Quick Clean Off Sleeve

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Makes cleaning off debris quick and easy.
NEW DESIGN! – Extruded PVC Sleeve with Injection Molded End Pieces.
Optional for the HOGWrasse, Rhino, PYR, and Bluetang and comes standard on the Forager, Remoras, ISO, Eiger, Aether, Alpha and Khamsin Series creating a protective covering around the magnetic housing and facilitates quick clean off of debris.

Sleeve Selection Guide

Some sweepers come with different size magnets, to ensure that the quick clean off sleeve fits the sweeper you want refer to the chart below. (An X in both columns means the product comes in both sizes and you will need to verify sweeper size)

Note: Always ensure that the length of the sweeper and Quick Clean Off Sleeve are also the same before ordering.

Product 3” x 3” Sleeve 4.5” x 4.5” Sleeve

Quick Clean Off Sleeve on the HOG
Quick Clean Off Sleeve on the Rhino Series

Quick Clean Off Sleeve on the Wrasse Series

Quick Clean Off Sleeve on the ISO Series

Quick Clean Sleeve on the Forager Series

Slide Sleeve off of unit and debris falls to the ground at the end of the magnet. no need to climb under machinery to clean off magnet.

  • Speeds up removal of debris from your magnetic sweeper.
  • Helps protect sweeper housing when hitting hard surfaces.
  • Constructed out of durable PVC and molded to wrap around the magnetic housing.
  • Locks in place and will not move when sweeper is in use.

What’s the difference: Quick Clean Off Sleeve Versus Toe Plate Design

Note: Make sure the size of your sleeve matches the size of your product SKU i.e A Rhino62 will require a 62 inch sleeve. And because the Rhino has a 4.5″ x 4.5″ magnetic housing size your sleeve should also be 4.5″ x 4.5″. Therefore you would select the Quick Clean Off Sleeve (4.5″ x 4.5″) 62.

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  1. Terrible

    • The Quick Clean off Sleeve accessory for the Rhino is not perfect by any means, you have to bend over and pull it off, and if you have a lot of debris, you have to remember to pull it off and empty it before you get so much debris on the magnet that you can’t pull it off. Cleaning the magnet off by pulling off the Quick off sleeve before you get a “honeycomb” of debris completely covering the magnet, is the best and easiest solution. That’s a limitation for sure. However, on the bright side, if that happens, you’re collecting a lot of debris which is a good thing.

  2. Slightest amount of gravel dust makes it nearly impossible to slide the sleeve off the magnet.

    • Thanks for the feedback Frank, if the magnet housing and inside of the sleeve aren’t clean when the sleeve is installed it can cause a lot of friction once metal debris is pressing the sleeve (and gravel dust / dirt) to the magnet which will make it hard to remove. We are working on a new heavier duty solution that will have some space around the magnet and only slide on the corners of the housing.

  3. Not at all satisfied with these covers. Material was too thin for the application. Only lasted two days. We had it hung under a grader, and the gravel coming off the wheels destroyed it.