Fusion Magnetic Sweeper

Ceramic Powered Shotblasting Magnetic Sweeper

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Fusion Shotblasting Magnet

40% More Efficient Than Standard Magnetic Sweepers

The Fusion was designed to meet two objectives:  1) match the performance of the rare earth Theta continuous discharge magnetic sweeper and 2) be as inexpensive as a traditional magnet like the Bora series. The Fusion was modelled after our Theta continuous discharge magnetic sweeper but utilizes a unique arrangement of ceramic magnets rather than rare earth neodymium to achieve a less expensive design. The ceramic magnets have proven to offer equal performance in most cases at a lower price allowing the Fusion to collect S550 shot from up to 1” deep control joints. The Fusion is very effective at collecting shot because the magnet can always stay at 100% power thanks to the Ripwhirl Technology that continuously collects the shot from the magnetic field and deposits the shot into the onboard debris bin with 22lbs of shot capacity.


Compared to a standard rolling magnet, the Fusion is lighter, more thorough, and 40% faster at clearing an area. Once you get further into a cleaning job, a standard magnet will lose power as it gets full of shot. This doesn’t happen with the Fusion because it is always being cleaned off, this lets the Fusion do a more thorough job and leave virtually no shot behind.

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Fusion Magnetic Sweeper

Product Pricing

 Fusion™ 25 Magnetic Sweeper

Fusion™ 25 Magnetic Sweeper

$ 749.99


Weight: 39.5 lbs | Length: 37
Width: 9 | Height: 9



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Fusion Series Fusion 25
Maximum Lifting Height 1” deep control joint (S170 to S550 shot)
Sweeper Weight 35 lbs
Sweeper Width 25”
Sweeper Height Adjustment No
Sweeper Wheel Type 5” thermoplastic rubber wheels with precision bearing
Clean Off Method Continuous Discharge
Terrain Surface Concrete Asphalt
Pricing Range $749.99

CAD Drawings

Fusion Heavy Duty Construction

Fusion Front View

Fusion Side View 2

Fusion Side View 1

Fusion Gauss Measurement


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Fusion Series Brochure

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Part #1 Fusion bolt bag of assorted hardware (Items k-v) (46 pcs)

$ 53.30

Part #2 Fusion aluminum upper Y handle and grip (Item i) (1 pc)

$ 48.07

Part #3 Fusion aluminum lower Y handle arms (Item j) (2 pcs)

$ 92.59

Part #4 Fusion finned black PVC drum (Item c) (1 pc)

$ 86.17




$ 299.99

Features & Function of Fusion Sweeper

While the Fusion Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper is a huge breakthrough providing continuous discharge performance at a greatly reduced cost, there are two drawbacks; 1) The Fusion weighs 35 lbs whereas the Theta weighs only 21 lbs. 2) The Fusion has certain points along its length that are stronger and those strong points have to be aligned over floor cracks to pick up shot from 1” deep joints, whereas the Theta has the same super strength along its entire length. If the weight of the sweeper or strength concentrations is a major factor for you, make sure you consider the Theta.

Additional Features

What the Professionals are Saying

Shotblaster review of Fusion and Theta Magnets

Exclusive Features of the Fusion Magnetic Sweeper

Labelled Pic 1

Demonstration of Fusion Features on a Shotblasting Jobsite

See the Fusion shotblasting magnet working to clean up after shotblasting an underground parking garage. The exclusive features of the Fusion magnet are explained throughout the video, you will see how fast and efficient the Fusion is at cleaning. The operator can walk at full speed until the debris tray is full since the magnet is always at full power.

Fusion Labeled Pic 2

Ceramic vs Rare Earth Continuous Discharge

A continuous discharge magnet that is powered by ceramic magnets wasn’t previously possible because of pickup power issues, this has been fixed with Bluestreak’s new magnet design that creates a very concentrated field in a small area, perfect for collecting steel shot of all sizes. The Fusion sweeper rolls on sealed precision bearings with non marking thermo-plastic wheels on the drive and pivot wheels that won’t let any metal particles into the bearings, so they won’t wear excessively from steel powder buildup.

Convenient Removable Debris Tray

The Fusion shotblasting magnet has a finned PVC drum that continuously cleans the magnet of shot and collects up to 22lbs of shot in the onboard debris tray. Once the debris tray gets full you can simply remove the debris tray and empty it back into the machine, no sweeping or picking up tarps covered in shot necessary!

Fusion Debris Pan emptying Shot into blaster

Lightweight Maneuverable & Powerful Shotblasting Sweeper

  • Aluminum construction keeps weight well below standard rolling magnets
  • Pivot wheels allow easy turning in tight spots
  • Non-marking thermo-plastic wheels roll smoothly on sealed bearings
  • Marks on the debris tray handle indicate where the power of the magnet is concentrated
  • Align the marks with control joints or cracks to pull shot from up to 1”

Pick Up Shot from Against Walls and Edges

The Edger accessory further increases the pickup power and efficiency of continuous discharge magnetic sweepers. This accessory uses a spinning finned disc with internal rare earth magnets to pull shot up and away from walls or edges and throws the shot in front of the main sweeping drum  so it can be picked up and deposited into the onboard bin. The Edger works with the Fusion and Theta models and simply bolts onto the side of the sweeper, it can be folded up and out of the way for easy transport and eliminates the need for sweeping shot away from walls or edges when cleaning up after shot blasting.  Theta and Fusion models purchased before February 1st 2024 can be retrofitted with the edger attachment using part # 8 available on the parts page.

Looking up through glass floor to see how Edger works

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