Push Broom Magnets for Flat Surfaces – Does size matter?

There are a lot of “flat surface” magnet sweepers on the market, in fact almost all other competitor magnetic sweepers are flat surface sweepers whether they market them as “all surface” sweepers or not, because they don’t have the wrap around feature, and therefore can’t hold onto debris if something hits the bottom of the magnet. If you see any magnet with a big housing and handle on top to pull up on to clean the magnet off, that type of sweeper is a flat surface sweeper only and will not function in grass well.


But when you are looking for a flat surface magnetic sweeper there’s a good reason to take a look at Bluestreak’s flat surface magnetic sweepers over these competing magnetic sweepers because of the lifting strength and pickup power of Bluestreak magnets. You really have to ignore the size of the aluminum housing that holds the magnet. Many of these magnets have big square or rectangular aluminum tubes which holds the magnet, but many of these housings only contain a very small magnet in the center at the bottom. Whereas our magnet housings are full of magnets to the extent they practically can be.

Release Handle
Debris Release Handle for Easy Clean Off
bora sturdy 3 piece handle design
3 piece Y-type handle design

We don’t waste money making a bigger aluminum housing just to make the sweeper look bigger and more powerful, when it has no benefit to performance whatsoever. So don’t be deceived by big looking magnet housings. The only way to compare a magnet is by the features and lifting power or pickup power specifications. We provide all of these specifications for all of our sweepers on the individual product pages. Be sure to take a look at them, as well as all of the pictures and videos.


Speaking of specifications and features, one of the most often overlooked feature is the handle and yet it’s the most used and one of the most important. You’ll notice that Bluestreak magnetic sweepers have a 3 piece “Y” type handle design. The main reason is strength and durability provided by a “Y” type design, instead of a one piece handle.