Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Metal fasteners like nails and screws or debris from metalworking can make a shop floor hazardous to workers and cause damage to vehicle tires. A typical shop broom will catch some fasteners, but it is not a highly efficient method for clearing a space of metal debris. Alternatively, a magnetic floor sweeper picks up ferromagnetic particles and fasteners of various sizes with ease.

Bluestreak Equipment’s magnetic floor sweepers are a solution for removing metal debris and fasteners from shop floors and various other indoor and outdoor surfaces. We design and configure our floor sweepers for your specific application to offer performance and versatility for various industries and terrains. Understanding magnetic floor sweepers and the available types will help you determine the magnetic sweeping solution for your application.

About Magnetic Floor Sweepers

Magnetic floor sweepers pick up various metal components like screws and nails that fall onto the shop floor. They attract ferromagnetic material of various quantities and sizes, depending on the pull force of the magnetic sweeper. These sweepers work best on flat surfaces, such as concrete flooring. They reduce the risk of workplace injuries and tire punctures due to sharp parts and metal particles. The strength of the magnetic floor sweeper depends on its maximum lifting height. In our bench test, the Wrasse 4.5 x 4.5 model was capable of picking up 2.5-inch nails from a maximum height of 8.5 inches, measured from the base of the magnet.

Application-Driven Design

Shotblasting Magnet Pic

The team at Bluestreak designs magnetic sweeper products with more than just magnet strength in mind. We consider the application, budget, and more to tailor magnetic solutions to your needs. Our magnetic floor sweepers are engineered to perform in large facilities. They are ideal for flat surfaces, but we also manufacture solutions for outdoor areas. We offer numerous designs with a range of widths, height configurations, surface coverages, and methods for cleaning debris from the magnet.


Various industries rely on magnetic floor sweepers to pick up ferromagnetic debris and small metal parts. We serve the following consumer and industrial markets:

Magnetic Floor Sweepers at Bluestreak

Bluestreak carries a variety of magnetic floor sweepers to suit almost any application. With various options for shape, wheel configuration, and UX, we stock the following main categories of magnetic sweeping solutions:

  • Handheld magnetic floor sweepers 
    These sweepers have a curved, wheelless design that is optimal for picking up nails and other small debris. Handheld sweepers are light and compact for easy transportation, user comfort, and maneuverability in confined spaces. They are ideal for tight spaces in manufacturing shops and outdoors, and the
    Powerstik sweeper can assist users in gathering metal debris from underneath machinery as a superior alternative to a broom. We offer handheld magnetic floor sweepers in 12- and 14-inch designs.
  • Fork-mount magnetic floor sweepers
    This sweeper solution is available in sizes of 26 to 98 inches and attaches to various forked vehicles like forklifts and skid steers. Mounted on the front of this equipment, the sweeper will lift nails and other metal debris before they can damage the tires. Fork-mounted magnetic floor sweepers are capable of outdoor use to detect and collect nails, and they help groom dirt and gravel. 
  • Push-type magnetic floor sweepers. These pushable rolling magnets come in sizes of 14 to 37 inches. They have lifting heights of up to 6.25 inches for 2.5-inch nails and are ideal for shops with smooth flooring like asphalt and cement, as well as roofing and construction applications. Our all-terrain varieties can pick up metal debris from grass and dirt.
  • Continuous discharge magnetic floor sweepers
    Particularly useful in shot-blasting operations, this magnetic floor-sweeping solution removes steel shot from the magnetic drum using a continuous process to catch the debris in an easy-to-remove tray as a worker pushes the sweeper. The sweeper can pick up steel shot out of concrete cracks up to 1.75 inches deep and comes in width options of 25 to 52 inches.


Magnetic floor sweepers have several features to deliver high performance. The wrap-around feature for our all-terrain models keeps picked-up nails secure on the sweeper so they do not fall back into the grass as the sweeper moves forward. Bluestreak designs products with easy release in mind, incorporating release levers or easy-to-remove trays to catch metal debris. We can configure wheels for a variety of surfaces and offer width options that allow for quick sweeping for applications in everything from confined spaces to large facilities and outdoor areas.

Learn More About Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic floor sweepers work on industrial facilities and shop floors as well as outdoor applications to pick up metal fasteners and the debris from working with ferromagnetic metals. At Bluestreak, we manufacture our magnetic solutions in-house utilizing application-driven design for high-quality, durable products that deliver on performance. Contact us to learn more about our magnetic sweeper products and how the team at Bluestreak can engineer magnetic sweepers to meet your unique needs.