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9 reviews for Rhino Series™

  1. 4 out of 5

    M. Taylor – Michael R. Taylor Construction

    Works great, we have a lot of rock so I figured if I push it I have better idea of what’s happening.
    Thanks Mike.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Jeff Pennington – Custom Concrete

    Everything is working great on the Rhino. It is definitely more than what we expected. I am very happy with the magnet. I watched a video of a guy going through a grassy field and knew it would be perfect for us since we have a gravel lot. It sits high enough off the ground where it doesn’t bottom out and is powerful enough to still pull nails and other metal up. It is very heavy duty and should last a long time. Light enough to pull with a golf cart. Thank you

  3. 5 out of 5

    Farm Fence Builder

    This magnet has done a great job for us. It let’s me sleep better at night knowing I’m picking up this material. I like the teeth on these because it gets a lot more of the nails and staples and shoe nails from the horses. It is kind of a pain to get it out of there but it does a good job scurrying up all the nails and everything.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Caledon Equestrian Park

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  5. 5 out of 5

    Jerry Rolfe – Layton Construction

    We are impressed. While constructing a prison in Eastern Wyoming, we were faced with a difficult task. After two years of construction activity, there was a lot of metal debris embedded in the soil in the lay down areas, the field fabrication shops, and some of the work areas. This is not acceptable as this type of debris could possibly be used as a weapon by the inmates that will soon reside here. We tried the following methods to get the metal up and each met with limited success.

    1. We tried dragging a magnet over the surface. It got what was on top but little else.

    2. We tried running forks of a large forklift through the sand at an angle, in an attempt to snag buried items and turn the soil over to bring materials to the top so we could pick these items up with the magnet. It helped but not enough. Part of the problem was that the forks would lift the sand and the materials up toward the surface and then run over the soil before we could drag a magnet across the area.

    3. For our next trick, we used angle iron and rebar to construct a rake type of device that we could attach to the forks and use to turn the sand and bring up debris. Again, it helped but not enough. We then used the same method and our homemade rake and added a magnet that could drag across the exposed debris as soon as it was exposed. Again it helped but not enough. The items were picked up by the magnet and promptly knocked off the magnet by the sand we were dragging the magnet across.

    4. We tried using five men, a metal detector and rakes and shovels to find and remove metal debris. Given enough time and manpower, this would have got the job done but it was very expensive and way too slow.

    The Solution:
    While researching on the internet, I came across your website. The debris rake, the magnetic sweeper and quick clean sleeve looked like a good solution to the problem. I talked our superintendent and our project manager into letting me buy this set up and we gave it a whirl. We were impressed with the quality and the packaging but we were most impressed by the engineering and the forethought that was used in designing this product. It does exactly what it is intended do with some limitations.

    The debris rake does a good job and turns the top 6 – 10 inches of material up and the magnet can pick up the metal debris with out any problems. Because the magnet is above the surface you are dragging it over, the debris stays on the magnet just fine. As you fill the magnet up the material is pushed or pulled on to the sides of the magnet and stays on fine. When the magnet is full, pull the pin on one end of the quick clean sleeve and pull it off the magnet. Put something under the end of the sleeve and the debris fall off in a neat pile as the sleeve clears the end of the magnet. It works great.

    The Limitations.
    1. Soil/sand you are dragging needs to be fairly dry in order for the rakes to be effective.

    2. The tines can not go as deep as we need them to go. Some of our debris was buried over a foot deep by the blow sand we have to battle on this project.

    3. The quick clean sleeve is flimsy and not as durable as it needs to be. This problem is being researched and I am confident that a solution will be found. I would definitely not hesitate to buy this piece of equipment just because of this.
    An Added Bonus
    The magnetic objects are picked up but the rake also brought up trash, plastic, wood, cardboard, and etc. that were buried, so we could pick these items up as well.

    This is an awesome product that works very well and saves a lot on labor costs. As mentioned above, we spent a couple of weeks trying many methods before we found our Rhino 60. I can honestly say that we accomplished more the first full day we had our Rhino 60 than we accomplished in over two weeks of intense effort prior to receiving the machine. It pulls easily behind a Utility vehicle (we used a John /Deere Gator), a bigger ATV would do the job but ours was too light. It will perform well behind a pick up as well. Our site is all sand with little soil and it is hard to do anything without 4 wheel drive. The magnet is very strong and requires no maintenance or recharging. It is 3 layer ceramic magnet that is well protected from damage. The machine is fully adjustable, sets up quick and is very durable. The only thing we would like to see changed is the material used to construct the quick clean sleeve.

    Jerry Rolfe, Project Safety Manager, Layton Construction Rhino 62 User

  6. 5 out of 5

    Jerry Rolfe – Layton Construction

    This is an awesome product that works very well and saves a lot on labor costs. As mentioned above, we spent a couple of weeks trying many methods before we found our Rhino 60. I can honestly say that we accomplished more the first full day we had our Rhino 60 than we accomplished in over two weeks of intense effort prior to receiving the machine.

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  7. 4 out of 5

    Anthony R. – Judlau Cont Corp.

    I cannot believe the quality. Great Product.

  8. 4 out of 5

    Vic Winklepleck

    The RHINO magnetic sweeper is awwwsome!

    The RHINO far surpassed our expectations. I’ve attached a photo of a typical sweep of less than 200 feet. So far we have picked up about 1.5 tons of metal from the ash. The only problem is the easy sweep release attachment I bought is useless with this much metal attached to the sweeper.

    I cannot slide off the plastic cover because I cannot overcome the magnetic pull from the sweeper. We cannot even scrape off this much material for the same reason. We must wear gloves and just pull off the metal. It makes for a lot of work, however the sweeper is the tool to do this type of job. We are very pleased with it. I’ve had a couple of people who want to rent the magnetic sweeper from me.

    Perhaps later this year I may be interested in the Debris Digging Rake, I could use the rippers on the gannon box or the tiller attachment for my tractor to do the same job. I’ll see what happens.

    Thanks again for a great piece of equipment. Worth every dollar I spent on it.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Toronto Royal Horse Show

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