Quantum Magnetic Sweeper

Quantum Rare Earth Powered Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper for Shotblast Cleanup

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Quantum Shot Blasting Clean Up Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic Sweeper for Cleaning up Steel Shot After Surface Preparation

The Quantum Shotblasting Clean-up Magnetic Sweeper is designed to be a perfect mix of power and maneuverability for cleaning up medium-large shotblasting operations. Super-Blue Rare-Earth magnets power the Quantum and can pull S550 shot out of cracks/control joints up to 1 ¾” inches deep. The Quantum also features the new clutched drive hubs and front caster wheel which allows the magnet to pivot in place while still driving the finned drum without having to lift the sweeper to make a turn.


Super-Blue Rare-Earth magnets keep the weight of the sweeper down and gives uniform strength along the entire 25” inch sweeping width. Having a uniform magnetic field allows the operator of the sweeper to be sure that they are retrieving 100% of the shot as they sweep over any crack less than 1 ¾” inches regardless of where the crack is aligned on the magnet.

Ripwhirl technology on the Quantum magnetic sweeper is what creates the efficiency gains over a standard flip-up style magnet. The finned PVC drum is driven by the non marking wheels and pulls all collected shot out of the magnetic field and deposits it into the 42lb capacity removeable debris tray. By keeping the magnet cleaned off continuously, the magnet can use all its power for pulling shot off the floor instead of using the power to hold the shot.

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Product Pricing

 Quantum 25 magnetic sweeper

Quantum 25 magnetic sweeper

$ 3724.99


Weight: 66.5 lbs | Length: 39
Width: 22 | Height: 11



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Quantum Series Quantum 25
Magnet Type Permanently charged N42 Super-Blue magnet
Clean Off Method Continuous Discharge
Sweeper Weight 57.3 lbs
Sweeper Width 33.6” inches
Effective Sweeping Width 25” inches
Ground Clearance 0.3” inches
Maximum Sweeping Depth 1 3/4″ inch deep control joint (S170 to S550 shot)
Sweeper Height Adjustment No
Sweeper Wheel Type Rear 8″ inch and front 6″ inch caster thermoplastic non-marking wheels
Terrain Surface Concrete Asphalt
Pricing Range $3724.99

CAD Drawings

Quantum Shotblasting Magnetic Sweeper Front View

Quantum Shot Blast Magnet Dimensions Side View Close

Quantum Shot Blast Magnet Rear View Dimensions

Quantum Shotblasting Magnetic Sweeper Heavy Duty Construction

Quantum Gauss Measurement


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Quantum Series Brochure

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Part #1 Quantum bolt bag of assorted steel hardware (100pcs)

$ 65.90

Part #2 Quantum Front Frame (1pc)

$ 307.90

Part #3 Quantum Bin Support Rods (2pcs)

$ 98.99

Part #4 Quantum 6 Inch Caster Wheel (1pc)

$ 74.19


There are no Quantum accessories.

Quantum Continuous Discharge Magnet Cleaning Up After Shot Blasting

Check out the features of the Quantum magnetic sweeper while it operates on a shotblast jobsite.

Play Video about Quantum Shot Blasting Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper Drum View

Rare Earth Powered Shot Blasting Magnetic Sweeper

The Quantum shotblasting clean-up magnetic sweeper is powered by Super-Blue Rare-Earth magnets, these magnets give an advantage over ceramic magnets in terms of both weight and outright power. The Quantum’s magnets will pull more shot out of deeper cracks than the ceramic powered Gamma equivalent while weighing 36.3 Lbs less than the Gamma.

Quantum Continuous Discharge Shotblasting Magnet Features

Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweepers Advantages

Using a magnetic sweeper that has the Ripwhirl continuous discharge technology allows workers and the sweeper to constantly operate at 100%  since the magnet is always getting cleaned by the finned PVC drum and not using power to hold on to shot. Having the maximum amount of pickup power always available ensures that users don’t have to go over areas twice due to missed shot and the worker doesn’t have to slow down their pace of sweeping since the faster the sweeper is pushed the faster the magnet is cleaned off. Unlike traditional flip up style magnets that lose power as you work which causes workers to have to slow down to ensure adequate pickup rate. The Quantum won’t start leaving any shot behind until the debris tray starts overflowing, the debris tray just lifts out so you can easily dump the shot back into your blaster.

Quantum Rare Earth Shotblast Magnetic Sweeper Features

Light Weight Rare Earth Shot Blasting Magnet

Comparing the Quantum Shotblasting Clean-up Magnetic Sweeper to the Gamma Ceramic Powered model raises some key differences, the power, weight, and concentration of the magnetic field

Rare Earth Shotblast Magnet Broom by Bluestreak Equipment

The Quantum magnet is 36.3 lbs lighter than the Gamma which helps when moving the magnet from site to site and also makes it slightly easier to push around. The power of the rare earth equipped Quantum is increased over the Gamma as well, the Quantum will pull shot out of cracks that are ½” inch deeper than the Gamma (up to 1 ¾” inches), it will do this at any point in the 25” inch sweeping width since the field is the same strength the whole way across unlike the ceramic Gamma model which has its power concentrated in two points. All these factors make the Quantum easier to use but also make the price higher than the Gamma.

Operating the Quantum Magnetic Sweeper

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to operate the Quantum magnet and get some more insight into the benefits of this magnet over a standard flip up style.

Quantum Shotblasting Clean-up Magnetic Sweeper Efficiency and Durability

The Quantum is built to make cleaning up after surface preparation a simple and efficient operation. Using the Quantum’s removable debris bin to reload shot back into a blaster reduces the amount of bending over to sweep up collected shot like you would have to with a regular flip up magnet. The Quantum reduces worker fatigue and makes clean up way easier to perform after surface prep. The Quantum magnet is also much faster to use for clean-up compared to a normal magnet thanks to the higher pickup rate and speed over a flip up magnet which saves time and of course money.  The Quantum Shotblasting Clean-up Magnetic Sweeper is built with strong components and a permanently charged magnet for long term use. If anything does break, parts are replaceable and available online so you can ensure that this magnetic sweeper is operational for a long time.

Shotblasting Cleanup Magnetic Sweeper Features

Edger XL Accessory Cleans Shot from Against Walls

The Edger XL accessory can be installed on the Quantum and uses a finned disc with internal rare earth magnets to pull shot away from walls and deposits the shot in front of the main magnet assembly so the shot can be picked up and deposited into the onboard bin. This  accessory allows for more thorough cleaning after shot blasting by allowing for magnetic sweeping against walls and edges. The Edger XL can flip up out of the way when not needed for easier transport and storage. The edge of the Edger XL is a thermoplastic wheel that is meant to run against the wall as you sweep, providing the rotation needed to throw the shot into the path of the Quantum’s main sweeping assembly.

Looking up through glass floor to see how Edger XL works

Quantum Shotblasting Magnet Packaging

The Quantum Shotblast Cleanup Magnetic Sweeper is sent out in heavy duty 51ECT cardboard with foam block packaging to prevent damage from contents shifting in the box during transit. These measures are taken to ensure that the Quantum shows up to your door intact and undamaged.

Quantum Shotblasting Magnet Packaging

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