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Edger XL

$549.99 USD


Edger XL Accessory Demo on Site

This video shows the Edger XL working to pick up shot against a garage door with an explanation on how it works.

Looking up through glass floor to see how Edger XL works

Comparison of Using Edger XL to Clean Shot Against Walls Vs Standard Rolling Magnet

Outfitting the Quantum Shotblast Magnet with an Edger XL helps operators pick up shot from up against walls and increases clean-up efficiency. The Edger XL allows you to collect shot from against a wall and throw it in front of the main sweeping drum. Check out the following video showing a worker in Edmonton comparing how they were using a Bora magnet to pick up shot from against walls before they started using the Quantum with the Edger XL accessory. The capability to get all the shot from up against a wall and into the onboard bin removes a lot of steps that used to be necessary to do a complete cleaning job.

Replaceable Parts on Edger XL

The Edger XL was designed to work for you for a long time. Replacement parts are available for the Edger XL so that you can replace and parts that inevitably wear over time. This video goes over the parts on the Edger XL that will wear from normal use so you can identify what you may need to watch on your Edger XL for wear to indicate when replacement is required.


This accessory is designed to work with the Quantum Shotblast Magnet to collect all shot accumulated against walls or edges on site. The Edger XL picks up shot from walls using rare earth magnets and uses rotating fins to throw the shot in front of the main sweeper housing to be deposited into the onboard bin for more thorough and efficient cleaning after shotblasting.


  • Designed for picking up steel shot along the wall edge
  • Continuous discharge design continuously cleans off magnet to keep maximum pickup performance while depositing steel shot into the main sweeper’s sweeping range
  • 75” (L) x 10.75” (W) x 4.5” (H) product dimensions
  • 5 lbs total product weight
  • N42 rare earth magnets of different sizes, arranged for maximum magnetic strength
  • Available in one 9” diameter finned horizontal axis wheel assembly, with 4.75” effective sweeping width
  • Magnet Dimensions: 2 pcs 2”x1”x0.5”, 1 pc 1.5”x0.75”x0.75”, 1 pc 0.75”x0.75”x0.375”
  • Fixed Sweeping Height to maximize magnet performance
  • Powder coated steel mounting bracket being able to lock the sweeper in upward position when not operating
  • Main bodies are made of glass fiber reinforced nylon to enhance the strength of the structure
  • Machined aluminum axle and high-quality double ball bearings ensure smooth rotation during operation
  • 2” Dia. Black 85A TPU caster wheel, non-marking ground contact wheel
  • All parts are available online 

CAD Drawing

Edger XL Top View Dimensions
Edger XL Gauss Measurement
Edger XL Front View Dimensions
Edger XL Dimensions and Features


Edger XL box cutout

Shipping Information

Additional information

Weight 10.0 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 7 in

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