Ananke Magnetic Sweeper

Hydraulic Powered Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Graders

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Heavy Duty Road Clearing Power with Remote Clean-Off

Ananke Magnetic Sweeper

Prevent Punctures and Downtime when Grading

The Ananke Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Graders is a feature packed premium magnet capable of remote debris clean off and 36” inches of side shift (with optional side shift bracket).  This magnet was designed to perform in the harshest work environments with durability and efficiency in mind. The Ananke is the only sweeper on the market specifically built to hang from the back of any motor grader with auxiliary hydraulics to continuously retrieve rock bolts, nails, screws and other metal debris from roads or shoulders.


Using the Ananke on a grader will reduce the number of punctures and downtime for any equipment or vehicles using the roads. Keeping roads clear is also a safety concern as metal debris can get caught in tire treads and flung out when speeds are increased; creating a projectile that can harm personnel or damage equipment. The optional side shift bracket allows the operator to place the magnet off center, so it can sweep outside of the width of the grader blade, catching metal debris as it is pushed to the side by the blade.

Permanently charged C8 ceramic magnets will never degrade and allow the Ananke to pick up a 2.5” 8 penny nail from 10.75”, ensuring plenty of pickup power when sweeping in the recommended 3” inch – 5” inch range even at speed. Collected debris won’t get wiped off if the ground is struck and can be cleaned off using auxiliary hydraulics from the cab, switch between side shift and clean off function at the touch of a button using the remote included with the side shift bracket accessory.

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Product Pricing

 Ananke 95 magnetic sweeper

Ananke 95 magnetic sweeper

$ 14899.99


Weight: 1171.1 lbs | Length: 103
Width: 40 | Height: 31



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Ananke Series Ananke 95
Sweeper Width 95″
Magnet Type Permanently charged Ceramic 8
Cleaning Off Method Hydraulic, via auxiliary hydraulic system on vehicle.
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5”, 8 penny nails) 10.75”
Sweeping Height 3”- 5” recommended
Terrain Surface Roadways and Shoulders
Sweeper Weight 1064 lbs
Shipping Weight 1171 lbs
Pricing Range $14899.99

CAD Drawings

Ananke Construction Details

Ananke Dimensions With Side Shift Bracket Dimensions

Ananke Grader Hanging Magnetic Sweeper Front Dimensions

Ananke Grader Magnet With Hydraulic Clean Off Side View

Ananke Magnetic Sweeper Construction

Ananke Rear Mounted Grader Magnet Dimensions Rear View

Ananke Side Shift Bracket Dimensions Rear View

Ananke With Side Shift Bracket Dimensions Side View

Ananke Grader Magnet Gauss Measurements


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Ananke Series Brochure

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Ananke Series Manual

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Part #1 Ananke steel frame (1pc)

$ 4821.90

Part #2 Ananke vertical guide (1pc)

$ 98.55

Part #3 Ananke vertical guide bolt 0.375in x 1.750in (1pc) with hardware

$ 23.79

Part #4 Ananke 0.750in steel magnet pin (1pc) with 0.187in steel lynch pin (2pc)

$ 96.03



Ananke 95 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 1182.50

Ananke Side Shift Bracket Accessory

$ 7499.99

Ananke Universal Hanging Bracket Accessory

$ 1679.99

Ananke Motor Grader Magnetic Sweeper Clean-off

Ananke Clean Off Cycle Details

Clean Off Cycle

Functions like a scissor style lift, raising the magnet 13” away from the collected debris.


The debris falls to the ground.

Using your grader’s auxiliary hydraulic systems, the Ananke Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Graders can drop all collected metal debris without having to exit the cab. This is accomplished by two hydraulic rams that push the inner magnet assembly of the Ananke up and away from the stainless-steel debris pan, separating collected debris from the magnetic field to drop It all in a pile on the ground. Fiberglass poles on either side of the sweeper indicate the height of the magnet assembly so you can visually see when the clean-off cycle is complete.

Ananke Hanging Grader Magnet Features
Ananke Clean Off Illustration With Debris

Increase Efficiency While Maintaining Roads

Since graders are running roads in their entirety at least once a season, having a magnet that can retrieve metal while the grader works doubles the work being accomplished at once. There hasn’t been a magnet specifically designed for a grader before the Ananke. Other than using a grader magnet, the best option would be to divert other equipment or vehicles to sweep roads with a towable magnet if it is being done at all. Once flat tires start to become a problem on roads or shoulders there is often more metal present than what can be seen and picked up off the surface manually. Using a magnet like the Ananke will retrieve all metal debris of any type from roads or shoulders even if its not visible on the surface.

Optional Ananke Hanging Grader Magnet Side Shift Bracket

Ananke Side Shift Bracket Construction Details

Hanging a magnetic sweeper from a grader presents a problem, when the grader is doing what it was designed for the blade is pushing the top layer of the ground to the side along with any metal debris embedded in it. The Ananke Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Graders has an accessory that overcomes this problem, the side shift bracket allows for 36” of side-to-side travel which can get the end of the magnet outside the edge of the blade and this will pull metal debris from the outside of the blade’s width for more complete coverage when sweeping. The side shift function is also controlled by auxiliary hydraulics from the cab, switching between the clean-off and side shift function is as simple as pressing a button on the remote included with this bracket.


The side shift bracket also allows for easier sweeping height adjustments. By turning the top links on the sweeper in or out you can adjust the height of the magnet by up to 5.25” inches. If the debris pan is getting dented from repeated ground strikes, consider raising the magnet.

Ananke Grader Mounted Magnet Features
Ananke Magnetic Sweeper for Grader Flow Diverter and Receiver

Ananke Magnetic Sweeper for Motor Graders Pickup Power

The Ananke Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Graders is capable of picking up a 2.5” 8 penny nail from 10.25” inches off the ground. When operating at the recommended sweeping height of 3” inches – 5” inches there is plenty of pickup power available to pull any type of ferrous debris out of the ground. Collected debris won’t get wiped off even if the magnet hits the ground, because the magnet housing is fully packed with magnetic material debris that gets hit will simply stick to the back of the magnet housing.

Universal Hanging Bracket

This bracket is available as an accessory for the Ananke Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Graders, it is a symmetrical rectangular bracket with predrilled attachment points that will line up with the Ananke’s chains. This bracket provides a starting point when fabricating a mount that will work with the machine you want to use the Ananke with.

Part #1 Ananke Universal Hanging Bracket steel frame (1pc)

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