Comparing magnets inside a magnetic sweeper

If you’re buying a magnetic tool, it probably has permanent magnets inside, either ceramic or rare earth.


Rare earth magnets will always have a stronger magnetic field than ceramic.


There are different grades of both ceramic and rare earth magnets that affect magnet strength.


Higher number grades have higher strength. For example, Ceramic 8 is stronger than Ceramic 5.

ceramic magnet
Permanently charged ceramic 8 magnets

Permanent Magnets

Bluestreak uses permanent magnets. When properly charged these magnets will never need recharging. At Bluestreak we are routinely asked how long the magnet will last or if it will need recharging. It will never need recharging.


We have test magnets that we have left outside year round for years to test durability and weathering and they perform the same as they originally did. There is some confusion in the marketplace because some magnet models of competitors have “replacement magnets” available for purchase.

Ceramic Magnets

Bluestreak uses Ceramic magnets, grade 8 in our ceramic magnet sweepers. Grade 8 is the highest grade of ceramic magnet providing greater power than other grades such as grade 5.