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Attach a Magnetic Sweeper to Your Airport Baggage Tug

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Equip an airport baggage tug with a magnetic sweeper and pick up metal debris while you work.

Why equip a baggage tug with a magnet?

There is only one reason to equip an airport baggage tug with a magnet and that is to remove FOD (foreign object debris) that could cause damage to aircraft. It may be just one reason but it’s a big one because airport FOD can cause millions of dollars of damage to aircrafts. Attaching a magnetic sweeper to a baggage tug or other ground support vehicles is the best way to enhance FOD prevention and removal and enhance the reage of your other Airfield FOD Magnets.

Types of Baggage Tug Magnets


Hanging Airport Tug Magnets


There is one general type of magnet that makes the most sense for baggage tugs, and that’s a hanging magnet.  A hanging magnet makes the most sense because it’s economical and doesn’t interfere with Airport baggage tug operation.

Tow behind magnets don’t make sense because baggage tugs must tow baggage carts.  And while front mounted units are great, they increase the profile of the baggage tug and would have a negative effect on Airport baggage tug maneuverability in most circumstances.

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Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Baggage Tug Magnet​

1. How easy is the magnet to clean off?

a magnet may work well at picking up debris, but how easy is it to clean off? Think through how you would clean the magnet off step by step. Make sure it makes sense to you and your situation. Pay attention to the details of how this will work from start to finish, right up to the point of getting the debris in the garbage or scrap bin. Opt for a Quick Clean Off Sleeve so that clean off is easily done. This ensures the magnet will be cleaned off more often and as a result it will stay at maximum effectiveness.

2. How good is the magnet at hanging on to the debris that it picks up?

You are not going to be cleaning your magnet off constantly, so it’s important that when your magnet does pick up a nail or screw that the magnet secures the debris so that it won’t fall off if the magnet is suddenly shaken because of a bump. The last thing you want is for the debris to fall off again.  Make sure your magnet has some feature like our “Wrap Around Feature”, it makes the debris holding capacity higher and you’ll find in practice that most of your debris ends up on the side of your magnet not the bottom of it.  And that’s a good indication to you why we have this feature.

3. How far off the ground will the magnet be positioned?

We want to ensure our products meet your expectations therefore make sure you look at our “maximum lifting height” specification. We bench test all of our magnetic sweepers to determine their maximum lifting height using a two-and-a-half-inch standard nail. Everyone knows what a two-and-a-half-inch nail looks like which is why we use this standard measure of magnet strength and it will give you a good idea of magnet performance. Remember, these maximum lifting heights are in bench tests. As speed increases, magnets need to be lowered to pick up the same debris. Therefore, if you have faster moving baggage tugs, which most baggage tugs are as they travel around their work area, they need strong magnets to pick up FOD at those speeds.

Quick Tip #1

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say about baggage tug magnets?
Hanging just any magnet from a baggage tug doesn’t guarantee it will pick up FOD. It’s possible to hang a magnet from a baggage tug that only picks up debris if the tug is moving very slowly, or it might not pick up debris at all if it’s hung too high. Given the potential for extensive damage from FOD, it’s best to use a magnet that will pickup debris over the entire operating speed of the baggage tug. Hanging magnets are relatively inexpensive since they are essentially a big magnet bar only, therefore get one that will pickup debris over the entire operating speed range of your baggage tugs.
Bluestreak Equipment

The maximum lifting height of Airport Baggage Tug Magnets;

The Wrasse 2" x 5"
4 and 3/4 inches
The Wrasse 3" x 3"
6 inches
The Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
8 and 1/2 inches
The PYR 3" x 3"
6 inches
The PYR 4.5" x 4.5"
9 and 1/4 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Rare Earth Versus Ceramic Magnets

The weight of the magnet is not a concern for a baggage tug therefore there’s no reason to chose a rare earth magnet from a weight perspective. And while, rare earth magnets pulling strength is higher than ceramic right on the magnets’ surface, you will still only get a large field and bigger pickup height from having a bigger magnet. So if you used a smaller rare earth magnet you’d have to hang it very, very close to the ground compared to a larger ceramic magnet for it to have the same performance. We have done performance tests over and over comparing ceramic to rare earth magnets and in most cases there is usually no good reason to go with rare earth magnets. You will usually get better performance from a well designed ceramic magnet.

ceramic magnet
Ceramic magnet

Best Selection of Airport Baggage Tug Magnets

Economical Hanging Magnetic Bar.

$399.99 USD$1,229.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 magnet housing sizes: Wrasse 2″x5″,  Wrasse 3″x 3″, Wrasse 4.5″ x 4.5″

Available in 7 sweeping widths: 26″, 38″, 50″, 62″, 74″, 86″, 98″

Versatile and easy to install.

The Wrasse magnetic bar is the most economical solution to picking up airport FOD debris.  Hang it with the two included mounting chains and you’re off and ready to go!  The Wrasse comes in three different magnet strengths and different widths to suit your budget and needs.

There is also an optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve for the Wrasse 3″x 3″ and 4.5″ x 4.5″ which makes cleaning debris off the magnet bar easy.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Economical Lawnmower Magnetic Sweeper


For Flat Asphalt and Concrete surfaces!

$764.99 USD$1,959.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 6 sizes:  38”, 50”, 62”, 74”, 86”, 98”

With bump wheels for some added protection.

The PYR hanging magnet was designed for flat terrain and “on road” type uses where not much ground strike prevention is needed.  “On road” type bump wheels are provided on the ends to eliminate magnet strikes due to occasional potholes, incline ramps and speed bump type obstacles.

Choose from 2 different models with different magnet strengths, and 6 different magnet lengths from 3 to 8 feet, to get the perfect setup for your application.

Maximum lifting height of 6” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail) for the PYR 3”x3” model, and 9 ¼” inches for the PYR 4.5”x4.5” model.  Measuring Magnetic Sweeper pickup power and performance.

Also includes 4 stabilizing chains with 8 quick clips to hang the PYR from your vehicle.

Standard debris clean off method is to wipe the magnet clean with a glove or rag.  However a black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory may be purchased separately for quick and easy debris removal.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

For Flat terrain!

Pyr 62 3x3 front receiver hitch mounted magnetic sweeper

Airport Baggage Tug Magnet Comparison Table

Wrasse 2" x 5"
Wrasse 3" x 3"
wrasse74-4.5YAK - coming soon-magnetic-sweeper-bluestreak-equipment-250px
Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
PYR 3x3
PYR 3x3
PYR 3x3
PYR 4.5x4.5
Maximum Lifting Height4 3/4"6"8 1/2"6"9 1/4"
Sweeper Weight24lbs, 35lbs, 47lbs, 58lbs, 70lbs, 81lbs, 93lbs28lbs, 40lbs, 53lbs 65lbs, 77lbs, 89lbs,102lbs, 65lbs, 93lbs, 120lbs, 148lbs, 175lbs, 203lbs, 230lbs42 lbs, 54 lbs, 66 lbs, 79 lbs, 91 lbs, 103 lbs126 lbs, 160 lbs, 193 lbs, 227 lbs, 260 lbs, 293 lbs
Sweeper Widths26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"
Sweeper Height AdjustmentChange suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 3".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 4".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 5".Change suspension height by raising or lowering the hanging chains to a maximum of 4"Change suspension height by raising or lowering the hanging chains to a maximum of 5"
Sweeper Wheel TypeNoneNoneNone7" diamond tread lawnmower wheel with steel hub and 1/2 inch ball bearings5" Dynatread Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels with Polypropylene Hubs and 5/8 inch ball bearings rated at 300 lbs capacity each
Clean Off MethodWipe clean with glove or rag.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory also available.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory also available.
Terrain SurfaceFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat Surfaces
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