.

Maintenance & Usage

The upfront cost of the Ocicat Front Mounted Skid Steer Magnet is all you need to pay to have reliable and fast magnetic cleaning available for years.

  • Permanently Charged Magnets Won’t Degrade

  • Heavy Duty Construction Inhibits Wear

By Greasing and cleaning an Ocicat magnetic sweeper you are ensuring years of use out of an intuitive and rugged tool to add to your track-loader attachment lineup.

Ocicat magnetic sweeper parked

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