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Use a magnetic sweeper to pick up metal debris – quickly, easily, and safely. Let us help you find the ideal one.

Magnetic Sweeper Products

Full line of magnetic sweeper products.  All items in stock. Shop online using Visa or MasterCard credit card or EFT/Wire Transfer.  Worldwide Shipping.

All Magnetic Sweepers at a Glance

Tundra™ Magnetic Sweeper
Powerstik™ Magnetic Sweeper
Scape™ Magnetic Sweeper
Ecko Magnetic Sweeper
Ecko™ Magnetic Sweeper
Magnum Magnetic Sweeper
Magnum™ Magnetic Sweeper
Rip magnetic sweeper
RIP™ Magnetic Sweeper
Force magnetic sweeper
Force™ Magnetic Sweeper
Aurora magnetic sweeper
Aurora™ Magnetic Sweeper
Bora magnetic sweeper
Bora™ Magnetic Sweeper
Theta magnetic sweeper
Theta™ Magnetic Sweeper
Fission magnetic sweeper
Fission™ Magnetic Sweeper
Atmos Magnetic Sweeper
Atmos™ Magnetic Sweeper
wrasse magnetic sweeper bar
Wrasse™ Magnetic Sweeper
PYR™ Magnetic Sweeper
Eiger Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment
Eiger™ Magnetic Sweeper
ISO magnetic sweeper
ISO™ Magnetic Sweeper
Khamsin Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment
Khamsin™ Magnetic Sweeper
Aether Series Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment
Aether™ Magnetic Sweeper
Remoras magnetic sweeper
Remoras™ Magnetic Sweeper
Gobie by Bluestreak Equipment
Gobie™ Magnetic Sweeper
Bluestang magnetic sweeper
Bluetang™ Magnetic Sweeper
Oblast Fork Mount Magnetic Sweeper by Bluestreak Equipment
Oblast™ Magnetic Sweeper
Forager Magnetic Sweeper
Forager™ Magnetic Sweeper
Guardian magnetic sweeper
Guardian™ Magnetic Sweeper
NAOS™ Magnetic Sweeper
Kursk by Bluestreak Equipment
Kursk™ Magnetic Sweeper
Longhorn magnetic sweeper
Longhorn™ Magnetic Sweeper
yak magnetic sweeper bluestreak equipment
YAK™ Magnetic Sweeper
Razor magnetic sweeper
Razor™ Magnetic Sweeper
Hog magnetic sweeper
Hog™ Magnetic Sweeper
Rhino Magnetic Sweeper
Rhino™ Magnetic Sweeper
Yacare magnetic sweeper
Yacare™ Magnetic Sweeper
Caiman™ Magnetic Sweeper
Piranha magnetic sweeper
Piranha™ Magnetic Sweeper
Aardvark Magnetic Sweeper
Aardvark™ Magnetic Sweeper

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All Items in Stock

We stock all of our products.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our magnetic products worldwide from Asia to the Yukon from Europe to the United Arab Emirates.


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Easy online ordering.
Pay by Visa and MasterCard or EFT/Wire Transfer.

It's at The Heart of What We Do

We’re doing our best to make sure the perfect magnet exists for your application.

Application driven design is at the heart of what we do. Yes power and pickup strength is always important, so is durability, weight and cost. All of these are weighed to ultimately deliver the best performing magnetic sweeper given the intended application.

Designing a product for a specific application may seem like a simple concept, yet it is hard to execute, requiring extensive market research usually working with a few particular customers who really need the product and ultimately requiring more types of magnetic sweepers for you the customer to choose from.

This is why the competition continues to offer more generic sweepers that don’t perform well in many applications.

Add on Magnetic Sweeper Accessories

Add an accessory to your magnetic sweeper and make using it even faster and easier.

Made out of quality materials, our accessories not only look good they help you get the job done.

Learn More About Buying Magnetic Sweepers

We suggest you quickly take a look at the buying tips to know the issues to consider before you buy.

Know the difference between Rare Earth magnets and Ceramic magnets.

Be careful about relying on magnetic sweeper strength ratings and magnetic field or flux density quantifications.

Understand what it really means to measure magnetic strength.

… and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the speed at which you can go and still pick up debris depends on 3 things:

1. The item being picked up – certain items due to their shape and weight are just easier to pick up.

2. How low the magnet is set from the ground to the bottom of the magnet – the lower it is, the faster you can travel and still pick up the debris.

3. The strength of the magnet – the stronger the magnet is, the faster you can travel and still effectively pick up the debris

No. The magnets are permanently charged.

Your tracking number was provided to you in your shipping notice email sent to you when we shipped your product from our facility. If you can’t find your tracking number please email us at [email protected] and we can email your tracking number to you.

To track your shipment please use your tracking number as provided to you in your shipping notice email we sent you.

We ship worldwide.

If a shipping option and cost does not appear after entering your address information then a shipping quote is necessary. Please just email or call us with your product selection and shipping address. We’ll respond promptly with a shipping quote.

Several reasons;

1) we have the most effective products on the market – take a look at our videos of our products in action and compare our specs to those of our competitors.

2) we make it very easy to buy – we list our prices, you can see shipping costs when ordering and you can buy online. We value your time and therefore have made it easy for you to get the information you need to make a decision and then order.

3) we have products designed for specific applications – if you’re buying a sweeper you just want it to work, not something that’s frustrating because it half works, our comparison charts can help you select the product that’s right for your application.

Magnetic sweepers will not pick up stuff when the floor itself is magnetic. The reason is that the floor forms a closed magnetic circuit with the magnets. Any object between the floor and the magnets is attracted to either the floor or the magnet depending on which it is closer to. Some particles or objects can appear to be repelled by the magnets, but they are actually being attracted more to the floor.

Yes, it can be. The magnetic sweeper should be handled with care. Do not get your fingers between the magnet housing and other ferrous metal objects, your fingers can get pinched.

Avoid close proximity to any electronic devices, they could be damaged.

Avoid close proximity to any medical devices and medical implants such as pacemakers.

Magnets are classified as dangerous goods when shipped by air and are therefore regulated when shipped by air (UN 2807, class9 dangerous goods). Charged magnets can affect navigational equipment. This makes shipping charged magnetic sweepers by air potentially dangerous and also costly. For these reasons Bluestreak Equipment only ships via ground transportation.

Don’t expose your magnetic sweeper to extreme heat.

Bluestreak Magnetic sweepers are designed with ceramic magnets. Ceramic magnets lose all their magnetism above 450° (840 deg. F). But they gradually degrade in strength above room temperature at a rate of 0.2% per Celsius degree. However, their strength increases somewhat as the temperature drops below room temperature. It is quite alright to operate our sweepers at temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius.

No. The magnets are permanently charged.

The only real way to be certain is to see them in action. That’s why we’ve provided as many videos and photos as we can to show you our products actually working, so you can be certain they do work. If you want another good way of comparing our sweepers to others on the market take a look at the magnet dimensions of our sweepers versus competitors (if they provide them). Simply put, more magnets means more power. If they don’t provide magnet dimensions you can get a good idea of how many are being used by the weight of the sweeper since magnets are generally the heaviest component. Steel weighs more than aluminum and while a steel backing plate is necessary, too much steel in the wrong places can rob the magnet of some of its power.

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