Magnetic Sweepers and Magnetic Separators

Application driven design for superior performance. Bluestreak offers magnetic separators for industry.

Bluestreak also offers a wide variety of permanently charged industrial magnetic sweepers for use in debris removal. Manufactured with Grade 8 Permanent Magnets and Rare Earth magnets, Bluestreak Equipment has the size and strength for every application.

magnetic sweepers

Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic brooms and rakes with no wheels, Magnetic sweepers with wheels, tow-behind magnets, hanging magnets, off road all terrain magnetic sweepers, auto load release magnetic sweepers, continuous discharge magnetic sweepers, super strength rare earth magnetic sweepers, fork lift magnets, front mount you name it, Bluestreak has every conceivable type of magnetic sweeper you could need. Why? Because every application is different and we want to give you magnetic sweepers that work instead of magnets that just half work like some of the generic magnets on the market.
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Accessories can make all the difference in some situations.

Optimal accessories will be suggested during checkout process once you add an item to your shopping cart. Be sure to check them out.

They can improve results and make your life a lot easier.

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Parts for every product are available for purchase online, organized by product and complete with pictures for easy identification.


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Why Use Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic sweepers, magnetic brooms and rakes ensure safe working environments on the job site, factory floor and also ensure the safety of clients and the public after the job is over.

Handheld magnets with no wheels are light and easy to get in and around all obstructions found on the job site and the factory floor.

Hanging magnets simply suspend from forklifts or other service vehicles via hanging chains or the optional quick release fork pockets allow them to be picked u easily with a forklift. Tow behind magnetic sweepers are designed to remove debris from large areas such as flightlines, large construction sites, roadways, landfills, mining sites.

I thought I would send you a few photos of one of the sweepers at work on the public road and the material collected. We now sweep 66 Kilometers of the public road and we are already seeing a decrease in the incidents of punctures..
Scott Morgan, Phu Bia Mining Limited
Cudo’s to you and the folks at Bluestreak. Not long after assembling the Aardvark our Maintenance Mechanic (Matt) and I were backing it into the fleets garage to torque the wheels down when we heard a clank. The shops supervisor goes whow!” We stopped to see what had happened.
E.Jones, Prince Williams County, Dept. Public Work Solid Waste Division/Landfill