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Ultra-Powered Magnetic Sweeper for Quick Cleaning

Alternating Pole Assembly for more Focused Power

The Mammoth Magnetic sweeper is an ultra-heavy duty towable magnet built to collect any type of ferrous debris through off and on road terrains.


The powerful magnet in the Mammoth was made to collect steel balls used in ball milling operations efficiently and quickly. This can be accomplished while utilizing the optional debris digging rake and grader attachments to both agitate metal out of the ground and groom surfaces into a smooth and uniform grade.


The Mammoth Heavy Duty Mining Magnetic Sweeper can collect an impressive amount of debris while moving at relatively high speeds and sweeping heights, this lets the operator set the magnet higher to avoid ground strikes while being confident that the mammoth is collecting any debris that it passes over.


Remote controlled 12v hydraulics control the mammoth trailer height and magnet position. This lets operators raise or lower the trailer to adjust for terrain changes from the tow vehicle and empty debris from the sweeper with the press of a button.

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Mammoth Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment

Product Pricing

 Mammoth 68 magnetic sweeper

Mammoth 68 magnetic sweeper

$ 44375


Weight: 3838.2 lbs | Length: 118
Width: 48 | Height: 83



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Mammoth Series Mammoth 68
Sweeper Width 68″
Maximum Lifting Height (using a 2.5″ nail) 16”
Total Sweeper Weight 3500 lbs +/-
Sweeping Height Adjustability 2”-7” Using On-board Hydraulics and Adjustable Height Stops
Sweeper Wheel Type 10 ply (3520lbs each) rated highway trailer tires
Cleaning Method Hydraulic
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Pricing Range $44375.00

CAD Drawings

Mammoth Heavy Duty Construction

Mammoth Front View

Mammoth Side View

Mammoth Gauss Measurements


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Mammoth Series Brochure

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Part #1 Mammoth steel main frame (1pc)

$ 6333.62

Part #2 Mammoth steel rivnut 0.250″-20 thread (1pc)

$ 25.87

Part #3 Mammoth magnet assembly (1pc)

$ 10210.75

Part #4 Mammoth UHMW bar (1pc)

$ 76.37



Mammoth 68 ISMP-15 compliant international packaging

$ 459.99

Mammoth 68 Debris Digging Rake

$ 1429.99

Mammoth 68 Grader

$ 1899.99

Retrieving Milling Abrasive with Mammoth Magnetic Sweeper Case Study

Processing raw ore containing soft metals into useable material requires SAG milling, this process uses steel balls to crush rock small enough to extract the copper or gold inside. During maintenance of these mills the balls get spilled into a processing yard producing a slipping hazard and costing the company money to replace the balls. Bluestreak Equipment developed our Mammoth with the help of the New Afton Mine in Kamloops British Columbia to retrieve these balls and flew out a year later to check the results. The video shows what the Mill Operation General Supervisor thinks of the Mammoth magnetic sweeper after a year of use. The gallery below shows some photos from the site.

Mammoth Towable Magnetic Sweeper Product Demo

Demonstration of the features and operational competence of the Mammoth magnetic sweeper while clearing yards and access road at landfill site.

Ball Milling Steel Abrasive Retrieval

Steel abrasive balls are used by mining and ore refining facilities to process raw material into useable metallic ore. These balls get lost during processing and are very difficult to retrieve using most magnetic sweepers with any efficiency due to the cross-sectional ferritic composition being much less concentrated than standard metal debris like nails, screws, and bolts. The Mammoth Heavy Duty Mining Magnetic Sweeper was designed in coordination with our industry partners to accomplish this exact task. The alternating pole layout of the 12”x12” magnetic assembly allows for a more concentrated magnetic field within the 2” – 7“operating range which can pick up the steel abrasive material.

The power of the Mammoth’s magnet assembly enables collection of these steel balls while at speed, the clip below shows 100% pickup rate at 8kmh with the sweeper positioned 4.5” above the ground. At lower sweeping heights the speed can be increased while retaining the 100% pickup rate.

Remote Controlled Hydraulic Operation

Operators of the Mammoth Heavy Duty Mining Magnetic Sweeper can control most of the functions of the unit from inside of the tow vehicle, this allows more debris collection in less time by eliminating the need to exit the vehicle to clean off the debris from the magnet or adjust the height of the trailer for different terrain (Minimum sweeping height should still be set using mechanical stops).

Offroad extreme magnetic sweeper by bluestreak equipment

Maintenance & Usage

The Mammoth is loaded with helpful features to make debris and steel ball abrasive collection easy, but for proper operation some maintenance needs to be done


  • Tire Pressure will affect how the Mammoth is towed, acting as its only suspension, the pressure should be checked prior to operation

  • The Mammoth comes standard with lights and fenders, but it is not intended to be towed at high speeds and may become unstable at speeds greater than 50km/h (30mph).

  • Included on-board charger should be used to keep the batteries topped up over the minimum 12.4-volt level.

  • Hydraulic Oil level should be checked regularly

  • Torque wheel lugs (180 ft-lb)

  • Check remote control batteries

Industrial magnetic grader trailer
DDR in use

Debris Digging Rake & Grader Attachments

Debris Digging Rake Benefits


  • Agitates the ground to loosen embedded metal debris to be collected

  • Resurfaces hard packed ground to create uniform surface

  • Gives clear indication of which areas have been swept

  • Easy height adjustment to change digging depth

  • Rubber stone guards keep flying gravel and debris under control

Yard grooming magnetic sweeper

Grader Attachment Benefits


  • Levels yard and road surfaces that have potholes

  • Fills trenches left by Debris Digging Rake

  • Raises and lowers with remote control trailer height adjustment

  • Replaceable blades and sturdy construction to prevent wear

  • Can be hung out of the way when not needed

  • Leaves uniform grade

What People are Saying About the Mammoth Magnetic Sweeper

The video below shows a more detailed overview of the specifications for the Mammoth Heavy Duty Mining Magnetic Sweeper as well as a performance overview from an equipment operator’s perspective after experiencing the Mammoth magnetic sweeper at his facility.

Mammoth debris collection

Magnet Size & Gauss Measurements

The Mammoth is available in one 68” inch magnet size, The magnetic assembly is 12” inches wide by 12” inches high and 68“inches long. The magnet is encased in a sturdy stainless-steel assembly that features a wrap around design to keep collected debris from being wiped off the magnet even if it strikes the ground.

Mammoth Industrial Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper Power Test

The video below shows the magnetic power of the mammoth, a 2.5” inch nail is easily collected from 16” above the ground. This test was performed by lifting the sweeper onto blocks to see the maximum lifting potential of the magnet assembly. The sweeping height can be set between 2“ -7” inches so having all this extra magnetic power on tap lets the Mammoth perform exceptionally at speed and with a variety of metal debris.

Industrial yard cleaning magnetic sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment

Ultra-Heavy Duty Industrial Magnetic Cleaning

The Mammoth is the biggest and baddest permanent magnetic sweeper built to date! The yard grooming features like the grader and DDR accessories work in tandem with the massive 12” x 12” C8 magnet assembly to make short work of surfacing / cleaning large areas making them safe to return into operation.


The operator of a Mammoth magnetic sweeper will appreciate the thought that went into how the trailer height is adjusted and how clean off is performed; the remote-controlled hydraulic system can be operated from the cab of the tow vehicle to let operators drop all collected debris somewhere that is easy to retrieve the metal from without having to leave the vehicle.


Because the Mammoth was made to retrieve the hardest to collect metal debris it works incredibly well when trying to collect nails, screws, bolts, and is the tool to have when you are facing a massive metallic debris problem.

Mammoth Convenience and Durability Features

Mammoth labelled picture 1
Mammoth labelled picture 2
Mammoth labelled picture 3

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