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Longhorn Rhino Hog Wrasse

Pick up metal debris on rough terrain with a Rhino magnetic sweeper

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Add a magnet to your ATV and pick up metal debris easily.

Why equip an ATV with a magnet?

ATV’s might not seem like an obvious choice as a vehicle to attach a magnetic sweeper to, but the combination is more effective than one might first imagine.

ATV’s have become incredibly common, not only as pleasure recreational vehicles but as work vehicles because they can go anywhere, transport relatively easily, cost less than other vehicles, and are easy to hop off and on quickly in situations where workers need to get in and out of a vehicle all the time in the performance of their work.  Not only all these things, but add to it that people just simply enjoy riding them and it’s a potent combination. 

Why use an ATV magnet?

ATV’s are being used in obvious situations such as on farm operations, and to get around larger industrial sites, but they are also being used by the military, Fire/Rescue teams, disaster relief organizations such as The Salvation Army, Police organizations, Border Patrol, lifeguards/beach patrols, etc.

Not all of these ATV users would need or use magnets but there are several of them where magnets do add substantial value because of the high occurrence and prevalence of debris, particularly on farm applications, large industrial and commercial sites and disaster relief clean-up operations.

Types of ATV Magnets

There are three types of ATV magnets differentiated by their mounting position on the ATV;


Front Mount ATV Magnets

Attach to the front of the ATV like a snowplow.



Tow Behind ATV Magnets

Attach behind the ATV using a ball or wagon style pin hitch.



Hanging (mid mount) ATV Magnets

Magnets that are hung underneath the ATV between the front and rear wheels

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Quick Tip #1

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say on the subject of ATV magnets?
I love the Longhorn! It just tracks the terrain so well up or down even steeper grades because of the casters. It looks awesome, performs great, there’s nothing to screw up, and makes so much sense to pick up the debris before driving over it. To me it makes sense, you can buy the whole ATV and the Longhorn combined for the price of some big front mounts or big tow behinds, and this is so versatile and can do the same job.
Bluestreak Equipment

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a ATV Magnet​

1. What is the danger posed by the debris problem?

If you have an extensive debris problem that will almost certainly cause a flat tire if you run over the debris, then a front mount magnetic sweeper is a necessity and may be the only consideration in your choice of magnet. A front mounted magnetic sweeper will pick up debris like nails before you run over it, something that seems obviously and practically much better than running over the debris before picking it up.

2. How much do you want to spend on an ATV magnet?

While picking up debris before running over it seems intuitively much better, it’s also a much more complex solution, because it requires a much more complex mounting system and weight must be kept down while still maintaining performance. Hanging magnets are the most cost effective because a hanging magnet is essentially just a big magnet bar without most of the other mechanism’s that accompany either a tow behind magnet or a front mount magnet.

3. Are you able to leave a magnet mounted on the ATV?

Given the other tasks the ATV is used for are you able to leave a tow behind or front mount or hanging mid mounted magnet on the ATV all the time. If not, then the tow behind solution may be best for you because it can be easily and quickly hitched up when needed.  A hanging magnet or front mount magnet will be a bit more involved and take more time to mount and demount from the ATV when you want to.    On the other hand, if you can mount a magnet permanently on your ATV, it’s going to work for you all the time while you’re driving around and it saves you the time of temporarily mounting and demounting it.  Therefore if you can leave a magnet mounted, a permanently mounted solution is usually better. 

4. How easy is the ATV magnet to clean off?

A magnet may work really well at picking up debris, but how easy is it to clean off? Think through how you would clean the magnet off step by step.  Make sure it makes sense to you and your situation.  We try and do this for you so that clean off isn’t a difficult or time consuming task, but some manufacturers don’t.  Pay attention to the details of how this will work from start to finish, right up to the point of getting the debris in the garbage or scrap bin.

5. How good is the ATV magnet at hanging on to the debris that it picks up?

You are not going to be cleaning your magnet off constantly, so it’s important that when your magnet does pick up a nail or screw that the magnet secures the debris so that it won’t fall off if the magnet is suddenly shaken because of a bump or if the bottom of the magnet hits the ground and the debris is wiped backward on the magnet.  The last thing you want is for the debris to fall off again.  Make sure your magnet has some feature like our “Wrap Around Feature”, it not only makes sure debris doesn’t get wiped off the bottom of the magnet, it makes the debris holding capacity higher and you’ll find in practice that most of your debris ends up on the side of your magnet not the bottom of it.  And that’s a good indication to you why we have this feature.

Quick Tip #2

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say on the subject of ATV magnets?
Hanging magnets are by far the biggest bang for your dollar, you don’t need a very wide one for an ATV, but get the strongest one, the 4.5x4.5, or the 3x3, so you can hang it a bit higher, you’ll be shocked by what they pick up, I know I was the first time I saw one mounted and used. I thought it would seem crazy having a magnet mounted under the ATV, that it would rattle or knock around but it wasn’t, it worked great.
Bluestreak Equipment

The maximum lifting height of the ATV Magnets;

7 and 1/4 inches
8 and 1/2 inches
6 inches
Wrasse 2" x 5"
4 and 3/4 inches
Wrasse 3" x 3"
6 inches
Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
8 and 1/2 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Accessories to Consider for an ATV Magnet

1. Debris Digging Rake

If you really have embedded debris and want to dig it up then the Debris Digging Rake will do it but you can only use a Debris Digging Rake with a tow-behind. Other than loosening up buried debris or in hardened ground to make it easier for the magnet to pick it up, the Debris Digging rake also grooms the ground some also, smoothing out the lumps and filling in holes some. It’s also great because you can see where you’ve already swept.

2. Quick Clean Off Sleeve

If you’re choosing a Hanging Magnet, consider a sleeve to make clean off quicker and easier. Helps protect sweeper housing when hitting hard surfaces. Constructed out of durable PVC and molded to wrap around the magnetic housing. Locks in place and will not move when sweeper is in use.

Best Selection of ATV Magnets


A Tough, Off Road Ready ATV Accessory!

$3,499.99 USDAdd to cart

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size: Longhorn 54″

Pick up debris BEFORE you drive over it!

The Longhorn magnetic sweeper is a front mount ATV magnet designed specifically for ATV’s.

The Longhorn is a great front mount option for commercial, industrial or disaster relief users that want a simple but highly durable robust magnetic sweeper because they have a lot of clean up to do or have a continuous need over time.  The Longhorn allows you to pick up metal debris before you run over it.   Leave it permanently mounted or quickly attach and detach when needed.  Utilizes your ATV winch.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Takes debris by the horns!

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Simple, Durable Tow Behind ATV Magnetic Sweeper

$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 sizes: Rhino 62″, Rhino 74″, Rhino 86″

Loads of Options for Off Road Work!

The Rhino magnetic sweeper is a simple, durable and robust wagon hitch tow behind design. It has a bit more pickup power than the Longhorn because the Rhino has a wagon hitch and can carry the weight of the extra magnets.  The flat proof tires, power, adjustable sweeping height and hitch height and optional quick clean off sleeve and debris digging rake make this a perennial favourite with commercial users. Available in 3 widths.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Severe duty tow behind magnet!


Easy To Use Off Road ATV Magnet

$1,599.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size:  HOG 62″″

Compact and Light!

The HOG magnetic sweeper is an off road tow behind design that’s a smaller version of the Rhino.It is the little brother of the Rhino, this tow behind design is a good choice for those that love the Rhino but want a lower price point because they have less frequent need of a magnetic sweeper. 

Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve and Debris Digging Rake accessories are available.

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Compact and Light!

Economical ATV Hanging Magnetic Bar.

$399.99 USD$1,229.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 magnet housing sizes: Wrasse 2″x5″,  Wrasse 3″x 3″, Wrasse 4.5″ x 4.5″

Available in 7 sweeping widths: 26″, 38″, 50″, 62″, 74″, 86″, 98″

Easily attach to your ATV in a variety of positions.

The Wrasse magnetic bar is the most economical solution for picking up debris with your ATV!  The most economical because you’re just paying for a big bar magnet.  Hang it underneath with the two included mounting chains and you’re off and ready to go!  The Wrasse comes in three different magnet strengths and 7 different widths to suit your budget and needs.

There is also an optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve for the Wrasse 3″x 3″ and 4.5″ x 4.5″ which makes cleaning debris off the magnet bar easy.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Economical ATV Magnetic Bar


ATV Magnet Comparison Table

Wrasse 2" x 5"
Wrasse 3" x 3"
Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
Maximum Lifting Height4 3/4"6"8 1/2"8 1/2"6"7 1/4"
Sweeper Weight24lbs, 35lbs, 47lbs, 58lbs, 70lbs, 81lbs, 93lbs28lbs, 40lbs, 53lbs 65lbs, 77lbs, 89lbs,102lbs, 65lbs, 93lbs, 120lbs, 148lbs, 175lbs, 203lbs, 230lbs252 lbs, 277 lbs, 302 lbs128 lbs206 lbs
Sweeper Widths26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"62", 74", 86"62"54"
Sweeper Height AdjustmentChange suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 3".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 4".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 5".0" to 5 1/2" Continuous Adjustment0" to 6" Continuous Adjustment1" to 4" in 1/2" increments
Sweeper Wheel TypeNoneNoneNone13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires10" x 3" flat proof tires10" x 3" flat proof tires
Clean Off MethodWipe clean with glove or rag.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe clean with glove or rag or purchase the optional Quick Clean Off SleeveWipe clean with glove or rag.Debris Release Handles
Terrain SurfaceFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesAll TerrainAll TerrainAll Terrain
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$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

$1,599.99 USDBuy Now

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