Quick Clean Off Sleeve Versus Toe Plate Design

Bluestreak’s Quick Clean Off Sleeve is the superior clean off method compared with auto-release toe plate designs because:

  • Toe plate designs release debris along the entire length of the magnet leaving a difficult mess to clean up. The Quick Clean Off Sleeve is superior because it releases debris in one neat pile on the side of the magnet you pull the sleeve off of.
  • Toe plate designs can get bent and lose their functionality whereas a Quick Clean Off Sleeve can’t get bent because of its’ PVC design.
  • The Quick Clean Off Sleeve works even with Bluestreak’s stronger magnets regardless of the sweeping height setting of the magnet and without lifting it up from it’s sweeping position. Therefore a Quick Clean Off Sleeve is the only solution for a magnet that is mounted under a vehicle.
  • Toe plate designs don’t work if the magnet can’t be picked up or raised above it’s sweeping height position. This is because, if the magnet can pickup debris at it’s sweeping height, then trying to clean it off by rotating the toe plate down won’t take the debris out of the magnetic field. The toe plate design only works if the magnet can be lifted up before using the toe plate for cleaning it off.
Quick Clean Off Sleeve Design
Quick Clean Off Sleeve Design