Debris Digging Rake XL with Stoneguard

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Accessory for YacareCaiman, Rhino and Aardvark


  • Disturbs ground so hidden or embedded debris surfaces and is picked up by the sweeper.
  • Strong 5/16” spring teeth dig into the ground
  • Stone guard helps to prevent damage from flying rocks flung by spring teeth
  • Tines attached are spring loaded to flex while disturbing the surface of the earth.
  • Steel tube construction.
  • Adjustable depth tines allow you the option of retracting the tines when you do not want to dig.
  • Height adjustment is accomplished using crank driven threaded actuators.
  • Constructed out of durable Steel Tubing.
  • Grooms and levels soil as it cleans up debris.
  • By grooming the ground, it also allows you to see where you’ve already picked up debris.
  • Durable powder coat finish on all steel parts
  • Quick assembly, comes nearly fully assembled from factory

Features of DDR XL

The DDR XL is a simple accessory that makes a big difference when sweeping areas with soft terrain. Check out this video to see how the DDR xl operates on a Yacare magnetic sweeper at a local landfill.

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