Off Road Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper with Spring Assisted Clean Off!

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is a heavy duty off road magnet with an 82" sweeping width

Features Spring Assisted Debris Release!

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is the Big Brother of the Yacare and is very similar in terms of features but you may want to move up to the Caiman for more pickup power and a wider sweeping width. The Yacare has a 72″ sweeping width and the Caiman is 82″ sweeping width.

The Caiman is a heavy duty off road, tow behind magnetic sweeper with a Dual Spring Assisted Debris Release System that makes cleaning off the magnet easy. Even when the magnet is heavily loaded with metal debris, cleaning it off can be done in seconds without much effort or bending over.

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is built to stand up to rough off road conditions with solid steel construction, protective steel lid that encloses the magnet, height adjustability, a “wrap around” feature and inset 16.6″ x 6.5″ flat proof foam filled wheels.

The Caiman’s 82 inch sweeping width, tongue weight and overall product width of 87.75” inches makes it perfect for towing behind pickup trucks, UTV’s, and tractors of various sizes. 

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Why use the Caiman magnetic sweeper?

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is ideal for picking up metal debris on large farms, at construction sites, manufacturing facilities, industrial site roads and yards, at site remediation activities, mining sites and roads, equestrian facilities and at landfills. It can also be used to clean up metal debris from crushed recycled concrete, and disaster recovery clean up activities.

Many of these types of sites have a very real need to eliminate and prevent flat tires on vehicles. The cost, interruptions, and delays that flat tires cause create the need for the use of a magnetic sweeper. However metal debris can also be the root cause of injuries and accidents for both humans and animals at these sites.

The Caiman was designed specifically to pick up and remove debris such as scrap metal, nails, screws, wire, discarded pieces of metal from fabrication activities, bolts, nuts, pins, screw drivers, wrenches, metal strapping, etc.

View CAD drawings for details on materials and construction and overall dimensions.


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Use the Caiman magnetic sweeper to pick up metal debris and reduce flat tire costs

Recommended Industry Applications

Wrap Around Design for Off Road Conditions

Debris doesn’t get wiped off!

The “Wrap Around” magnet design on the Caiman ensures debris never gets wiped off the bottom of the magnet in grass or dirt conditions.  The “Wrap Around” feature is an essential design feature if you will be using the magnetic sweeper in grass or dirt conditions and is one of the key features that make the Caiman truly off-road capable. The inset rear wheels, instead of wheels on the ends, also adds to the Caiman’s off-road capabilities by ensuring the magnet is less likely to bottom out as often in very rough conditions because the wheels are closer together.


Clean off takes only seconds with the
Spring Assist Debris Release System.

Debris Digging Rake Accessory

Disturbs the Ground So You Can Pick Up More Debris!

An optional Debris Digging Rake accessory can be purchased for the Caiman. The Debris Digging Rake (DDR) slips on over the Caiman tongue. Be sure to select the Debris Digging rake 86″. The 86” inch wide model of the DDR is the perfect overall width of the Caiman of 87.75” inches. The DDR agricultural tines can be set to varying depths to disturb the ground ahead of the magnet to loosen up embedded and compacted debris so that the magnet can pick up the debris as it passes over the ground behind the debris digging rake. The distinctive pattern left by the DDR when it is digging is also great as a guide for the operator indicating areas that have already been swept for debris.

Solve your flat tire problems...

Play Video

Video demonstration of the Caiman being used at a hardwood lumber mill to help them reduce their flat tire problem.

Better, More Durable Paint Job

Keeps the Caiman looking great for years!

The paint job on the Caiman is durable and long lasting.  The red painted steel lid that encloses the magnets is first sand blasted and then powder coated for durability.

The black painted parts of the Caiman are first blasted with Kerfjet #80 Garnet Stone and then primed with PPG High Build Epoxy primer (2 coats). They are then finished with PPG UROTEC Gloss Black (2 coats) and allowed to dry for 1 full day. Blasting with stone rather than sand creates a cleaner and smoother finish to prep for painting which provides a high quality “smooth” finished paint appearance. The paint finish is a urethane product which provides a harder finish than regular fast dry industrial paint or rust paint. This harder finish means it doesn’t scratch as easily and has a longer life.


Dual Debris Release Levers

Makes cleaning off the magnet easy!

The Caiman comes standard with a Dual Debris Release Lever Spring Assisted Clean Off System. Cleaning off the magnets takes only seconds. To clean off the Caiman magnetic sweeper when full of debris, just pull down on the spring assisted clean off handles. Pushing down on just one of the handles cleans one side of the magnet off, the other one cleans off the other side. Pushing down on the handle rotates the magnet inside the covered lid. The magnet will stick to a steel bar on the inside of the lid and stay in the “up” position while you get in your vehicle and pull the magnet ahead and away from the debris. You can then get out of your vehicle and lower the magnet again.

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Permanently Charged Grade C8 Magnets

The Caiman utilizes permanently charged C8 Ceramic Magnets that will never need to be recharged. Power will never decrease, ensuring years of use.

The C8 Ceramic Magnets give the Caiman a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height of 10 1/2” inches using a 2 ½” inch nail.

This means if the bottom of the magnet is 10 1/2” inches off the ground it will pick up a 2 ½” inch nail in a bench test at zero speed.  This amount of power means that you can set the sweeping height higher if needed in rough conditions and the magnet will still be able to pick up debris.

Want more information on magnetic strength? Read our post on How to Measure Magnetic Sweeper Pickup Power

One of the two C8 magnets shown in the housing assembly before installation into the Caiman frame.

Hitch Height Adjustability

Adjust the hitch height from 14 – 24 inches!

The Caiman comes standard with a 2 inch ball receiver with an adjustable hitch height (from 14 inches to 24 inches, in 2” inch increments) that allows you to connect the Caiman to a vehicle with any hitch height and still keep the Caiman level. This ensures the bottom of the magnet is always parallel to the ground for maximum effectiveness. If you prefer a pintle ring instead of a 2” inch ball receiver, we offer an optional pintle ring accessory that replaces the 2” inch ball receiver.

Easy Sweeping Height Adjustment

Adjust the sweeping height
from  2- 6 inchs!

The Caiman sweeping height can be adjusted to accommodate any ground terrain conditions. The sweeping height is adjusted by turning the gold top link attachment that adjusts the wheels up and down. Turning the top link  (gold colored in the photos) offers a “continuous” adjustment in the height of the sweeper. You can quickly adjust the sweeping height and change it depending on the terrain conditions. This way you can ensure you have the magnet as low as you can go without hitting the ground. Having the magnet closer to the ground increases the effective speed you can travel and increases the magnet performance.

The Caiman Pickup Height Test

Play Video

The Caiman Pickup Height Test is 10 and 1/2 inches

The Caiman magnetic sweeper will pick up a 2 and 1/2 inch nail when the bottom of the magnet is 10 and 1/2 inches off the ground providing plenty of pickup power performance in dirt, gravel and off road conditions.

To maximize performance, we recommend setting the sweeping height between 3 and 4 inches in most situations. Sweeping height is set by turning the top link attachment on the rear wheels which adjusts the wheels up or down.  

16.5" x 6.5" Foam Filled Flat Proof Tires

The Caiman comes standard with off road flat proof 16.5” x 6.5” Carlisle foam filled tires and 5 bolt hub and spindle wheels located close behind the magnet ensuring a consistent height off the ground is maintained when sweeping. 

These wheels are for low speed operation only and not meant for on road high speed use.

Completely Enclosed Magnets

The Caiman’s magnets are completely enclosed ensuring the magnet does not become covered with debris.

The magnets remain protected at all times inside the enclosed lid.

No matter what the terrain is you travel over, the magnets remain protected.

Highly Visible Signage

To ensure visibility and communicate to others in the vicinity that sweeping for debris is in progress, the Caiman has signage indicating “MAGNETIC SWEEPER” on the back of the lid that is viewable by persons and vehicles approaching from behind.

Inset Rear Wheels

The wheels on the Caiman are inset from the end of the sweeper.

The inset wheels add to the Caiman’s off road capabilities by ensuring the magnet is less likely to bottom out in very rough conditions. 

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Strength and Durability for Long Term Use.

The magnet housing (inside the red covered lid) is made of stainless steel.  In addition, the bottom pan (angled front portion, bottom portion, and vertical back portion) is stainless steel, the frame tube across the back of the Caiman is stainless steel, and the bottom 2 inches of the sides of the Caiman are also stainless steel.

The benefit of this construction is the strength and durability that steel offers, and stainless steel also ensures that these portions never become magnetized.  Steel in the proximity of magnets can become magnetized slightly over time.  Having these components made of stainless steel ensures they don’t become magnetized over time and ensures optimum performance.

The main benefit of this construction is that when you want to clean debris off the Caiman all of the debris will fall off when the debris release levers are pulled.  This ensures a well functioning clean off mechanism.

View CAD drawings for details on materials and construction and overall dimensions.

The Caiman Versus The Yacare

If you're trying to decide between the Caiman and the Yacare this information may help you.

Why Purchase The Caiman Instead of The Yacare Magnetic Sweeper?

The Yacare magnetic sweeper is popular because of the lower price point, durability, it’s many features and performance but you may want to move up to the Caiman for the following reasons;

  1. More Pickup Power – The Caiman has a bigger magnet (50% more magnet) and therefore more pickup power enabling it to pickup a 2 ½” nail from 10 ½” inches instead of the Yacare’s 9 ¾” inches. That gives the Caiman ¾” inches of extra pickup height. Is it a big deal? Maybe, maybe not, but it can be argued that more pickup power is always better when trying to pick up debris. But we always say that features and application specific design have an even greater effect. But the Caiman also gives you just that bit more power than the Yacare.
  2. More Speed Capabilities – While both the Caiman and the Yacare have a magnet that is 4” high (or thick), the 6” wide (or deep) magnet in the Caiman versus the 4” wide magnet in the Yacare will allow the Caiman to pick up at higher speeds than the Yacare. The Caiman also gives you just that bit more speed capability than the Yacare.
  3. Increased Sweeping Width – The Caiman has an 82” inch sweeping width versus the Yacare’s 72” inch sweeping width. This means the Caiman can cover more ground faster.

The Caiman Versus The Aardvark

If you're trying to decide between the Caiman and the Aardvark this information may help you.

Caiman 82 Magnetic Sweeper - Bluestreak Equipment

Why you might want to purchase the Caiman instead of the Aardvark magnetic sweeper;

  1. Less Expensive – Because the Caiman is smaller than the Aardvark it is less money than the Aardvark.
  2. Smaller Size – The Aardvark may simply be too big for the tow vehicle you had in mind.  The Caiman tongue weight is 188 lbs, whereas the Aardvark tongue weight is 260 lbs. The total sweeper weight of the Caiman is 884 lbs, whereas the Aardvark weight is 1056 lbs. If you were planning on using your ATV, UTV or other smaller vehicle as the tow vehicle you may just want the smaller Caiman magnetic sweeper.

Additional Features

Caiman CAD Drawings


Side View Dimensions

Caiman magnetic sweeper by bluestreak equipment side view

Front View Dimensions

Caiman magnetic sweeper by bluestreak equipment front view

Top View Dimensions

Caiman magnetic sweeper by bluestreak equipment top view

Construction Materials Details

Caiman magnetic sweeper by bluestreak equipment Material Thickness


Operation, Assembly, Demonstrations and more…


Product, Packaging and more…

Caiman Specifications


Specification Details on The Caiman magnetic sweeper

Caiman Series™

Caiman 82

Sweeper Width82″
Cleaning MethodDual Spring Assist Debris Release Handles
Sweeping Height AdjustabilityYes, in 2 to 6 inches continuous adjustment
Magnet TypeCeramic 8
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5″, 8 penny nails)10 and 1/2 inches
Total Sweeper Weight884 lbs
Total Shipping Weight981 lbs
Shipping Dimensions95″ L x 32″ W x 22″ H

See The Caiman Brochure for further specifications.

Caiman Pricing

Caiman magnetic sweeper - bluestreak equipment


$ 9899.99 USD
  • 82 inches wide
  • Sweeper weight 884 pounds
  • Flat proof 16.5" x 6.5" Carlisle Foam Filled Tires
  • Dual Debris Release Handles
  • Shipping
    Weight: 981 lbs
    Length: 95 (in)
    Width: 40 (in)
    Height: 24 (in)Height: 24 (in)

    SKU: CM82

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  1. Tom at NOVA Chemicals Corporation – Lacombe, Alberta

    We are very happy with it picking up metal by the pail full. https://youtu.be/jywYpeFAROY

    Caiman™ 82 magnetic sweeperCaiman™ 82 magnetic sweeper

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