Nova Magnetic Sweeper

With Ground Tracking Suspension System and Automatic Clean-Off

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Forklift Magnetic Sweeping Made Easy

Four Link Suspension And Remote Controlled Clean-Off

The Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper has a ground tracking system that features four link vertical suspension with 11” inches of vertical travel for traversing rough terrain, eliminating the need to operate lift controls of your forklift while driving with the Nova attached. The ground tracking system also includes a pivoting function that turns on a 1 3/8” bolt with UHMW bushings for smooth action. This system allows the Nova to pivot 360 degrees so the forklift can turn as sharp as possible without being impeded by the Nova.


Magnetic power is provided by a 6” inch x 8” inch permanently charged ceramic magnet that can retrieve a 2.5” inch nail off the ground from 12” inches. This magnet is on par with some of the strongest trailer magnets that Bluestreak sells. This means it can pull and hold onto a huge amount of debris at speed in the adjustable 1” inch – 4” inch sweeping height range. When its time to clean the magnet off, the Nova can be lifted over a dumpster and remotely cleaned off.

A pair of 12-volt linear actuators with 450lbs of pressing power each (900lbs total), flank the 16-gauge debris pan on the Nova and can be activated via remote control from the forklift operator’s seat. This system is powered by an onboard 12v battery that is in a weatherproof battery box built into the Nova chassis. This battery lasts 80 – 100 cycles and will need to be charged from time to time but features an isolator switch and volt gauge to monitor and shut off the power in the system.

$15,299.99 USD

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Product Pricing

 Nova 74 magnetic sweeper

Nova 74 magnetic sweeper

$ 15299.99


Weight: 1352 lbs | Length: 95
Width: 40 | Height: 26



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Nova Series Nova 74
Maximum Lifting Height 12.0”
Sweeper Weight 1270 lbs
Sweeper Width 74″
Sweeping Height Adjustment 1 to 4”
Sweeper Wheel Type 16.5” Urethane foam filled tires
Clean Off Method Wirelessly controlled flip down stainless-steel debris pan
Terrain Surface All Terrain
Pricing Range $15299.99

CAD Drawings

Nova Forklift Magnet Construction Details

Nova Construction Details Front View

Nova Forklift Magnet Suspension Dimensions

Nova Forklift Magnetic Sweeper Construction Details

Nova Magnetic Sweeper Dimensions Side View

Nova Magnetic Sweeper Sweep height Dimensions

Nova Magnetic Sweeper Gauss Measurements


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Nova Series Brochure

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Nova Series Assembly Instructions

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Part #1 Nova steel fork pocket assembly (1pc)

$ 2996.10

Part #2 Nova steel fork clamp assembly (1pc) with hardware

$ 166.79

Part #3 Nova steel t-handle (1pc)

$ 114.47

Part #4 Nova steel upper pivot frame (1pc)

$ 781.64



Nova 74 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 780.00

Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper with Suspension and Remote Clean-Off

Get a quick preview of the Nova magnetic sweeper below.

Nova Magnetic Sweeper 12 Volt Remote Clean-Off System

The Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper uses two 12-volt linear actuators that press against a 16-gauge stainless steel debris pan. The actuators have 450lbs of pressing force each and are powered by an onboard battery box which will hold a group 51 battery (approximately 9 3/8″ x 5 1/8″ x 8 3/4″ space available in box). The actuators only draw 5 Amps at full load (900lbs pressing force) but usually only pull 0.8A – 2A during normal operation so one charge is good for approximately 80-100 cycles on a group 51 battery. The battery can also be charged without removing the battery from the box using the two outer terminals. A battery is not included with purchase of Nova because they are considered dangerous goods when shipped.

Play Video

Upward Pressing Fork Clamps Fit More Securely!

The Nova uses Bluestreak Equipment’s proprietary fork clamping system for more lateral stability and a safer, more secure fit on any forks that can be set on 30” inch centers up to 7.5” inches wide and 3.5” tall. Get more information on this system and how it attaches to forks in the video.

Nova Fork Mounted Magnet Fork Pocket

Overview of the Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper

The Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper is packed with features that make cleaning up metal debris like nails, wire, bolts, tools, and container seals / locks a breeze. Operating the Nova is a simple activity that allows a forklift to clear large properties like shipping terminals and ports quickly and with low effort required from the operator. Check out the video below to see an overview of the features of the Nova.

Play Video about Overview of Features on Nova Fork Mounted Magnet
Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper Suspension System

Sweeping Height Adjustment

Sweeping height of the Nova magnetic sweeper is adjustable by changing the position of the spindle that holds the wheel to the main magnet assembly. Sweeping height can be adjusted from 1” inch to 4” depending on which holes are used to bolt the wheel spindle to the magnet frame.

Nova Magnetic Sweeper Height Adjustment System and Debris Pan Details

Easy Operating Powerful Magnetic Sweeper for Shipping Terminals

The Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper’s ground tracking system allows the operator to leave the lift controls alone while driving over bumps and changes in the terrain. There is 11” inches of vertical travel available to keep the magnet at the set sweeping height and 360 degrees of pivot available to allow for tight turns and maintain full maneuverability of the forklift working with the Nova.  Check out the Nova Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper operating at a shipping container yard in the video below.

Play Video about Nova Container Terminal Magnetic Sweeper Demonstration Cleaning Up Shipping Container Yard
Container Terminal Cleanup Fork Mounted Magnetic Sweeper

Permanently Charged Ceramic Magnets

The Nova is powered by permanently charged C8 ceramic magnets that will never decrease in power, the powerful 6” inch by 8” inch magnet housing is separated from collected metal debris by a 16-gauge stainless steel debris pan, when this pan is swung away by the linear actuators, the collected metal is separated from the magnet housing’s field so it can be dropped in a dumpster.

Nova Maximum Pickup Height

The powerful magnet on the Nova can pick up a 2.5”inch 8 penny nail from up to 12” inches. This pickup power allows you to operate at sweeping heights that will prevent the debris pan from hitting the ground while still effectively collecting metal debris at speed.

Nova Clean Off System and Magnet Details

Ground Strike Protection

The shape of the Nova debris pan is designed to deflect up and over obstacles if an object or the ground is struck rather than catching on it. The 16-gauge stainless steel pan is strong enough to take hits in offroad situations to protect the magnet housing.

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