Aluminum Quick Clean Off Sleeve

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Makes cleaning off collected metal debris quickly and easily.


Aluminum sleeve with PVC inner rails for less friction.


The sleeve protects your magnet housing from impacts and wont crush or deform from the pressure of collected debris attracted to the magnet.


Optional for 4.5” x 4.5” magnetic housings that are 62” – 98” in length

Sleeve Selection Guide

Some sweepers come with different size magnets, to ensure that the quick clean off sleeve fits the sweeper you want refer to the chart below.

Product Series Compatible Models
Wrasse Series W62/4.5 – W98/4.5
Pyr Series PY62/4.5 – PY98/4.5
Eiger Series EG62/4.5 – EG98/4.5
ISO Series IS62 – IS98
Khamsin Series KM62/4.5 – KM98/4.5
Aether Series AE62/4.5 – AE98/4.5
Alpha Series AL86 – AL98
Remoras Series RM62/4.5 – RM98/4.5
Nyx Series NY62 – NY98
Erebus Series ER62 – ER98
Bluetang Series BT62 – BT98
Rhino Series RH62 – RH86

Slide the Aluminum Quick Clean Off Sleeve off of unit and debris falls to the ground at the end of the magnet. no need to climb under machinery to clean off magnet.


Speeds up removal of debris from your magnetic sweeper.

Helps protect sweeper housing when hitting hard surfaces.


Constructed out of durable aluminum with PVC inner rails to protect the magnetic housing.


Locks in place and will not move when sweeper is in use.


Note: Make sure the size of your sleeve matches the size of your product SKU i.e A Rhino62 will require a 62 inch sleeve. The Aluminum Quick Clean Off Sleeve will only fit 4.5” x 4.5” magnet housings.

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