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Sokoke Magnetic Sweeper

Durable & Versatile Magnetic Sweeping Power for Loaders & Skid Steers

Patent Pending

Recommended Industry Applications

The Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper is a scaled-up front mounted magnet based on the Meerkat. The Meerkat was built specifically for use on skid steers or track loaders with universal skid steer quick attachment plate mounting systems. Whereas the Sokoke magnet is designed to work on front end loaders and skid steers. Multiple mounting options are available for different models of front-end loaders, Bluestreak Equipment offers five different brackets that fit many common mounting systems.


The Sokoke features a swing-out clean-off pivoting magnet system that uses gravity to separate the three magnet assemblies from the stainless-steel debris pan when rolled forward like a normal bucket. Which then separates collected debris from the magnetic field to the ground or into a scrap bin, eliminating the need for manually handling any metal debris.

The three pivoting magnet housings allow the Sokoke to pick up a 2.5” inch nail from 12.5” inches off the floor. Therefore, when operating the Sokoke in the recommended 4” inch -7” inch sweeping height range, there is plenty of power to retrieve any kind of metal debris. This versatile attachment is built to cover large spaces quickly, with a sweeping height that allows for terrain variations, it can handle offroad conditions while still collecting as much metal debris as possible.


The Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper has mounting points that allow for the use of the Debris Digging Rake accessory to dig up debris that may be embedded in the ground so that it can be collected in the magnetic field. The Debris Digging Rake also smooths out rough terrain while providing a clear visual indicator of what areas have been swept.

$15,499.99 USD

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Sokoke Magnetic Sweeper Logo

Product Pricing

 Sokoke 92 magnetic sweeper

Sokoke 92 magnetic sweeper

$ 15499.99


Weight: 1600.4 lbs | Length: 101
Width: 48 | Height: 34



* If you want to order more than one you may add or adjust product quantities once you have added the product to your shopping cart.


Sokoke Series Sokoke 92
Maximum Lifting Height 12.5″
Sweeper Weight 1491 lbs alone or 1800 lbs +/- with DDR and Mounting Bracket
Shipping Weight 1600.4lbs
Sweeper Width 92"
Sweeper Height Adjustment Yes, continuous with lift arms
Clean Off Method Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Pricing Range $15499.99

CAD Drawings

Sokoke Skidsteer Magnet Construction 4

Sokoke Heavy Duty Loader Magnet Construction 1

Sokoke Heavy Duty Construction 2

Sokoke Heavy Duty Construction 3

The SOKOKE uses permanently charged grade C8 magnets that will never need to be recharged. Power will never decrease, ensuring years of consistent use.

Sokoke Gauss Measurements


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Part #1 Sokoke steel frame (1pc)

$ 7298.77

Part #2 Sokoke steel pivot rod (1pc)

$ 284.55

Part #3 Sokoke pivot rod bolt 0.375″ x 1″ (1pc) w/ nyloc nut (1pc)

$ 25.14

Part #4 Sokoke 0.187″ steel lynch pin (1pc)

$ 25.48



Sokoke Mounting Bracket A – Blank

$ 1416.79

Sokoke 92 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 954.22

Sokoke Mounting Bracket B – Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach

$ 2845.18

Sokoke Mounting Bracket C – Alo / Quicke / Euro / Global Coupler

$ 2342.91

Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper

Get a quick preview of the Sokoke magnetic sweeper in the video below.

Play Video about Sokoke Front End Loader Skidsteer Magnetic Sweeper Promo Video
Sokoke Labelled Picture 1

In Depth Look at Sokoke Operation and Features on Case Backhoe

The video below shows the Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper attached to a Case 570MXT backhoe with a description of the key features of the Sokoke explained throughout.

Sokoke Mounting Bracket System

When ordering the Sokoke magnetic sweeper, you will have to purchase a mounting bracket to make it work with your equipment. Bluestreak Equipment offers four different brackets for use on popular mounting systems on backhoes, loaders, skid steers, and tractors with lifting arms. Bluestreak also offers one blank bracket that can have blank hooks that match your machinery welded to it. These hooks are available from equipment dealers. The purpose of this blank bracket (Bracket A) is to adapt the Sokoke for use on a machine that has a mounting system that won’t work with an existing bracket Bluestreak offers. The names of brackets from Bluestreak are listed below with the names of the corresponding mounting systems they will work with as named by the manufacturer.


Be sure to review the dimensions of each bracket in the documents linked in the table below and measure the attachment point on your machine to verify that the bracket will fit your machine before ordering.


Bluestreak Equipment Bracket Name & Dimension DocumentsName of Mounting System from Manufacturer
Sokoke Mounting Bracket ABlank – No Hooks on Bracket, Needs Blanks Hooks Welded on to Match Equipment Mounting System
Sokoke Mounting Bracket BUniversal Skid Steer Quick Attach
Sokoke Mounting Bracket CAlo Quicke Euro Global Coupler
Sokoke Mounting Bracket DCase Ford New Holland FFC Coupler
Sokoke Mounting Bracket ECaterpillar Integrated Toolcarrier (IT) Coupler

Sokoke Mounting Bracket F

JRB 416 Coupler

If none of the brackets above will fit your equipment you can purchase the blank bracket (Bracket A) and have your equipment dealer supply you with blank hooks to fit your machine with the Sokoke magnetic sweeper. More details about bracket system are in the following manual:

Play Video about Sokoke Magnetic Sweeper Attachment Bracket Explanation Video

This video shows the designer of the Sokoke magnetic sweeper giving a brief explanation of how the bracket systems work.

Sokoke Labelled Picture 4

Sokoke Versus Meerkat Why One or the Other?

This video shows the Sokoke and the Meerkat side by side with a description of key features to help show the pros & cons of both magnetic sweepers.


More information on the difference between the Sokoke and Meerkat below.

The Meerkat magnetic sweeper was designed specifically for Skid Steers and was built to be a less expensive alternative to the Ocicat magnetic sweeper. The Swing Out Clean Off pivoting magnet system lends itself perfectly to being attached to the front of a loader or backhoe which don’t always have auxiliary hydraulic ports to power a hydraulic clean off system.

Sokoke Loader and Meerkat Skidsteer Magnet Comparison

With the same simple gravity powered clean off system and no hydraulics to maintain, the Sokoke is a heavier duty magnetic sweeper built for tougher jobs and bigger equipment. It is built to be highly effective despite the increased speed, and less precise height control that comes with operating heavier machinery like loaders and backhoes. Because of this, the Sokoke works well in many applications and on many vehicles if they have sufficient lifting capacity. The variety of applications and the utility of having a magnet this powerful makes the Sokoke an invaluable addition to any major metal debris clean-up effort.

Sokoke Labelled Picture 2

Driver’s Seat View of Operating Sokoke on a Bobcat T-66

This video shows what its like to operate the Sokoke magnetic sweeper on a skid steer, in the video comparisons between the two models are made and the benefits of the Sokoke are further explained.

Connecting Sokoke Magnetic Sweeper to Loaders

The two videos below show connection to a Case backhoe with the Sokoke Mounting Bracket B – Case Ford New Holland FFC Coupler bracket and connecting/disconnecting a John Deere loader to our Sokoke Mounting Bracket C – Alo Quicke Euro Global Coupler. The videos below show how easy it is to connect the Sokoke to a loader once the proper bracket is installed

Connecting Sokoke Magnetic Sweeper to Case Backhoe

Sokoke Magnetic Sweeper Connection and Disconnection Demo on Tractor

Sokoke Labelled Picture 3

Optional Debris Digging Rake Accessory

Sokoke Debris Digging Rake

The Sokoke magnet has mounting points to accept Bluestreak Equipment’s Debris Digging Rake accessory.


The 3/8” inch spring teeth on the rake are built to disturb the ground as you sweep to dig up any debris that is stuck in the ground after being run over by heavy equipment. This ensures that you can pull metal out of the ground and collect it with the magnet even if it is hidden below the surface. If you have a visible problem on the surface, there will be more hidden underground that can come up to the surface over time. The rakes also help the operator see where they have already swept by providing a clear visual indicator while leaving a smooth groomed surface. To adjust depth of the rake tines you can change the pin location to one of three locations and also roll the Sokoke forward to dig deeper or backwards to dig less.

This video shows the Debris Digging Rakes in action on the front of the Case with a demonstration of how to deploy the rakes on the front of the Sokoke.

Sokoke Swing-Out Clean-Off System

UHMW bushings allow smooth movement of the three 29”-inch x 9”-inch x 6.25”-inch magnet housings as they pivot while the sweeper is rolled forward in the same motion as emptying a standard bucket. Gravity then causes the magnets to lose connection from the rear frame of the Sokoke and swing forward. The collected debris on the stainless-steel pan will separate from the magnetic field allowing it to fall into a pile on the ground or into a bin. Depending on the lifting height of your machine, the Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper is capable of emptying into an eight-foot scrap metal bin as shown below in a video demonstration with further explanation.

Play Video about Sokoke Swing Out Clean Off Pivoting Magnet System

Sokoke Power Test

In the Bluestreak standard max pickup height test, the Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper picks up a 2.5” inch nail from 12.5” inches off the ground, this power allows the Sokoke to have excellent performance when operating at speed over various terrains.

Play Video about Sokoke Pickup Height Video

Sokoke IBeam Pickup and Dropoff

To demonstrate the power of the Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper this video shows it picking up and dropping an approximately 80lb I-Beam the Sokoke magnetic sweeper can pick up the beam without having to make contact with it. This power is comparable to the Ocicat which accomplished the same feat but from slightly higher.

Sokoke Nuts and Bolts Pickup and Cleanoff

The Sokoke is very effective at picking up various types of debris the video to the right shows the Sokoke on the front of a John Deere loader, check out how the debris (in orange) start being attracted toward the Sokoke while the magnet is still well above the nuts and bolts.

Setting the Correct Sweeping Height for the Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper

Setting the Correct Sweeping Height on a Skid Steer/ Track Loader

To set the sweeping height on a skid steer, all that is required is rolling the Sokoke all the way back and setting the lift arms on the lower stops, from there the bottom of the debris pan will be at the correct height. The next step is to roll the Sokoke forward to a level position and that will be the proper sweeping height in most cases. If Debris Digging Rakes are equipped you can roll the Sokoke back and forth to change digging depth.

Sokoke Bobcat Magnetic Sweeping Attachment

Setting the Correct Sweeping Height Using a Loader

Setting the sweeping height on a backhoe or loader is slightly more complicated than on a skid steer. The lift controls are less precise, and the attachment is less visible from the cab, the wheels on a loader have more bounce than a skid steer or track loader so sweeping height may vary more while sweeping.


Check out the video below to see our recommended method to finding the right sweeping height and finding level with a Sokoke on a Case backhoe.

Sokoke Ground Strike Protection

The Sokoke is built for heavy duty use so it needs to hold up to heavy duty abuse, offroad conditions are no problem for the Sokoke thanks to its reinforcement ribs and wrap around function that keep the magnet safe and the debris in place when the ground is struck.


Since the lifting arms are so far in front of the wheels on a loader and the wheels are softer than a skid steer’s, there is often some bouncing which can cause the Sokoke to strike the ground. This is not a problem with the Sokoke because of its heavy-duty construction and four reinforcing ribs that make the Sokoke very durable.

Sokoke Reinforcement Ribs

Since the lifting arms are so far in front of the wheels on a loader and the wheels are softer than a skid steer’s, there is often some bouncing which can cause the Sokoke skid steer/front end loader magnetic sweeper to strike the ground. This is not a problem with the Sokoke because of its heavy-duty construction and four reinforcing ribs that make the Sokoke very durable.

Sokoke Reinforcement Ribs
Sokoke Wrap around Function For Landfill Cleanup

Won't Lose Debris on Impact

Wrap Around Function on Sokoke magnetic sweeper keeps debris on the magnet; even if the main debris pan touches the ground, all collected debris will snap around to the back of the magnet.

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