Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper

Mounts to Any Flat Metal Surface in Minutes!

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Easy Mounting Ceramic Powered Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

Designed to attach to the underside of any indoor/outdoor forklift in minutes using rare earth magnet pods. The Vigilant will attach to any flat piece of steel underneath a forklift with 208lbs of combined holding force between the four quad rare earth magnet pods. The Vigilant ceramic forklift magnetic sweeper has a maximum pickup height of 3.25” so once the magnet is hung from your forklift at the recommended 1” inch – 2” inch sweeping height it will continuously collect metal debris as the forklift goes about its normal activities.


The Vigilant magnet comes in either a 36” inch or 42” inch sweeping width, these sweeping widths were chosen to work under most indoor / outdoor forklifts. Sweeping height is adjusted using 550 paracord and cinch cleats to give a long range of adjustment.

The Vigilant ceramic forklift magnetic sweeper is built out of strong aluminum with a heavy-duty PVC quick clean off sleeve that resists abrasion from any ground scrapes. The Vigilant magnet is also resistant to damage since it is mounted underneath the forklift so it can’t get hit from the front or back and doesn’t extend past the wheels so it can’t get caught on the sides.

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Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper

Product Pricing

 Vigilant 36 magnetic sweeper

Vigilant 36 magnetic sweeper

$ 799.99


Weight: 29.7 lbs | Length: 54
Width: 11 | Height: 5



Out of Stock
 Vigilant 42 magnetic sweeper

Vigilant 42 magnetic sweeper

$ 849.99


Weight: 33.5 lbs | Length: 54
Width: 11 | Height: 5



Out of Stock

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Vigilant Series Vigilant 36 Vigilant 42
Sweeper Width 36″ 42″
Magnet Type Permanently charged C8 ceramic Permanently charged C8 ceramic
Cleaning Off Method Quick Clean Off Sleeve Quick Clean Off Sleeve
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5”, 8 penny nails) 3.25” 3.25”
Sweeping Height 1”- 2” recommended 1”- 2” recommended
Terrain Surface Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel Yards Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel Yards
Sweeper Weight 26.4lbs 31.3lbs
Pricing Range $799.99 $849.99

CAD Drawings

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Construction Details

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Construction

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Clean Off Sleeve Details

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Gauss Measurements

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Height Adjustments

Vigilant 42 Sweeping Width and Product Length

Vigilant 36 Sweeping Width and Product Length


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Vigilant Series Brochure

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Part #1 Vigilant Quick Clean Off Sleeve (1pc)

$ 150.03

Part #2 Vigilant T-Handle (1pc) w/ Hardware (1pc)

$ 37.16

Part #3 Vigilant Swivel Latch Assembly (1pc) w/ Hardware (2pcs)

$ 42.95

Part #4 Vigilant Quadpod Magnet Assembly (1pc)

$ 68.88


There are no accessories for the Vigilant.

Easily Attach the Vigilant Hanging Magnet to a Forklift

The quad magnet pods on each corner of the Vigilant easily snap onto any flat steel surface on the bottom of your forklift. The magnets will be the most effective at holding the Vigilant magnetic sweeper to the forklift if the steel surface you are attaching it to is cleaned thoroughly and the magnet pods are positioned directly above the Vigilant so the cords holding the sweeper up are completely vertical.

Play Video about Attaching and Adjusting Vigilant Magnet Mounted Forklift Magnetic Sweeper

More Detail on Adjusting Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper

The vigilant magnetic sweeper hangs from the quadpods using 550 paracord, the cords can be pulled through the magnet pods and cinched using the attached rope cam cleats at the desired height. This video shows how it works when attached to the bottom of a forklift

Continuous Facility Cleaning with No Additional Labour

The Vigilant Magnet Mounted Forklift Magnetic Sweeper is a perfect solution for maintaining a clean and safe work environment without allocating additional labour to the cleaning effort. Mounting the Vigilant to a forklift that is working around your facility will continuously collect metal debris while the forklift goes about its normal tasks. Cleaning the magnet off regularly using the included quick clean off sleeve will give maximum magnetic pickup power and make sure that the Vigilant is collecting as much metal debris as possible throughout the day without missing anything.

Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper Metal Debris Collection

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Easy Clean Off System

Vigilant Forklift Magnet Easy Clean Off Sleeve

The Vigilant has a new quick clean off sleeve that can be released  from one side of the sweeper using a built-in handle and is released by a spring-loaded knob pictured to the right. The clean off sleeve has ribs in the center and on either end which takes all collected debris with the sleeve when it is pulled off, see the video below for details.

Play Video about Vigilant Magnet Mounted Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Clean Off Video
Vigilant Magnet Mounted Magnetic Sweeper for Forklift Bottom View

Quad Magnet Pods Hold on Tight!

The Vigilant is suspended from of any forklift using four quad magnet pods that each have 4 rubber coated rare earth magnet pucks which can provide up to 52Lbs of holding force each (on 5/16” steel). This means that each pod will hold more than the entire weight of the Vigilant magnetic sweeper! This 208Lbs of combined holding force keeps the Vigilant in place through normal operation if installed correctly.

Quad Magnet Pod Holding 35Lbs Plate

Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper’s Slim Profile Doesn’t Extend Past Tires to Avoid Damage

Importance of Proper Installation of The Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper

When installing the Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper onto your forklift, it is imperative that the mounting surface is clear of any oil, dirt, metal filings, rust, or flaking paint before attaching the magnet pods. Any of the listed contaminants will prevent the rubber coating on the rare earth pot magnets from getting a firm hold on your forklift. Contamination can also wear away the rubber coating on the magnet pods which will also decrease the grip of the magnet pods that hold the Vigilant to a forklift.


The Vigilant Magnet Mounted Forklift Magnetic Sweeper is connected to the four quad magnet pods by 550 paracord, this allows quick height adjustment using the rope cleats on the magnet pods. Once your height is set, the extra cordage needs to be securely tucked away tied off, or cut off, so the excess doesn’t drag on the ground or get caught on anything. Check out the video below to see what happens when the Vigilant isn’t installed properly.

Play Video about Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Durability Test

Versatility to Clean Anywhere Your Forklift Operates

The Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper is a convenient way to get extra utility from the machinery already at your facility. Having a magnet on your forklift continuously cleans up hazardous metal debris while the forklift does its normal tasks throughout the day. Controlling metal debris at your facility will prevent punctures to vehicles on the property and increase uptime of equipment on the property. The video below shows the Vigilant cleaning at a warehouse and collecting debris where the area had already been previously swept once using a different magnetic sweeper earlier.

Magnet Mounted Forklift Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment

Vigilant Magnetic Sweeper Operator Impressions

See what the forklift operator at E&E McLaughlin has to say about the effectiveness of the Vigilant Forklift Magnetic Sweeper after operating it for an afternoon at his facility.

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