Forager XL Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

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Built for Big Forklifts and Tough Terrain

The Forager XL Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet is based on the original Forager but like the name suggests, it’s much larger. This rear mounted forklift magnet has a 7” x 7” permanently charged ceramic magnet housing can pick up a 2.5” nail from 12” off the ground. This pickup power allows operators of high-capacity rough terrain forklifts to mount the Forager XL Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet high enough to avoid ground strikes in rougher terrain while still confidently collecting all types of metal debris in the recommended sweeping height range of 4-6” inches while the forklift performs its normal tasks.

The Forager XL is built to work in tough conditions and endure ground strikes when working off-road. The aluminum magnet housing is protected by a sturdy aluminum quick clean off sleeve that slides smoothly on plastic wear strips. The Forager XL’s magnet assembly can pivot backwards, forward, both ways, or neither way if clearance between the magnet and counterweight isn’t available. The pivoting motion protects the magnet assembly from impacts when moving by allowing the force of an impact to swing the magnet away. The entire Forager XL Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet Assembly can also move upwards freely in the steel outer housing to prevent damage from bottoming out.


The Forager XL mounts using the rear pin of a forklift and a vented steel mounting bracket that allows exhaust to flow through it to accommodate forklifts that exhaust through the rear pin port. This bracket is secured using a machined pin hook and threaded rod that goes through one of the many holes in the bracket, allowing for different height rear pins. The rest of the Forager XL mounting assembly drops onto this bracket and can be tilted in or out to account for the angle of the counterweight on a forklift, this allows the Forager XL to fit on almost any forklift.

$6,199.99 - $6,699.99 USD

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Forager XL

Product Pricing

 Forager XL 31 magnetic sweeper (w/ standard Quick Clean Off Sleeve)

Forager XL 31 magnetic sweeper (w/ standard Quick Clean Off Sleeve)

$ 6199.99


Weight: 459.6 lbs | Length: 34
Width: 16 | Height: 60



Out of Stock
 Forager XL 39 magnetic sweeper (w/ standard Quick Clean Off Sleeve)

Forager XL 39 magnetic sweeper (w/ standard Quick Clean Off Sleeve)

$ 6399.99


Weight: 520.2 lbs | Length: 42
Width: 16 | Height: 60



Out of Stock
 Forager XL 47 magnetic sweeper (w/ standard Quick Clean Off Sleeve)

Forager XL 47 magnetic sweeper (w/ standard Quick Clean Off Sleeve)

$ 6699.99


Weight: 580.8 lbs | Length: 50
Width: 16 | Height: 60



Out of Stock

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Forager XL Series Forager XL 31 Forager XL 39 Forager XL 47
Maximum Lifting Height 12” 12” 12”
Sweeper Weight 436.5 lbs 490.5 lbs 544.5 lbs
Sweeper Width 31” 39” 47”
Sweeping Height Adjustment Yes, 4-6” recommended Yes, 4-6” recommended Yes, 4-6” recommended
Clean Off Method Via aluminum quick clean off sleeve Via aluminum quick clean off sleeve Via aluminum quick clean off sleeve
Terrain Surface All Terrain All Terrain All Terrain
Pricing Range $6199.99 $6399.99 $6699.99

CAD Drawings

Forager XL Minimum Dimensions Sideview

Forager XL Minimum Dimensions Front View

Forager XL Maximum Dimensions Sideview

Forager XL Maximum Dimensions Front View

Forager XL Gauss Measurements


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Forager XL Series Brochure

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Forager XL Series FIT Guidelines

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Part #1 Forager XL steel machined pin hook (1pc)

$ 90.54

Part #2 Forager XL steel 6 inch threaded rods for pin hook (2pcs)

$ 42.70

Part #3 Forager XL steel 9 inch threaded rods for pin hook (2pcs)

$ 48.94

Part #4 Forager XL steel 12 inch threaded rods for pin hook (2pcs)

$ 53.31



Forager XL ISPM-15 Compliant International Packaging Crate

$ 378.62

Forager XL Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet Preview

Forager XL Forklift Magnet Impact Protection and Height Adjustment Features

Easy Metal Debris Removal Using Aluminum Quick Clean Off Sleeve

The Forager XL Heavy Duty Forklift Magnet has a powerful C8 ceramic magnet assembly that collects metal debris like nails, bolts, wire, rebar, and staples quickly so the surface area of the magnet can fill up fast. The holding power of the Forager XL’s magnet has the power to pull the debris into the magnet hard enough to press a standard plastic quick clean off sleeve into the aluminum housing making removal difficult due to friction. This is why the Forager XL’s extra magnetic power compared to the original Forager necessitates an aluminum quick clean off sleeve that won’t deform from the pressure of collected debris getting pressed into the magnet housing. The Forager XL cleans off easily and smoothly thanks to plastic inner rails that reduce friction and add space between the sleeve and housing to prevent hangups. A poly fabric debris catcher is included to catch debris that falls off the aluminum quick clean off sleeve.

Collect Debris from Any Job Site

The Forager XL Forklift Magnet has the magnetic power, ground strike protection and adaptability to most forklifts that allow it to work in any terrain you are operating a high capacity or 4×4 forklift in. Whether operating in a shipping terminal or a rutted precast yard the Forager XL can perform better than any other forklift magnet on the market.

Durability Features Prevent Damage from Ground Strikes

To ensure a long service life, the Forager XL is packed with features that prevent catastrophic damage to the sweeper and forklift if the magnet is bottomed out. The magnet housing can pivot away from impacts while travelling either direction which redirects force from the impact into the swinging motion of the magnet assembly rather than into the sweeper frame. If in extremely rough terrain with large drop offs or obstacles, the Forager XL magnet assembly can move 3” up if impacted from below. These functions coupled with the impact / abrasion resistant aluminum quick clean off sleeve ensure the Forager XL will have a long service life even in the toughest situations. These videos show the pivoting and bottom out protection features in action.

Forager XL Makes Cleaning Up Metal Debris Easy

The Forager XL Heavy Duty Rear Mounted Forklift Magnet is packed with features to perform in the toughest conditions on big forklifts. The massive 7×7” ceramic magnet assembly can pick up metal debris while mounted high enough to avoid hits in rough terrain. If the magnet does touch down, the wrap around function will keep all collected debris stuck on the magnet. The magnet assembly can swing fore and aft and jump up and out of the way of obstructions if hit to prevent damage. Check out an overview of the Forager XL’s features with a comparison to the original Forager forklift magnet in this video.

Forager XL Pivot Function and Mounting Features

12” inches of Magnetic Lifting Power

The Forager XL’s permanently charged ceramic magnet assembly has the capability to pick up a 2.5” inch 8 penny nail from 12” inches off the ground. This pickup power allows the Forager XL to easily collect any type of metal debris while the forklift is moving at the recommended sweeping height of 4-6” inches.

Forager XL Magnetic Sweeper Mounts on Almost Any Forklift

The Forager XL was designed to mount onto almost any forklift but was specifically built for high capacity and 4×4 forklifts that operate in rougher terrain. The Forager XL features a vented mounting bracket with multiple holes drilled in it to accommodate varying pin heights. This bracket allows exhaust to pass through it in case the forklift it is being mounted on exhausts through the rear pin hole. This bracket hugs the counterweight of the forklift and acts as a mounting point for the rest of the Forager XL. The main Forager XL frame assembly can be tilted towards or away from the counterweight to ensure the magnet is parallel with the ground you are travelling on even if the counterweight isn’t vertical. Height adjustment handles with UHMW bushings allow operators to easily set the sweeping height of the magnet with a jam nut to lock the height. The following video gives more detail on how the mounting and adjustments on the Forager XL work. Check the Fit Guidelines for details on the limits of dimensions a forklift can have and still work with the Forager XL.

Forager XL Forklift Magnet on Hyundai 80D9

Forager XL Magnet on 16,000 Lbs Lift Truck

Collect Metal Debris Without Compromising Ground Clearance

Height Adjustable Forklift Rear Pin Mounted Magnet

The Forager XL Rear Mount Forklift Magnet was specifically designed to keep forklifts operating in rougher yards working without having to think about ground clearance. The magnet assembly is strong enough to pick up nails at reasonable sweeping heights that don’t limit the operation of the forklift in the yard because of bottoming out issues.  This extra ground clearance and magnetic power makes the Forager XL perfect for proactively collecting debris while your high-capacity forklifts work.

Forklift Magnet for All Conditions

The Forager XL Forklift Magnet is built to withstand harsh terrain and heavy debris contamination. From potholed yards to gravel to farms with mud and ruts, the Forager XL Forklift Magnet can do it all and take the hits. With three protection factors to keep the Forager XL together through the rough stuff, this is a magnet that you can rely on to keep your jobsites clean despite the conditions. Check out this video to see the Forager XL retrieving banding while mounted approximately 6” off the ground.

Forager XL Rear Magnet Features

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