Hog Magnetic Sweeper

Durable & Easy to Use Off Road Magnetic Sweeper

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The HOG is a compact, easy to use off road tow behind magnet.

Clean large dirt areas easily!

The Hog off road towable magnetic sweeper is an all terrain magnet ideal for picking up metal debris from large areas such as parking lots, trucking yards/terminals and farm areas.


The features of the HOG include adjustable sweeping height from 1″ to 4″, flat proof tires, inset wheels to better accommodate rough terrain. A Quick Clean Off Sleeve  and Debris Digging Rake are optional accessories. 


The HOG is a quick and easy method for reducing flat tires and accidents.


Easily attach this off road towable sweeper to any vehicle including smaller vehicles such as ATVs and lawn mowers to remove ferrous metal debris quickly and easily.

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Hog Magnetic Sweeper

Product Pricing

 Hog™ 62 magnetic sweeper

Hog™ 62 magnetic sweeper

$ 1729.99


Weight: 136.2 lbs | Length: 65
Width: 19 | Height: 16



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Hog Series Hog 62
SKU H62/3
Sweeper Width 62″
Ground Clearance 1″ to 4
Cleaning Method Wipe clean with glove or rag. Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve available.
Lifting Weight using (2.5″, 8 penny nails) 50 lbs
Height Adjustability continuous adjustment
Housing Construction Aluminum 1/8″ walls
Wheels 10″ x 3″ flat proof
Magnetic Surface Area 150″ (2.5″ x 60″)
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5″, 8 penny nails) 6 inches
Total Sweeper Weight 128 lbs
Total Shipping Weight 136.2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 65″L x 19″W x 16″H
Tongue Weight 10 lbs
Maximum Operating Speed 5 mph/8kph at 3″ height
Maintenance None
Accessories Debris Digging Rake Quick Clean Off Sleeve
Pricing Range $1729.99

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  1. We got the digging rake attachment to pull bits of tie wire out of the grass. The whole assembly worked perfectly and I would recommend the quick clean off sleeve as it saves a lot of headache!

  2. Works great. As per expectation.

  3. My Hog magnet and rake attachment arrived quickly and was easy to set up. I can’t believe how many nails, etc. I’ve already removed from my horse paddocks! It paid for itself the first day! Highly recommend that anyone with horses have one of these. It’s very easy to hook up to my garden tractor and works great! I knew there were nails as I would find them at times, and used smaller magnets to try to get them out, but it really wasn’t effective. What is shown in the photos below are the nails, etc. the Hog removed in a small area that I walk through daily. None of this was visible to my eye. I was shocked to be honest and I only wish I had purchased this two years ago.

    Image #1 from sybil
    Image #2 from sybil
    Image #3 from sybil
    Image #4 from sybil

  5. Excellent Service, Product, and shipping speed!


Hog Series Brochure PDF

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HOG Assembly Instructions PDF

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Part #1 Hog Aluminum magnet housing end Cap (1pc)

$ 45.19

Part #2 Hog black steel magnet frame (1pc)

$ 395.87

Part #3 Hog black steel rear wheel attachment frame (1 pc)

$ 309.31

Part #4 Hog black steel tongue (1 pc)

$ 163.13



Debris Digging Rake™ Series

$ 429.99

Quick Clean Off Sleeve

$ 139.99

Hog 62 ISPM-15 Compliant International Packaging Crate

$ 139.99

Optional Debris Digging Rake makes picking up metal from gravel and dirt easy.

The magnet pulls an amazing amount of metal out of the gravel


A Tow Behind Magnet Designed for Lighter Applications.

The Hog off road towable magnetic sweeper is the little brother of the Rhino.


Whereas the Rhino was designed for applications requiring significant pickup power, such as construction sites, horse arenas and small landfills where there is either significant amounts of debris or the debris needs to be pulled up from under dirt, the Hog was designed for the somewhat lighter use applications such as gravel and dirt parking lots, rental center users, trucking terminal yards and farm driveways and yards, etc.


With a 3×3 magnet, the same as the Wrasse 3×3, the Hog's maximum lifting height using a two and a half inch nail is 6 inches.


The sweeping height is continuously adjustable using a turnable top link. Just turn the top link and the wheels pivot up or down to adjust the sweeping height.


The flat proof 10 inch x 3 inch wheels ensure no flat problems no matter how bad the debris problem.


Easily tow the HOG with an ATV, UTV, lawn mower, golf cart, forklift.


The 60 inch width of the HOG is perfect for these tow vehicles because these vehicles are this same general width.

Continuous Sweeping Height Adjustment

The sweeping height of the Hog off road towable magnetic sweeper is continuously adjusted by turning the top link (gold in color in the picture). Just turn the top link and the wheels pivot up or down to adjust the sweeping height from 1" to 4".


Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve makes cleaning debris off the magnet fast and easy

Optional Debris Digging Rake Accessory

Pick up more debris by using an optional Debris Digging Rake to disturb the ground and loosen metal debris.


Flat Proof Tires

The flat proof 10" x 3" wheels ensure no flat problems no matter how bad the debris problem.

3" x 3" Packed Magnetic Housing

The Hog off road towable magnetic sweeper has the same 3" × 3" aluminum magnet housing as the Wrasse 3×3, which makes the maximum lifting height 6 inches (using a two and a half inch nail). The magnets inside the housing are packed end to end un-spaced with a metal backing plate to increase the size of the magnetic field and direct it downwards to increase pickup performance.


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