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Quick Coupling Maintenance Free Magnetic Sweeper for Your Skid Steer

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Meerkat Quick Coupling Magnet

Utilize any skid steer to keep landfills, construction sites, precast concrete yards, mining sites, farms and other industrial sites clear of metal debris that can easily cause flat tires, personnel injuries, or product contamination. The Meerkat Front-Mounted Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper can effectively collect debris at speed and over tough terrain thanks to the set of three 6.8” W x 5.25” H x 20.75” L swinging magnets and heavy duty construction.


The pivot points on these magnets have UHMW bushings which grant smooth action and a long wear life. By having these magnets on a pivot, the Meerkat can drop the collected debris using our gravity powered Swing-Out Clean-Off system that operates just like emptying a normal bucket.

The pivoting magnets stay stable while sweeping due to the magnets sticking to the steel frame when level.


The Swing-Out Clean-off allows an operator to take debris from the ground to a dumpster without assistance or having to handle the debris, increasing efficiency and safety.

Depending on the lift on your machine, the Meerkat can also empty into 8 foot scrap metal bins.

The Meerkat has the option to attach our Debris Digging Rake accessory which allows the operator to dig up debris that may be packed into the ground  so it will be caught in the magnetic field. The DDR also grooms yards, and gravel / dirt roads and helps the operator see which areas have been swept already. If you have debris on the surface there is always more buried that can get pushed up over time and the DDR can help to pull that metal out of the ground for proper disposal.


With it’s simple operation, no maintenance requirements, and durability designed to stand up to any job site’s abuse; the Meerkat is an excellent option for cleaning up after construction, demolition, or industrial processes that create metal debris.

$10,799.99 USD

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Product Pricing

 Meerkat 67 magnetic sweeper

Meerkat 67 magnetic sweeper

$ 10799.99


Weight: 821.2 lbs | Length: 81
Width: 37 | Height: 25



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Meerkat Series Meerkat 67
Maximum Lifting Height 10″
Sweeper Weight 737 lbs
Sweeper Width 67"
Sweeper Height Adjustment Yes, continuous using lift arms of the skidsteer
Sweeper Wheel Type N/A
Clean Off Method Swing out clean off pivoting magnet system, gravity powered
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Pricing Range $10799.99

CAD Drawings

Meerkat Heavy Duty Construction

Meerkat Heavy Duty Construction Front View

Meerkat Heavy Duty Construction Back View

Meerkat Heavy Duty Construction Side View

The MEERKAT uses permanently charged grade C8 magnets that will never need to be recharged. Power will never decrease, ensuring years of consistent use.

Meerkcat Gauss Measurements


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  1. Great machine, easy to use!



Part #1 Meerkat steel frame (1pc)

$ 5124.11

Part #2 Meerkat steel pivot rod (1pc)

$ 167.67

Part #3 Meerkat pivot rod bolt 0.375″ x 1″ (1pc) w/ nyloc nut (1pcs)

$ 25.30

Part #4 Meerkat 0.187″ steel lynch pin (1pc)

$ 25.48



Meerkat 67 Debris Digging Rake

$ 1300.29

Meerkat 67 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 1792.40

Meerkat Front-Mounted Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper Field Operation and POV Drive

Check out the Meerkat in action at a local landfill with a view from the seat of a John Deere track loader operating the magnetic sweeper.

Magnetic sweeping and demonstration of the Meerkat’s features at a landfill

Ride along in a John Deere track loader using the Meerkat magnetic sweeper

Meerkat Swing-out Clean-off system

Scrap Metal Magnetic Sweeper for Skidsteers

The Meerkat Front-Mounted Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper utilizes a gravity operated swing-out clean-off system which requires no hydraulics or electronics to operate, to clean the magnet off you simply tip the unit forward like you would when emptying a bucket which separates the metal debris from the magnetic field. The Meerkat can empty into 8-foot bins (pictured) if your model of track loader has enough lift. The Meerkat’s magnets will magnetize to the frame of the sweeper when in sweeping position so there is no swinging while the magnets are working.

Play Video about Meerkat magnetic sweeper debris cleanoff demonstration

Demonstration of Swing-Out debris clean-off system into a five foot dumpster at a landfill

MeerKat magnetic sweeper features 3

Meerkat Connection to Skid Steer / Track Loader

The Meerkat features a Universal Adaptor Plate connection with 0-degree lead in which allows for easy magnet positioning – you can hook up to it just like a bucket, roll the sweeper all the way back, then set the lift arms of the skid steer / track loader on their lower stops, which will position the Meerkat in the recommended sweeping height of 3” to 4” inches. Any adjustment from there can be done using the controls to set the magnet level or change the engagement of the optional Meerkat Debris Digging Rake

MeerKat magnetic sweeper features 2

Demonstration of connection and disconnection
for the Meerkat magnetic sweeper

Play Video about Meerkat skidsteer magnetic sweeper connection video

Connecting the Meerkat magnet to a skid-steer or track loader is the same procedure as mounting a bucket or any other non-powered attachment, latching into the adaptor plate and engaging the safeties is all that is required to start sweeping with the Meerkat.  Making it easy to switch between other tools and back to the Meerkat without getting out of the cab and connecting hydraulic connections.

Key Features

MeerKat magnetic sweeper_features 1

Meerkat Magnet Power Test

Meerkat magnetic sweeper With Landfill Debris

The magnetic power of the Meerkat Front-Mounted Skid Steer Magnetic Sweeper is strong enough to pick up a 2.5” nail from 10” off the floor in a bench test. What this means in the real world is that even when traversing terrain with varying grades the magnet will continue to collect metal as the machine rides the bumps and dips.


The Meerkat has a Wrap Around feature that retains collected debris on the back of the magnet if the pan hits the ground while moving.

Meerkat Vs Ocicat Skid Steer Magnets

The designer of the Meerkat and Ocicat discusses the pros and cons of each sweeper to determine which magnet is best for a given application and scenario.

Meerkat Vs Ocicat I Beam Pickup

These two videos will show the difference in power between the two skid steer magnets with an approximately 70 lb I-Beam, note the Ocicat magnet pulls the beam off the ground without contact while the Meerkat needs to touch the beam in order to lift it. Therefore, the Ocicat is ideal for ultra heavy use situations while the Meerkat is best for general use and where hydraulic clean-off isn’t necessary.

Meerkat Magnet Pickup Performance with Various Debris Types

Click through the debris types below to see the Meerkat Front-Mounted Skid steer Magnetic Sweeper’s performance with different types of metallic hazards

Surface Grooming Debris Digging Rakes

Play Video about front mount Landfill magnet using DDR to dig up embedded debris
Construction site magnetic sweeper - MeerKat Debris digging rake in action

The Debris Digging Rakes are an optional accessory on the Meerkat magnetic sweeper, the rakes are useful for dislodging debris that is stuck in the ground and grooming ground surfaces. The 3/8th” spring teeth loosen up heavily packed surfaces and the depth can be adjusted using different pin positions or by adjusting the pitch of the sweeper using the track loader’s hydraulics. In addition, the marks left by the Debris digging rake provide a visual indicator to the operator of which areas have been swept and which areas still need to be swept.

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