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Photon Magnetic Sweeper

Ceramic Powered Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper

Recommended Industry Applications

Convertible Shot Blasting Clean-Up Magnetic Sweeper

Superior Performance and Unmatched Efficiency, Now at a Lower Price

The Photon Ceramic Magnet for Shot Blasting takes the efficiency and speed offered by the Atmos and delivers it at a more accessible price point for medium to large shotblasting operations. The Photon’s Continuous discharge Ripwhirl technology represents a quantum leap in efficiency over conventional magnet brooms. Shot is taken from the magnetic field by the finned PVC drum and deposited into on-board debris bins; allowing for maximum pickup power all the time and the ability to sweep without losing magnetic strength and missing shot.

The Photon boasts unparalleled capability when it comes to capturing and containing metallic debris. The removeable debris bins have a shot carrying capacity of 84 lbs which can be doubled by purchasing additional bins that fit on the top rails of the chassis. This extended carrying capacity significantly reduces the need for frequent emptying, maximizing productivity and minimizing clean-up time after a job.

Magnetic power is concentrated in two points along the 50” inch sweeping width, these points are indicated by blue markers on the chassis. At these points, the Photon can pull S550 shot out of cracks / control joints up to 1 ¼” inches deep. The Photon Ceramic Magnet for Shot Blasting rolls smoothly on precision bearings and can easily be pushed or towed to cover ground at speeds unmatchable by conventional magnets. Say goodbye to the tedious task of cleaning up after standard flip up magnets and embrace the effortless continuous discharge technology of the Photon.

$3,999.99 USD

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Product Pricing

 Photon 50 magnetic sweeper

Photon 50 magnetic sweeper

$ 3999.99


Weight: 223.7 lbs | Length: 66
Width: 26 | Height: 14



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Photon Series Photon 50
Magnet Type Permanently charged Ceramic 8 magnet
Clean Off Method Continuous Discharge
Sweeper Weight 191.8 lbs
Sweeper Width 58.5” inches
Effective Sweeping Width 50” inches
Ground Clearance 0.3” inches
Maximum Sweeping Depth 1 1/4″ deep control joint (S170 to S550 shot)
Sweeper Height Adjustment No
Sweeper Wheel Type Rear 8″ and front 6″ caster thermoplastic rubber wheels
Terrain Surface Concrete Asphalt
Pricing Range $3999.99

CAD Drawings

Photon Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper Front View

Photon Continuous Discharge Shotblast Cleanup Magnet Detailed Side View

Photon Magnetic Sweeper for Shot Blast Cleanup Rear View Details

Photon Shot Blasting Ceramic Magnetic Sweeper Side View

Photon Surface Preparation Clean Up Sweeper Construction

Photon Ceramic Powered Continuous Discharge Magnet Gauss


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Photon Series Brochure

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Part #1 Photon bolt bag of assorted steel hardware (148pcs)

$ 110.95

Part #2 Photon Front Frame (1pc)

$ 241.19

Part #3 Photon Aluminum Tongue (1pc)

$ 200.07

Part #4 Photon 6 Inch Caster Wheel (1pc)

$ 74.19


There are no Quantum accessories.

Photon Ceramic Magnet for Shot Blasting

Experience the future of shot blasting cleanup with the Photon. Embrace the power of innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

Continuous Discharge Ceramic Powered Magnetic Sweeper
Play Video about Photon Shot Blasting Magnetic Sweeper Time Lapse

Surface Prep Clean-up Streamlined and Optimized

The Photon magnetic sweeper can offer similar performance to the Atmos magnet at a much lower price point. The features that have made the Atmos an industry leader for shot blasting cleanup are carried over to the Photon. The Photon rolls easily on sealed precision bearings and non-marking thermoplastic wheels, the drive wheels are clutched to allow freewheeling and pivot turns while still driving the clean-off drum. Magnetic power gets used to hold onto shot when using a normal magnet, this reduces the amount of power available to pick up more shot. The finned PVC drum on the Photon is being driven and cleaning the magnet as its being pushed so this doesn’t happen with the Photon. The constant magnetic pulling power increases the efficiency of clean-up by up to 5 times over normal flip-up style magnetic sweepers.

Features of Photon Ceramic Shotblasting Magnet

Photon Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper

Push-Type or Tow-Behind Convertible Magnet

The Photon Ceramic Magnet for Shotblasting is specifically designed for cleaning up after large shot blasting projects. The 50”inch sweeping width cleans as fast as you can walk thanks to the continuous discharge technology. Turning the steel handles around on the Photon will allow the Photon to be towed using a standard wagon style pin hitch. Combining the tow behind functionality with the massive carrying capacity lets the Photon cover a huge space quickly and effectively.

Operating the Photon Ceramic Magnet for Shotblasting

Photon Shotblasting Cleanup Magnet Features

Ceramic vs Rare Earth & Continuous Discharge vs Standard Flip-Up Magnets

Ceramic powered continuous discharge magnets for shotblasting were previously impractical and under-powered for effective cleanup after shot blasting operations. Bluestreak Equipment’s proprietary method of charging the C8 ceramic magnets has nearly closed the gap in performance between Rare Earth and Ceramic magnets. The Photon Continuous Discharge Magnet for Shotblasting can pull s550 shot from a depth of 1 ¼” inches, this is a half inch less than the Rare-Earth Atmos. Weight also increases when using Ceramic magnets, this isn’t a factor when pushing the magnet as the wheels and precision bearings make operation easy but can be a factor when loading / unloading the magnet into a truck.

While the ceramic powered Photon magnet weighs more and has less power than the Atmos, does that really affect regular use? In most cases no, unless cracks deeper than 1 ¼” inches are a regular occurrence on job sites. Take a look at the video below to see what long time shot blaster Reno Alberts has to say about his preference between Rare Earth and Ceramic magnets and  continuous discharge vs standard magnets is.

Easily Recharge Shot Blasting Machines with Removeable Debris Bins

The Photon has removeable debris bins with approximately 42lbs of shot capacity each for a total of 84lbs. This can be doubled by purchasing additional debris bins that can rest on the two aluminum rods above the Photon’s drum when not in use or full. The bins now have rubberized bushings to reduce clatter while operating the sweeper. The Photon won’t start leaving behind shot until the debris bins are overflowing, once this happens, they can be easily removed and dumped back into the hopper of your shot blaster. See the video below for a demonstration of this process.

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