Heavy-Duty Magnetic Sweepers with Release

Most construction and industrial sites produce metallic debris that cannot be left behind upon completion of the project. Metallic debris creates puncture hazards and increases injury risks as well, depending on how fine the metallic particulates are.


At Bluestreak, we design and manufacture a full line of heavy-duty magnetic sweepers with a release mechanism. These heavy-duty sweepers are a cost-effective solution for industrial sites that require powerful and accurately focused pickup strength. We offer a wide selection of options so you can choose the best magnetic sweeper for your facility.


Learn more about the benefits and applications of magnetic sweepers with release features, as well as the related products we offer here at Bluestreak.

A magnetic sweeper without a release requires the operator to clean the magnet manually with a rag or gloved hand. Manual clean off is not an easy process, and it also requires direct contact. If the ferrous objects are fine or sharp, they can get onto or near the worker’s hands, and then onto the face, or in the eyes, exposing them to unnecessary occupational dangers.
On the other hand, a magnetic floor sweeper with a release reduces these risks by eliminating direct manual contact. In environments with small ferrous debris, such as nails and shavings, the load release mechanism will greatly enhance worker safety and sweeping efficiency.
To pick up tools, plates, and larger ferrous objects, the magnetic release may not be necessary from a safety perspective. To pick up smaller debris, the load release feature is strongly recommended.

We create our magnetic sweepers according to their intended applications. The factors that determine the best magnetic sweeper for a given setting are surface area, type of surface, and the volume and type of debris.


Our handheld sweepers are compact, lightweight, and ergonomic, so they are best for confined spaces with minimal debris. In contrast, push-type sweepers are wider and come equipped with wheels, enabling them to maneuver in larger spaces and pick up more debris. Some of our push-type sweepers are designed for off-road functionality, including an angled nose and up to seven different wheel height settings.


Regardless of which type of magnetic sweeper you choose for your application, we have models with a release feature to speed up your cleaning process.

Bluestreak Magnetic Sweepers

Once you’ve determined the size and scale of your metallic debris cleaning operation, you can select the best option from our line of magnetic sweepers. Here is an overview of our main product offerings, which are all equipped with a release mechanism:

For large-scale projects like landfills, mines, and construction sites, the Aardvark™ allows you to cover a 96” width in a single sweep. Its sweeping height is adjustable from 1.5” to 6” and features four layers of permanent magnets that strengthen pickup power.

This three-paneled sweeper easily attaches to the back of your forklift so that you can pick up ferrous debris while taking care of lifting tasks throughout the day.

The RIP™ is a push-type magnet featuring seven height settings and a wrap-around feature that increases efficiency on grassy terrain. Customers can choose from a width size of 20”, 25”, or 31”.

The Ocicat is a heavy-duty magnetic sweeper made to mount on the front of a skid-steer. It features a powerful 6×8 magnet assembly, debris digging rakes and Hydraulic clean off function for easy operation.

The Yacare™ is an off-road capable magnet sweeper with a 72” width and 9.75” maximum pickup height. Thanks to its compact design, it easily tows behind ATVs and small tractors.

For manufacturing, trucking, and shot blasting facilities, the heavy duty Bora™ comes in three different width options: 25”, 31”, and 37”. This sweeper also has three wheel height settings (1”, 2”, and 3”) to fit any sweeping operation.

The Ecko™ is an excellent option for roofers looking for a lightweight, compact magnetic sweeper. With five height adjustments, two width options (20” and 26”), and an angled nose, this magnetic sweeper is highly effective, affordable, and durable.

Premium Mangetic Sweepers from Bluestreak

Bluestreak takes pride in knowing that construction and industrial sites around the world are safer and more efficient because of our products. We manufacture heavy-duty magnetic sweepers for projects of any size and can work with you to select the best product for your application. Visit this product page about our magnetic sweepers for more detailed information, or contact us to discuss your particular needs.