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Tow Behind Magnetic Sweepers for Off Road, All Terrain or Flat Surfaces

Choose The Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper for Your Application.

Consider what surface you will be working on.

When choosing a tow behind magnetic sweeper, consider the terrain you will be towing the sweeper on because the terrain you will be working on greatly affects the magnet’s performance.

Bluestreak designs tow behind magnets specifically for either “flat surfaces” applications or “all terrain” applications.

If you know you will be working mainly on relatively flat surfaces such as concrete or asphalt then choose a Piranha or the smaller Razor. If you are driving on some rougher terrain or going off road onto surfaces of dirt and gravel then choose from the HOG, Rhino, Yacare, Caiman or Aardvark.

Should you pick a magnet with the most pickup power?

Before choosing only on the basis of pickup power, keep in mind that not every application needs the most power. Some applications may benefit from having more application specific features such as a lighter frame to tow behind smaller vehicles such as ATVs or UTVs. 

However, if you’re wondering about pickup power, Bluestreak measures pickup power in terms of the “maximum lifting height using a two and a half inch nail”. Everyone knows what a two and a half inch nail looks like. This measure indicates the maximum height that the sweeper can pick up a two and a half inch nail from in a bench test. This is the best indication of performance and pickup power that is easy to understand. 

Below are the maximum lifting height measurements of the Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper Models.

The maximum lifting height of the Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper Models are as follows;

6 inches
The Rhino
8 and 1/2 inches
The Yacare
9 and 3/4 inches
The Caiman
10 and 1/2 inches
The Aardvark
12 inches
The Piranha
10 and 1/2 inches
The Razor 3"x 3"
6 inches
The Razor 4.5"x 4.5"
8 and 1/2 inches
The Mammoth
16 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

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About Bluestreak

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We have manufactured and developed application driven magnetic products since 2005.

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Working from rural southern Ontario, our business has grown and now sprawls over several properties using former agricultural buildings.

Quick Tip #1

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say about Tow Behind magnets?

Tow behind magnets in general are just really convenient because you can pull them with a lot of different vehicles because they don’t pull hard. They’re also generally really strong, stronger than other types of magnets in a lot of cases because weight is not an issue, so they generally have bigger magnets and stronger pickup strengths.
Bluestreak Equipment

"All Terrain" versus "Flat Surface" Tow Behind Magnets.

Control the sweeping height of the the Aardvark by turning the top link which pivots the rear inset wheels up and down.

All Terrain Tow Behind Magnets

Off road or “all terrain” tow behind magnets require very different design features that just aren’t found on general purpose or “flat surface” magnetic sweepers.

These sweepers require features to accommodate for rough terrain such as adjustable height settings and inset wheels. that help prevent “bottoming” or “ground hits” that cause the magnet bottom to hit the ground.

All the “all terrain” models also require greater pickup power to pull debris out of dirt or grass. They also have an option to add a Debris Digging Rake accessory which can loosen up embedded debris from dirt or gravel.

“Debris Digging Rake” feature on the Rhino disturbs the ground on rough surfaces loosens debris.

All Terrain Magnet Features

Adjustable sweeping height control is a key feature of off road applications. If the terrain is really rough you have to be able to adjust how high the magnet is off the ground so that it isn’t hitting the ground constantly, because if it hits all the time it can drive debris into the ground making it harder to pick up the debris or can push it further back on the magnet and potentially off the magnet. It’s better that the magnet doesn’t hit the ground constantly even for a sweeper like the Aardvark that is designed to take these ground hits.

Inset wheels add to the magnetic sweeper’s ability to handle rough terrain and minimize bottoming. If wheels are on the end of a magnetic sweeper there is a greater chance of the middle of the magnetic sweeper hitting the ground. By reducing the distance any one point of the magnet is away from a wheel it reduces the chances of the magnetic sweeper hitting the ground. All of Bluestreak’s tow behind magnetic sweepers for “all terrain” are designed with wheels that are inset from the ends.

Off road applications may require a mechanism to “loosen up” the debris that is embedded in the dirt and gravel, in order to make it easier for the magnet to pick it up. This debris if not loosened up and picked up will gradually make its way to the surface again over time causing the same problems you’re trying to prevent. This is why all Bluestreak tow behind magnets for all terrains have an optional Debris Digging Rake accessory which provides loosen up embedded debris.

Off road applications require greater magnetic pick up power to pull debris out of dirt, gravel or grass. Unlike concrete and asphalt, debris can get pounded into dirt, grass and gravel over time and this material “holds” the debris making picking up the debris harder. Therefore a stronger magnet is needed to pull the debris up through this material in order to pick it up. All of Bluestreak’s tow behind magnets for “all terrain” are designed for extra pickup strength with multiple layers of permanently charged magnets packed end to end, un-spaced and with a steel backing plate in order to make the magnetic field extend further downward in order to pick up bigger debris from a greater distance.

Flat Surface Tow Behind Magnets

Tow behind magnetic sweepers for flat surfaces are ideal for clearing very large concrete, paved or other flat surface areas of harmful metal particles and debris.

They are ideal for use as a parking lot sweeper or for cleaning shipping and trucking facility yards, roads, highways and airports.

Tow behind magnetic sweepers for flat surfaces come in a variety of sweeping widths to best accommodate the size of the area you need to sweep. The bigger the area is, the wider the sweeper that you will need to cover that area in a given amount of time.

Heavy duty solid frame construction and pickup power.

Flat Surface Magnet Features

These sweepers were meant to clean large areas and therefore there may be a need to clean the debris off the unit when you’re quite a distance from anywhere you can dump the debris. Therefore the more advanced units, such as the Piranha, have on board debris buckets that provide a place for you to quickly clean the magnet off and keep sweeping until you get back to a place where you can empty the debris bins.

On the larger models such as the Piranha, there is an option to purchase a Lights and Fender Package. The Lights and Fender Package ensures safer operation on roads and for towing from location to location.

These units are simpler than their equivalent “off road all terrain” counterparts. They do not have as many features so they are also less expensive.  They don’t need all the height adjustment features, flat proof tires, and other features like skid plates and bash bars. They tend to be a good buy.

On Board debris storage included with the Piranha magnetic sweeper.

Selection of Tow Behind Magnets designed for "All Terrain"

Easy to Use Off Road Magnetic Sweeper

$1,599.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size:   62″

Compact size and lighter.

The HOG magnetic sweeper is the little brother of the Rhino. Whereas the Rhino is designed for applications requiring significant pickup power, such as construction sites, horse arenas and small landfills where there is either significant amounts of debris or the debris needs to be pulled up from under dirt, the Hog is designed for the somewhat lighter use applications such as gravel and dirt parking lots, rental center users, trucking terminal yards and farm driveways and yards

Easily tow this compact and light magnet with an ATV, UTV, lawn mower, golf cart, forklift. The 62″ width of the HOG is perfect for these tow vehicles because these vehicles are this same general width.

Optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve and Debris Digging Rake accessories are available.

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Compact Size & Lighter.

Severe Duty Tow Behind Magnet in a Compact Size

$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 sizes: 62″, 74″ 86″

Loads of Options for Off Road Work!

The Rhino tow behind magnetic sweeper, known as the “Big Brother” of the HOG magnetic sweeper, is ready for some very severe duty conditions with a range of options and off road features in a compact size.

It’s offered in three sweeping widths of five, six and seven feet wide and the ability to continuously adjust sweeping height from zero to five and a half inches.

It’s all the little extra features that add to the Rhino’s popularity, such as the adjustable hitch height so that when hitching the Rhino to a tow vehicle is doesn’t matter what height the hitch is on the tow vehicle the Rhino can still be held level for optimum performance.

You can add accessories such as the Quick Clean Off Sleeve to allow very quick and easy clean off. You can also add a Debris Digging Rake accessory to dislodge embedded debris to aid in the pickup process.

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Severe Duty with Loads of Options

Durability, Power & Easy Clean Off System

$6,499.99 USDAdd to cart

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 sweeper width: Yacare 72″

This thing is built like a tank!

The Yacare magnetic sweeper is a 72 inch wide, durable off road tow behind magnetic sweeper with an easy to use Spring Assisted Clean Off system!

The Yacare clean off system is entirely different from both the HOG and RHINO. It replaces the Quick Clean Off Sleeve system with an easier to use, more durable long term solution that’s especially helpful for heavy debris conditions. 

More power and advanced durability provided by all steel and stainless steel construction and easy effortless clean off with dual debris release levers provide sound rationale to move up from the Rhino to the Yacare. 

Yet the Yacare keeps all the features that makes the Rhino so popular; the pick up performance in off road conditions provided by the “wrap around” design, the adjustable sweep height, flat proof tires, adjustable hitch height and optional debris digging rake accessory.

Replacing the safety flags on the Rhino are the RED colored lid and “MAGNETIC SWEEPER” signage on the back of the Yacare unit, to ensure that high visibility is maintained.

This thing is built like a tank!  Check out the CAD drawings.

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Ready to go anywhere!

construction site magnetic sweeper

Power & Durability in an 82 Inch Width.

$9,899.99 USDAdd to cart

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 sweeper width: Caiman 82″

Similar to the Yacare Only Bigger!

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is one step up from the Yacare magnetic sweeper.

It is like the Yacare because it has an enclosed magnet and Dual Spring Assisted Debris Release Handles, but it’s wider at 82 inch wide and has much more power with 50% more magnets.

More power and wider sweeping width makes it a good choice for towing behind pickup trucks, larger tractors and UTVs such as John Deere Gators, Kubota side by sides, etc.

The Caiman also has solid pick up performance in off road conditions provided by the “wrap around” design, the adjustable sweep height, flat proof tires, adjustable hitch height and optional debris digging rake accessory.

Check out the Caiman CAD drawings for details.

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Power and Durability.

Fully Enclosed Automatic Tow Behind Magnet

$11,999.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size:  96″

Clean Off with a Push of a Button!

The Aardvark Magnetic Sweeper is designed for landfills, construction sites, mining sites and off road applications where the terrain may be rough.

The magnet housing is fully enclosed offering a level of protection around the magnet. This means you don’t have to worry about metal getting all over the magnet.

This unit is packed with all the standard off road features such as sweeping height control and inset wheels, but it also features an automatic clean off system which makes cleaning off debris from the sweeper easy and automatic.

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Fully Enclosed Automatic Tow Behind

Selection of Tow Behind Magnets designed for flat surfaces

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper Designed for Cleaning Large Flat Surface Areas

(Shown with optional Lights and Fenders Package)

$7,299.99 USD$7,699.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 2 sizes: Piranha 96″, Piranha 120″

Fast, Aggressive Cleaning!

The Piranha magnetic sweeper is designed to hit the road! It’s the tow behind magnet to choose when you need to pickup metal from large areas like airport runways, roads or other flat surface applications.

It has lots of power, to allow greater speed while still picking up debris.

The Piranha has on board debris bins since when cleaning large areas, you could be a long way from home when you need to clean off the magnet. You can store the debris in the debris bins until you reach a dumping site.  It also features larger highway rated tires to allow you to pull the unit down the road from location to location. Since the Piranha was designed for flat surfaces, the sweeping height is adjustable from 2″ to 3″ inches. 

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Fast, Aggressive Cleaning!

Compact, Economical Flat Surface Tow Behind Magnet

$829.99 USD$1,329.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Razor 3″ x 3″ is Available in  6 sizes:  38″, 50″, 62″, 74″, 86″, 98″

Razor 4.5″ x 4.5″ is Available in 3 sizes:  38″, 50″, 62″

As Simple as It Gets.

The Razor magnetic sweeper is an economical towable magnet that is ideal for parking lots, driveways or other large flat surfaces. 

This tow behind magnet has no extraneous extras. It’s as simple as it gets. It’s simply a magnet bar on wheels.

It does feature 6 sweeper widths and 2 magnetic strength sizes so you can easily find the perfect fit for your application or vehicle.

It is particularly well suited to be towed by smaller vehicles such as ATVs or UTVs because of it’s light weight. 

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A Simple as It Gets!


Remote – Controlled Clean off & Height Adjustment!

$40,375.00 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size: Mammoth 68″

Built to Retrieve Ball Milling Steel Abrasive Material

The Mammoth magnetic sweeper is built to clear big spaces quickly, the powerful 12” x 12” x 68” alternating pole C8 magnetic assembly can hold huge amounts of metallic debris before needing to be cleaned off and can pick up a 2.5” nail from 16” off the ground. The Mammoth can retrieve the even the most elusive debris types including the nickel/steel balls used in material processing from within its 2” – 7” sweeping range.

Height adjustment and clean off is just as heavy duty as the magnetic power, these functions can be controlled from the tow vehicle using a wireless remote that activates the 12v 3000psi hydraulic system that controls magnet position and trailer height.

Comes standard with lights & fenders, on-board battery charger, and pintle ring hitch. Debris digging rake and grader attachments are optional accessories that extend the function of the Mammoth to grooming roads and industrial yards with gravel or packed surfaces.

Check out the Product Demo Videos to see the Mammoth in action in different applications.

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A Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper!

Mammoth road clearing magnetic sweeper and grader

Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper Comparison Table

yacare magnetic sweeper
Caiman magnetic sweeper - bluestreak equipment
Razor 3" x 3"
Razor 4.5" x 4.5"
Mammoth Series
Mammoth 68"
Maximum Lifting Height6"9 3/4"8 1/2"10 1/2"12"10 1/2"6"
Sweeper Weight128 lbs511.4 lbs252 lbs, 277 lbs, 302 lbs884 lbs1056 lbsP96 = 678 lbs
P120 = 832 lbs
48lbs, 60 lbs, 73 lbs, 85 lbs, 98 lbs, 110 lbs95 lbs, 120 lbs, 147 lbs3500 lbs
Sweeper Widths62"72"62", 74", 86"82"96"P96 = 72" sweeping width
P120 = 96" sweeping width
38", 50", 62", 74", 96", 98"38", 50", 62"68"
Sweeping Height Adjustment0" to 6" Continuous Adjustment2" to 6" Continuous Adjustment0" to 5 1/2" Continuous Adjustment2" to 6" Continuous Adjustment1.5" to 6" Continuous Adjustment2 to 3″ clearance with sweepers down, 6.5” clearance when traveling with sweepers up and not in use.Change height by moving axle hole position. Three sweeping height settings of 1”, 2” or 3”Change height by moving axle hole position. Three sweeping height settings of 1”, 2” or 3”2”-7” Using On-board Hydraulics and Adjustable Height Stops
Sweeper Wheel Type10" x 3" flat proof tires13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires16.5" x 6.5" flat proof, hub and spindle wheels16.5" x 6.5" flat proof, hub and spindle wheels20.5" x 8.5" - 5 bolt wheelsSteel 8" ball bearing wheelsSteel 8" ball bearing wheels10 ply (3520lbs each) rated highway trailer tires
Clean Off MethodWipe clean with glove or rag.Spring Assisted Dual Debris Release HandlesWipe clean with glove or rag or purchase the optional Quick Clean Off SleeveSpring Assisted Dual Debris Release HandlesAutomaticSlingjaw clean off system. Magnetic housing rotates up side down, debris falls into debris holding trays.Wipe clean with glove or rag or purchase the optional Quick Clean Off SleeveWipe clean with glove or rag or purchase the optional Quick Clean Off SleeveHydraulic
Terrain SurfaceAll TerrainAll TerrainAll TerrainAll TerrainAll TerrainFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesAll Terrain

$1,599.99 USDBuy Now

$6,499.99 USDAdd to cart

$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

$9,899.99 USDAdd to cart

$11,999.99 USDBuy Now

$7,299.99 USD$7,699.99 USDBuy Now

$829.99 USD$1,329.99 USDBuy Now

$829.99 USD$1,329.99 USDBuy Now

$40,375.00 USDBuy Now


What Is a Tow-Behind Magnetic Sweeper?

Tow-behind magnetic sweepers—also referred to as towable magnetic sweepers and tow-behind magnets—are used to keep large workplace areas free from foreign metal objects that can cause injury to employees or damage to equipment, such as nails, screws, springs, scraps, and shards. They are designed to attach to the back of flat surface, off-road, and all-terrain vehicles, which enables them to be moved across and between different locations without the need for a separate motor or another form of self-propulsion.

These magnetic sweepers are highly effective and efficient at picking up metal debris and waste on various types of terrain. Additionally, they are available in a variety of designs and configurations to suit different workplace needs. While all of them have relatively simple operating requirements and low operating costs, the inclusion of specific features can facilitate sweeping operations.

Bluestreak towable magnets are available in flat surface and all-terrain variations. Key features of our all-terrain units include:

  • Adjustable sweeping height to maximize performance in any given terrain
  • Adjustable hitch height to accommodate any tow vehicle
  • “Wrap around” magnet design to keep debris from being wiped off
  • Inset rear wheels to reduce bottoming in uneven terrain
  • Debris digging rake to loosen embedded debris
  • Flat proof tires

Applications of Tow-Behind Magnets

Tow-behind magnets are suitable for removing ferrous metal debris and waste in a variety of workplaces. Some of the most common applications for our tow-behind sweeps include:

Foreign object debris (FOD), such as broken-off equipment parts or forgotten tools, pose a significant risk to aircraft  for airfields. Tow-behind magnetic sweepers make it easy for airport personnel to collect any FOD that may accumulate on runways and other areas, ensuring areas are clean and clear of all metal materials that can injure employees or damage equipment.

During construction projects, any unchecked metal materials (e.g., fasteners, wire, scrap metal, etc.) can lead to employee injury and/or equipment damage. Towable magnets enable construction workers to quickly and easily clear these unwanted materials from large areas.

In agricultural facilities, metal debris naturally accumulates in and around fields, pastures, and barns as trucks and equipment come and go. This material can be dangerous to livestock and damaging to vehicles, both of which cost the farm time and money. Tow-behind magnets help farmers keep their land and facilities free from debris, resulting in a safer working and living environment. 

The roads to landfills are often rife with metal debris and waste that can damage the vehicles that drive on them. These include both passenger cars, garbage trucks, and the vehicles working in the landfill. The latter two generally have many wheels that are expensive to repair and replace, which is why it’s essential landfills invest in magnetic sweepers to keep the surrounding areas clear of ferrous materials.

FOD poses similar aircraft risks for military facilities as it does for airports. The damage to equipment and injury to employees it causes can significantly decrease productivity and increase costs. For this reason, the need for magnetic sweepers to control FOD is extremely high in these workplaces.

Metal debris and waste in parking lots can harm people, pets, and vehicles. It can also lower the overall aesthetic quality of the area. By investing in magnetic sweepers, property owners and managers can avoid these problems.

On roads and highways, metal debris can be extremely dangerous. When vehicles run into it, it can cause flat tires or accidents. Magnetic sweepers are a fast and easy method of removing this unwanted material from the roadways.  

In shipping and trucking yards, metal debris and waste come from various sources, including the transportation vehicles, the equipment used to load/unload goods, and the goods themselves. Regardless of the source, the FOD can cause equipment damage and employee injury. Magnetic sweepers help keep these unwanted materials in check.

Choose Bluestreak for High-Quality Magnetic Sweepers

Looking for magnetic sweepers you can trust to keep your facility or worksite free of metal scrap? The experts at Bluestreak Equipment have got you covered! To learn more about our tow-behind and other magnetic sweeping solutions, contact us today.

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