A Shotblasting Magnetic Sweeper Designed for Heavy Use on Large Areas.

The Atmos is a Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweeper For Shotblasting Surface Preparation Operations

Flexible Design for Double Duty!

The Atmos is specifically designed for heavy use on large areas by shotblasters who need to pick up steel shot of all sizes. The Atmos is designed with Bluestreak’s patented Ripwhirl Technology to continuously clean shot off its magnetic drum and deposit the shot into an onboard removable debris tray as you push the sweeper.

Because the drum continuously cleans off the magnet, you always have full pickup strength increasing the effectiveness of shot pickup. The magnetic drum features a new durable one piece extruded PVC design for long lasting wear.

The Atmos features a flexible design. It easily converts from a tow behind magnet to a push type magnet simply by flipping the handle. Tow the Atmos behind vehicles and equipment to cover a lot of ground faster. Or push the Atmos by hand like a regular push type magnet.

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Automatic Continuous Discharge System

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A Shot Blasting Magnetic Sweeper with a Continuous Discharge Clean Off System

Continuously cleans shot off the magnetic drum and deposits shot into an on board removable debris tray as you push the sweeper.

Easy to use and operate

There is a real improvement experienced by the operator because there is not as much bending over involved. Each of the 2 trays hold 42 lbs of shot, it’s easy to see when the tray is full. When it’s full the handle is easy to grab and you just dump it into whatever you want.

The sweepers are so easy to use that it turns an undesirable job into one that no one minds doing. It’s like using a power circular saw versus a handsaw.

Two tray collection system

Each of the 2 trays hold approximately 42 lbs of steel shot allowing you to go further before emptying the trays.

Purchase 2 additional trays as an accessory to make a total of 4 trays to extend your sweeping time before having to empty the tray.

Recommended Industry Applications

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The Atmos on a road reconstruction site in the Sanriku district in Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

Two in One Flexible Design!

The Atmos is a push type magnet and tow behind magnetic sweeper in one package. It easily converts from one to the other by simply flipping the handle.

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Recover A Lot of Shot of All Sizes Very Quickly

Increase Your Productivity.

The Atmos cleans up the same size of area faster than a traditional magnetic sweeper. Real world comparisons show that the Atmos is 5 times faster at cleaning up shot than a traditional sweeper.

Pick up Shot from 1 3/4" below wheels

The Atmos picks up 100% of steel shot from 1 3/4″ below the wheels, that means it can pick 100% of steel shot from out of cracks 1 3/4″ deep. It can pick up shot from deeper cracks but gets less and less of it as the depth increases. This allows you to thoroughly clean out cracks and expansion joints which results in less shot showing up in the finished floor coating which has a direct effect on the quality of the finished floor.

Additional Features

Atmos Specifications

Specification Details on the Atmos

* There are no CAD drawings available for this product.

Atmos Series™

Atmos 52

Sweeper Width52″
Ground Clearance0.340 inches at lowest fin point
Cleaning MethodAutomatic Continuous Discharge
Lifting Weight (using 2.5″, 8 penny nails)N/A
Height AdjustabilityNone
Housing ConstructionNew Design! One Piece Extruded PVC Design
WheelsRear 8″ and front 6″ caster are Thermoplastic rubber, non-marking and are 700 lb load rating each with a 5/8″ sealed precision ball bearing and rugged polypropylene hubs
Magnetic Surface AreaN/A
Maximum Lifting HeightWill pick up 100% of shot from 1 3/4″ below wheels, and decreasing percentage of shot as floor cracks get deeper.
Total Sweeper Weight118 lbs
Total Shipping Weight127 lbs
Shipping Dimensions64″L x 21″W x 11″H

Atmos Pricing



$ 5899.99 USD
  • 52 inches wide
  • Sweeper weight 118 pounds
  • Rear 8″ and front 6″ caster are Thermoplastic rubber, non-marking with sealed precision bearings.
  • Shipping
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Length: 64 (in)
    Width: 21 (in)
    Height: 11 (in)

    SKU: AT52

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  1. Kazuhiko Miura from Blastluck

    Because the Atmos can collect steel shot material with a large width, it cleans perfectly when used for finishing the road surface where shot blasting has been completed.
    The location of the video and pictures is the reconstruction of the Sanriku district in Iwate Prefecture that was destroyed by the tsunami in the March 2011 great East Japan earthquake. We made a new road and scooped out a construction that shot blasts beautiful stones. The Bluestreak sweeper was active in this construction.

    Atmos™ SeriesAtmos™ Series

  2. Themistoklis Oikonomou – Oikonomoy Angelos General Partnership

    Thank you for your top-notch after-sales support. Please see below our video about our shotblasting machine. It also contains footage from our sweeper.

    See their full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6woLglzOuF0

    Atmos™ SeriesAtmos™ Series