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Add a Fork Pocket Accessory to your Wrasse hanging magnet

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Clean up metal debris on Precast Concrete Manufacturing Facilities/Yards

Pick up metal debris faster...

Precast concrete and prestressed concrete manufacturing facilities and yards are littered with pieces of medal debris that needs to be picked up from very large areas and yards.

The metal debris problem is usually in the form of cut off pieces of wire, cable, nails and metal strapping that can damage tires on trucks and forklifts and build up over time.

The debris problem is high and the need to control it is high due to potential tire damage on forklifts, trucks and other vehicles.

Quick Tip #1

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say on the subject of Precast Concrete magnets?

The Remoras is really only needed instead of the Wrasse if you plan on mounting the magnet under a vehicle like an outdoor forklift and that vehicle operates around a facility with ruts, potholes etc. that would cause the magnet to hit the ground. The Remoras is needed in this case because the protective cage around the magnet protects the magnet when it hits the ground.
Bluestreak Equipment

About Bluestreak Equipment


Manufacturing In House

All of our products are designed and manufactured on site at our facilities in Ontario, Canada.

About Bluestreak

Application Driven Design

We have manufactured and developed application driven magnetic products since 2005.

bluestreak equipment rural location

Rural Roots

Working from rural southern Ontario, our business has grown and now sprawls over several properties using former agricultural buildings.

The maximum lifting height of Precast Concrete Magnets;

The Remoras
8 and 1/2 inches
The Wrasse 2" x 5"
4 and 3/4 inches
The Wrasse 3" x 3"
6 inches
The Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
8 and 1/2 inches
The Aether
9 inches
The Oblast
10 and 1/2 inches
For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

Quick Tip #2

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say on the subject of Precast Concrete magnets?

Keep in mind; - the Remoras comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve, - an optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve can be purchased for the Biggest Wrasse (4.5" x 4.5"), - there are no Quick Clean Off Sleeves available for the smaller Wrasse sizes (3" x 3").
Bluestreak Equipment

Selection of Precast Concrete Manufacturing Magnetic Sweepers

Protective steel ribbed cage for use in rough conditions.

$1,499.99 USD$2,549.99 USDSelect options

(all prices in USD)

Available in 6 sizes: Remoras 38″, Remoras 50″, Remoras 62″, Remoras 74″, Remoras 86″ Remoras 98″

Designed to take a hit!

The Remoras magnetic sweeper is specifically designed to be attached to outdoor forklifts or graders or other equipment that operate in gravel or dirt yards like those found in many Precast Concrete Manufacturing Facilities and yards with severe ruts and potholes due to the equipment use, and whose yards also have debris problems that are causing flat tires.

Normal hanging magnetic sweepers like the Wrasse series can’t stand up to the pounding of hitting the ground over and over as the equipment wheels go into ruts and potholes, but the Remoras series can withstand frequent ground hits with no damage to the magnet housing itself.

The Remoras allows equipment operators to do their normal jobs while at the same time keeping the whole area clean of debris that would otherwise be causing flats on the equipment being operated or other vehicle traffic. It’s just too easy to do two jobs at the same time, saving money as well.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Built to take a hit!

Versatile Magnetic Bar in a Full Range of Sizes

$329.99 USD$979.99 USDSelect options

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 magnet housing sizes: Wrasse 2″x5″,  Wrasse 3″x 3″, Wrasse 4.5″ x 4.5″

2″ x 5″ – strong
3″ x 3″ – stronger
4.5″ x 4.5″ – strongest

Available in 7 sweeping widths: 26″, 38″, 50″, 62″, 74″, 86″, 98″

Easily attach to equipment you already use.

Easily attach the Wrasse magnetic bar to your equipment and up ferrous metal debris while you do normal tasks. The Wrasse can hang from almost any piece of equipment as long as the ground is fairly even so that it doesn’t hit the ground all the time.

While competing hanging magnets are always in the 2×5 size Bluestreak also offers two bigger more powerful sizes of the Wrasse, the 3×3 and the 4.5×4.5 to allow even higher hanging heights if necessary and better performance.

There is also an optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve for the Wrasse 3″x 3″ and 4.5″ x 4.5″ which makes cleaning debris off the magnet bar easy.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Easily attaches to your equipment.

For extra ground strike protection!

$1,967.22 USD$2,261.18 USDSelect options

(all prices in USD)

Available in 4 sizes:  AETHER 62”, AETHER 74”, AETHER 86”, AETHER 98”

With wheeled outriggers and bump wheels.

The AETHER magnetic sweeper was designed for those bumpy, pot-hole riddled dirt and gravel manufacturing and industrial yard environments where you need a magnetic sweeper to pick up metal debris and you want to hang it from one of your working vehicles but more ground strike prevention is needed to protect the magnet. The AETHER provides more protection than the EIGER because of the AETHER’s wheeled outriggers in the center of the magnet.

The 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels on the ends prevent the magnet from hitting the ground and from sinking into loose surfaces, and the wheeled outriggers provide additional ground strike prevention in the middle of the magnet’s overall length.
Front mount, mid-mount or even rear mount to tractors, backhoes, outdoor forklifts, commercial trucks, shunt/yard trucks, telehandlers

Maximum lifting height of 9” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail). Measuring Magnetic Sweeper pickup power and performance.

Comes standard with a black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve for quick and easy debris removal. Also includes 6 stabilizing chains with 12 quick clips to the AETHER from your vehicle

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

For Extra Protection Off Road

Hanging magnet Aether Series

Heavy Duty Fork Mounted Magnet!

$2,805.23 USDSelect options

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size: Oblast 52″

With pivoting debris tray for easy debris removal

The OBLAST forklift magnet is a fork mount design that allows you to use your forklift to pick up ferrous metal debris and then lift the OBLAST over a disposal / scrap bin for easy removal by using the easy flip down pivoting stainless steel debris tray.

Heavy duty construction of steel and stainless, with UHMW bushings on the rotating stainless steel debris tray for long life and a solid feel.

Ground strike protection is provided by the angled front and rear of the stainless steel debris tray which reduces the width of the bottom flat section and therefore limits magnet contact with the ground, and prevents damage if the magnet does contact the ground because there is no hard edge to “catch” on the ground.

Upward clamping fork pockets provides greater contact of the fork pockets with the forklift forks and therefore provides greater stability to reduce magnet “slippage” on the forks.

Comes in one 52” inch magnet sweeping width, and easily mounts to forklift forks up to and including 6” inch wide forks on 24” inch fork centers.  See CAD drawings for further details.

Get prices, specs, photos, videos, reviews and more…

Heavy Duty Fork Mounted Magnet!

Rare earth magnet holds stainless steel debris pan in place on OBLAST magnet

Precast Concrete Magnet Comparison Table

Wrasse 2" x 5"
Wrasse 3" x 3"
wrasse74-4.5YAK - coming soon-magnetic-sweeper-bluestreak-equipment-250px
Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
Maximum Lifting Height8 1/2"4 3/4"6"8 1/2"9"10 1/2"
Sweeper Weight155lbs, 204 lbs, 251lbs, 296lbs, 244lbs, 389lbs24lbs, 35lbs, 47lbs, 58lbs, 70lbs, 81lbs, 93lbs28lbs, 40lbs, 53lbs 65lbs, 77lbs, 89lbs,102lbs,65lbs, 93lbs, 120lbs, 148lbs, 175lbs, 203lbs, 230lbs230 lbs, 264 lbs, 297 lbs, 330 lbs305lbs
Sweeper Widths38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"62", 74", 86", 98"52"
Sweeper Height AdjustmentChange suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a specified maximum height of. 5"Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 3".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 4".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 5".Yes, by changing hanging height. Minimum 2.5“ recommended hanging height 3” to 5“ maximum.Continuous Adjustment – by raising and lowering forklift forks
Sweeper Wheel TypeNoneNoneNoneNone10” x 3” foam filled flat proof wheels with Steel hubs and 5/8 inch ball bearings rated at 100kg (220 lbs) capacity eachNone
Clean Off MethodComes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessoryWipe clean with glove or rag.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off SleeveFlip Down Stainless Steel Debris Pan
Terrain SurfaceAll TerrainFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesAll TerrainAll Terrain
Pricing Range

$1,499.99 USD$2,549.99 USDSelect options

$329.99 USDAdd to cart


$569.99 USDAdd to cart

$389.99 USDAdd to cart


$809.99 USDAdd to cart

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$979.99 USDAdd to cart

$1,967.22 USD$2,261.18 USDSelect options

$2,805.23 USDSelect options


Made in Canada


Made in Canada

All products proudly designed and manufactured in Canada
(since 2005).


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