Baffin Magnetic Sweeper

Front Mount Truck magnetic sweeper for Roads, Highways, Airports and Port shipping terminals

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Increased Operator Safety with in-cab controls!

The Baffin magnetic sweeper is the industry’s premier commercial truck magnet, with features that keep the driver safe and the truck’s handling perfect. If speed and safety are a priority, the Baffin sets the standard for sweeping large areas.


The massive 6” x 5” x 94.5” ceramic magnet in the Baffin can pick up a 2.5” inch nail from 10.75” high in a bench test. What this means in a real-world application is that the Baffin can effectively collect all types of debris at speeds up to 25km/h.


Keeping a magnet clear of debris increases magnetic pickup power and the Baffin has hydraulics that clean the magnet off into the on-board debris bins using the truck’s hydraulic system or the optional 12v Powerpack, all from the safety of the cab. Onboard debris bins catch all collected debris, eliminating the need for the driver to exit the truck and handle debris. Each removeable tray holds 1.65 cubic feet of debris, allowing for multiple clean offs before the Baffin needs to stop sweeping to be emptied.


Caster bump wheels and a live axle torsion spring suspension system keep the Baffin off the ground through terrain changes and changes in the truck’s suspension (turning/braking). The caster wheels are 1” below the magnet housing and 1” off the ground (in the recommended sweeping height setting) and can articulate 9” up and down on either side. This lets the Baffin ride easily over bumps and through turns and prevents stress from transferring through the magnet’s frame into the truck’s frame. The Baffin can be set in travel position when moving to and from the sweeping site. This is done using on-board hydraulics and stroke control blocks, giving 10.5” of clearance.

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Product Pricing

 Baffin 95 magnetic sweeper

Baffin 95 magnetic sweeper

$ 24999.99


Weight: 1519.0 lbs | Length: 119
Width: 44 | Height: 35



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Baffin Series Baffin 95
Magnet Type Ceramic 8 Permanently charged
Clean Off Method Hydraulic via auxiliary hydraulic system on vehicle. (A powerpack accessory is available if hydraulics are not present)
Maximum Lifting Height (using 2.5”, 8 penny nails) 10.75”
Sweeper Height Adjustment 2”- 5” using hydraulics and included stroke control blocks
Sweeper Wheel Type 13” diameter x 6.5” wide flat free urethane rubber filled (480 lbs capacity each)
Terrain Surface Flat surfaces such as Roadways and airports
Sweeper Weight 1411 lbs
Pricing Range $24999.99

CAD Drawings

Baffin Heavy Duty Construction

Baffin Dimensions Front View

Baffin Dimensions Back View

Baffin Gauss Measurements


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Part #1 Baffin steel frame (1pc)

$ 3648.37

Part #2 Baffin steel lift frame (1pc)

$ 2031.71

Part #3 Baffin stainless steel housing ceramic magnet assembly (1pc) with 0.500 x 1.000 inch bolts (10pcs)

$ 3244.96

Part #4 Baffin stainless steel debris tray (1pc)

$ 1475.19



Baffin 95 ISPM-15 compliant international packaging

$ 909.99

Baffin 95 12V DC hydraulic power unit kit (1pc)

$ 2960.98

Baffin Magnetic Sweeper Product Demo

Check out the Baffin commercial truck magnetic sweeper operating at the London International Airport, this video shows the Baffin on their plow truck clearing the taxi way and maintenance areas before an air show.

Baffin Clean-Off System

A detailed animation shows the exact movement pattern of the Baffin magnetic sweeper’s clean off system while mounted on the front of a truck.  While the hydraulics drive the magnet assembly up, the synthetic cables pull the debris pan down, dropping all collected debris into the on board bins. When the cycle is reversed, as the hydraulics let the magnet assembly back down, springs pull the debris pan back into place.

Truck Mounted Magnetic Sweeper with Debris On It
Baffin Magnetic Sweeper Debris bins

The Baffin magnet was designed to take safety and efficiency to the next level. When using the Baffin commercial truck magnetic sweeper, keeping the magnet at maximum power by keeping it cleaned off is easy and safe. From the cab of the truck a driver can actuate the hydraulic cylinders to empty the magnet into the two onboard 1.65 cubic foot debris bins, this eliminates the need to exit the truck to sweep/pick up the debris released from the magnet.

Baffin Dimensions Side View

Being able to clean the magnet off so easily ensures that operators will clean it more often; resulting in a stronger magnetic field that will be more effective at retrieving debris from the affected area. Being able to retain the debris onboard also means the Baffin can work for longer without having to return to home base to empty collected debris.

Baffin Cleanoff Visualization

The Baffin gets the job done faster and safer in any cleanup situation

Play Video about Baffin magnetic sweeper Cleanoff Demonstration

Key Features

Live Axle Torsion Spring Suspension System (LATSSS)

Navigating roadways and shoulders while having to constantly adjust sweeping height or avoid areas to protect the magnet from striking the ground causes mental fatigue for the operator and slows the entire cleaning effort to a crawl. To overcome this problem, Bluestreak built a caster bump wheel suspension system into the Baffin magnetic sweeper. The magnet and caster wheel assemblies on the Baffin are supported by 0.866” inch torsion springs, this reduces the sprung weight of the 650 lb magnet assembly and the weight off the frame it’s in to just 300lbs and allows the caster bump wheels to keep the magnet at the right sweeping height, acting as mechanical float. 

Bluestreak Equipment Baffin magnetic sweeper at airport
Heavy Duty Construction

There is 9″ of total free float on both arms, meaning you can pick up the magnet 9″ before the hydraulic cylinders would restrict movement further, but when one end lifts more than 6″ the other end will start to lift also. This free floating movement will help with uneven road surfaces, tire wear, truck suspension flex (turning & braking) and if a curb or obstacle is hit by the magnet. The two supporting arms on either side of the Baffin move together like an A-Arm suspension system, with the free play on the yellow arm where the hydraulics engage providing enough movement to let the suspension work without transferring force into the truck frame.

Attaching the Baffin Magnet

Baffin Roads Shoulder Hydraulic Release Magnetic Sweeper

Installation of the Baffin commercial truck magnetic sweeper is more hands on than most of our products; the Baffin comes with a connection plate that is predrilled in 12 places to allow for variance in mounting surfaces.


Because of how many styles of mounts are on the market, it is impossible for Bluestreak to provide a solution that is a universal fit to all commercial trucks. Connection from the magnet to the truck requires brackets be fabricated by the customer, the connection plate we provide just needs to bolt or be welded to a bracket that hooks onto your plow mount or other mounting system.

Label Pic 1 - Attachment
Connecting Baffin Magnet to Truck Snow Plow Mount
Baffin Bracketry Cad Drawing

The drawing above shows an example of the brackets used to connect to a Viking plow mount, the section circled in red is similar to what will need to be fabricated by the customer

Designer of Baffin Magnet Explaining How the Magnet Attaches to a Truck

Disconnecting the Baffin Magnet

Once the connection plate is secured to the mounting surface of the truck, it is quick and easy to remove the Baffin while leaving the plate on the truck. Using a forklift and the release latches removal takes about two minutes

Maintenance and Usage

Baffin Maintenance Requirements

The Baffin is loaded with helpful features to make debris collection easy and fast, but for top performance some maintenance is required to ensure reliable operation

  • Fasteners must be in place and tight
    All hydraulic hoses and fittings need to be checked for leaks and wear
  • If equipped with the optional 12v power pack, check fluid level before use
  • Wheel spindles should be greased every month
  • Wheels should be checked for uneven wear or flat spots annually
  • Safety labels should be replaced if damaged
Commercial Truck Magnetic Sweeper Raised For Cleanoff
Truck Mounted Magnet Hydraulic Cleanoff

Operator Impressions of Baffin Magnetic Sweeper

The video below shows a ride-along in plow-truck that is using the Baffin magnet, with commentary and operating impressions from the driver after using the magnet for an afternoon.

Play Video about Airport Plow Truck Magnet FOD Sweeper Drivealong & Operator Impressions


Accessory Baffin 95 12V DC hydraulic power unit kit

12-volt Powerpack

The Powerpack accessory is only necessary to purchase if the truck you are mounting the Baffin magnetic sweeper on has no auxiliary hydraulic system at the front. The Powerpack runs on 12 volts and provides up to 3000 psi of hydraulic power at 0.66 GPM to raise, lower and clean off the Baffin magnet.


Details on installation instructions including plumbing and wiring are in the Baffin manual listed in the literature section of this page.  Photos of the Powerpack installed on the Baffin are in the gallery and may help with installation.

The Powerpack can be activated from up to 50 feet away using the wireless remote included with the Powerpack kit. This remote is paired with the Powerpack receiver, so if remote or receiver is lost or broken, they must be replaced as a set (replacement parts available on Bluestreak Parts page). Wiring will have to be run to the powerpack accessory from the truck’s electrical system, this wire needs to be a sufficient gauge, so it does not get overloaded. If your truck outputs 24 volts you will need to step the current down before sending it to the Powerpack to avoid damage. See the Baffin manual for further details on wiring requirements and the Powerpack’s amperage draw.


Baffin Commercial Truck Magnetic Sweeper Max Power Test

Label Pic 4

The video below shows the magnetic power of the Baffin magnetic sweeper, in the video a 2.5” #8 nail is slid under the magnet of the Baffin that is 10.75” off the ground, it is easily picked up. This performance in a bench test translates into performance at speed and through varying terrain when using the Baffin in a real world roadway or airfield application.

Play Video about Baffin Magnetic Sweeper Maximum Pickup Height Demonstration

When pulling the Baffin into a maintenance shop at the London International Airport, the magnetic pull of the Baffin was strong enough to pull up drainage grates in the floor, the shop manager mentioned they normally use a forklift and a chain to remove these grates.

Height Adjustment

The Baffin magnet’s sweeping height is adjusted using the included stroke control blocks. With the hydraulics lifted all the way up it is easy to snap on stroke blocks to achieve the height you want.  We recommend operating between 2” and 5” with the front caster wheels just above the ground. Different sizes of stroke control blocks are included so you can get the perfect sweeping height every time.

Baffin Convenience and Durability Features

Label Pic 2
Baffin Label Pic 3

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