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Promote equine safety and reduce hoof injuries at your equine event

Use a Magnetic Sweeper to Pick up Dangerous Metal Debris that Causes Hoof Injuries

Metal Debris is a Cause for Concern for Horse Owners

Metal debris in equine facilities such as stables, paddocks, pastures, arenas and race tracks slowly accumulates over time. Even without a readily available source or incident, metal debris is present. If the equine facility is a mixed use facility used for other purposes the debris can be quite obvious and severe and the need to control it is much higher.

The need to control metal debris in equine facilities is high because the potential for horses to get metal debris embedded in their hooves or have a metal piece puncture their hoof can cost the horse in lameness and time to recover. Complications from a nail puncture can range from a simple abscess to severe career ending injuries if it pierces one of the sensitive structures of the hoof.

Don’t under estimate the amount of metal debris that can be present around farm buildings and roadways, in paddocks and pastures and in arenas especially those arenas used for mixed events. Fencing activities over time (nails & wire) are a persistent source of debris.

Nails from fencing
Nail puncturing a hoof
The puncture to the navicular bursa is a serious injury

The Silent Threat That Can Be Devastating to Horses.

Penetrating foreign objects into a horses’ hoof can cause painful abscesses that can be devastating. If a horse steps on a foreign object, usually a nail or piece of metal debris, it drives into the sole, taking dirt and bacteria in with it.

When the foreign object is pulled out the sole closes up, sealing itself and the bacteria in the hoof. If the area is not opened up immediately to clean out the bacteria and other debris, an abscess can form.

The most dangerous penetrating wound to the hoof is a puncture to the navicular bursa, most commonly caused by the horse stepping on a nail. With this type of injury, the nail or other foreign object finds its way up and through the back third of the frog and into a small sac of fluid between the navicular bone and deep digital flexor tendon called the navicular bursa. When this happens, bacteria and debris get into this sac of fluid.

Once the object is pulled out the area seals itself, allowing a perfect environment for bacterial growth. If the navicular bursa becomes infected it can be very painful, and since it is located so deep in the hoof it can be very difficult to treat. If the infection spreads from the navicular bursa to the deep digital flexor tendon sheath, the infection can travel up the leg, making it almost impossible to treat and ultimately costing the horse his life.

Because farm environments of any kind hold the high potential for many stray nails, wire and screws, we recommend a magnetic sweeper as another preventative horse health measure. You will be surprised at all the hidden hazards you find.

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Quick Tip #1

What do the staff of Bluestreak have to say on the subject of ATV magnets?

If you have arena ring grooming equipment that's the best place to start, you can hang a Wrasse hanging magnet from that equipment and do 2 jobs at the same time. For cleaning up areas outside of the arena ring, such as paddocks and lanes, the best piece of equipment is the Rhino.
Bluestreak Equipment

The maximum lifting height of the Equine Facility Magnets;

The Rhino
8 and 1/2 inches
The Yacare
9 and 3/4 inches
The Caiman
10 and 1/2 inches
The Wrasse 2" x 5"
4 and 3/4 inches
The Wrasse 3" x 3"
6 inches
The Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
8 and 1/2 inches
The Force
6 and 1/4 inches
The Eiger
9 and 1/4 inches
The Yak
7 and 1/2 inches
The Aether
9 inches
The Khamsin
9 inches

For more information on Pickup Power follow this link: “Measuring Pickup Power and Performance in Magnetic Sweepers”

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Selection of Equine Facilities Magnetic Sweepers

Severe Off Road Compact Magnetic Sweeper

$2,599.99 USD$2,799.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 sizes: Rhino 62″, Rhino 74″, Rhiono 86″

Loads of Options to Pick up Metal Debris Faster.

The Rhino magnetic sweeper easily tows behind ATV’s, UTV’s, tractors, lawn mowers, golf carts or other utility vehicles in use at equine facilities. The Rhino is extremely simple in its design, making it very durable. It is a popular choice for many commercial type users with large dirt areas to clean including horse arenas and farm pastures and paddocks. It’s not only popular because of its simple but effective design but because it’s offered in three sweeping widths of five, six and seven feet wide and has the ability to continuously adjust the sweeping height from zero to five and a half inches. You can also add accessories such as the Quick Clean Off Sleeve to allow very quick and easy clean off.

The Debris Digging Rake accessory is also a handy accessory used to dislodge embedded debris in the ground and to aid in the pickup process.

It’s all the little extra features built into a compact size that make the Rhino magnetic sweeper a popular choice for equine facilities.

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Severe Duty Off Road Magnetic Sweeper!

Durability, Power & Easy Clean Off System

$6,499.99 USDAdd to cart

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 sweeper width: Yacare 72″

This thing is built like a tank!

The Yacare magnetic sweeper is a 72 inch wide, durable off road tow behind magnetic sweeper with Spring Assisted Clean Off!

The Yacare clean off system is entirely different from the Rhino. It replaces the Quick Clean Off Sleeve system with an easier more durable long term solution that’s especially helpful for heavy debris conditions. 

The Yacare’s 72 inch sweeping width, lighter tongue weight and overall slim profile makes it a good choice for towing behind ATV’s, UTV’s, or small tractors. Perfect for cleaning paddocks and riding arenas.

There is also an optional Debris Digging Rake accessory that can be attached to the Yacare to disturb the ground and loosen debris. This is a good option for paddocks and pasture areas.

This thing is built like a tank.  Check out the CAD drawings.

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Ready to go anywhere!

Power & Durability in an 82 inch width.

$9,899.99 USDAdd to cart

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 sweeper width: Caiman 82″

Similar to the Yacare Only Bigger!

The Caiman magnetic sweeper is one step up from the Yacare magnetic sweeper. Like the Yacare, the Caiman has enclosed magnets and Dual Spring Assisted Debris Release Handles.

However, the Caiman is wider with an 82 inch width.  It also has much more power with double the magnets.

More power and wider sweeping width make it a good choice for towing behind pickup trucks, larger tractors and UTVs around equine facilities. 

The Caiman also has solid pick up performance in off road conditions such as pastures and paddocks. It comes with a “wrap around” design, adjustable sweep height, flat proof tires, adjustable hitch height and optional debris digging rake accessory.

Check out the Caiman CAD drawings for details.

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Power and Durability.

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Versatile Magnetic Bar in a Full Range of Sizes

$399.99 USD$1,229.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 magnet housing sizes: Wrasse 2″x5″,  Wrasse 3″x 3″, Wrasse 4.5″ x 4.5″

Available in 7 sweeping widths: 26″, 38″, 50″, 62″, 74″, 86″, 98″

Easily attach to vehicles you already own and use.

Easily attach the Wrasse magnetic bar to your current equine equipment to reduce hoof injuries. Simply hang the Wrasse in front, at the rear or under your equipment.

The Wrasse can hang from almost any piece of equipment and as long as the ground is fairly even. As long as the magnetic bar isn’t hitting the ground all the time they function very well allowing the equipment operators to clean environments while they do their normal tasks.

There is also an optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve for the Wrasse 3″x 3″ and 4.5″ x 4.5″ which makes cleaning debris off the magnet bar easy.

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Easily attaches to your equipment.

Maximum Pickup Power in a No Frill Design

$289.99 USD$349.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 3 sizes: Force 19, Force 25, Force 31

Gets the job done!

The Force magnetic sweeper is a push type magnet that is designed to be used on  “all terrain” including, grass, dirt, concrete and gravel. It has loads of pickup power in a no frills design.  Most of all, it doesn’t have all the extra features just the basics, and it’s sturdy, rugged and gets the job done.

Perfect for using in and around the barn and stable areas to pick up nails, wires or metal debris that can cause harm to horses.

Maximum lifting height is an incredible 6 ¼” (using a two and a half inch nail).

Wrap Around” feature holds onto nails and debris even if grass tries to wipe it off.

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Maximum Power- No Frills Design

An off road hanging magnet made for operating in dirt and gravel conditions found on equine facility roads, yards, paddocks and arenas.

$799.99 USD$1,999.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 6 sizes: Eiger 38″, Eiger 50″, Eiger 62″, Eiger 74″, Eiger 86″, Eiger 98″

With 10” inch x 3” inch wide flat proof Bumper wheels.

The EIGER was designed for those slightly more off-road surfaces with more uneven surfaces such as dirt and gravel where potholes and bumps exist.

Designed with wide wheels to stay on top of those surfaces, and also designed with a greater minimum sweeping height of 2.5”inches to prevent the sweeper from hitting the ground. 

Comes standard with black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve for easy debris removal, and 4 hanging chains with 8 quick clips to hang the EIGER from your vehicle.

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For off road conditions.

UTV Side by Side Front Mount Magnetic Sweeper!

$3,799.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 1 size: Yak 66″

Pick up metal debris before you drive over it or your horse steps on it!

Clean up metal debris around the stables, paddocks, arenas easily with a YAK front mount, off road, all terrain magnetic sweeper designed specifically for UTV side by side vehicles.

Designed to any fit any UTV side by side vehicle right out of the box by utilizing any UTV snow plow setup as the connection point to the UTV. 

The YAK has a 66 inch sweeping width and a fully enclosed magnet.  It comes with highly visible “MAGNET” signage, and a safety yellow colored lid. Flat proof 10 inch x 3 inch caster wheels.  Utilizes your UTV winch or other lifting device to raise and lower the magnet.

Sweeping height is adjustable from 1 inch to 4 inch, in 1/2 inch increments. Stainless steel magnet housing and magnet pan (all sides except the yellow lid). Maximum lifting height of 7 ½” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail).  Reliably picks up 2 ½” nails at 13kph, with the sweeping height set at 2 ½” off the ground.

The YAK is the ultimate UTV magnet in functionality and performance.

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A Front mount UTV magnetic sweeper!

For extra ground strike protection!

$2,399.99 USD$2,699.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 4 sizes:  AETHER 62”, AETHER 74”, AETHER 86”, AETHER 98”

With wheeled outriggers and bump wheels for Off Road farm use.

The AETHER magnetic sweeper was designed for those off road dirt and gravel and grass environments where you need a magnet and want to mount it to your tractor or other farm vehicle but more ground strike prevention is needed to protect the magnet. The AETHER provides more protection than the EIGER because of the AETHER ’s wheeled outriggers in the center of the magnet.

The 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels on the ends prevent the magnet from hitting the ground and from sinking into loose surfaces, and the wheeled outriggers provide additional ground strike prevention in the middle of the magnet’s overall length.

Maximum lifting height of 9” inches (using a 2 ½ inch nail). Measuring Magnetic Sweeper pickup power and performance.

Comes standard with a black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve for quick and easy debris removal. Also includes 6 stabilizing chains with 12 quick clips to the AETHER from your vehicle

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For Extra Protection Off Road

Hanging magnet Aether Series

Off Road Hanging Magnet Designed to be raised or lowered, as needed.

$2,099.99 USD$2,549.99 USDBuy Now

(all prices in USD)

Available in 4 sizes: 62”, 74”, 86”, 98”

With Quick Clean Off Sleeve

The KHAMSIN hanging magnet was designed for more “off road” applications such as gravel, sand, and dirt roads and yards, or grass covered areas.  Ideal for rural roads or gravel roadsides.  Ideal for gravel parking lots and driveways.

The Khamsin design allows you to leave the magnet permanently mounted, enabling you to lower and deploy the magnet for use when needed, and then easily raise and secure it when not needed or for transport between locations.

Larger 10” x 3” flat proof bump wheels keep the magnet from hitting the ground or sinking into softer ground surfaces.

The Khamsin has a slightly higher minimum sweeping height of 2.5” inches compared to the ISO’s minimum sweeping height of 1.75” inches, in order to operate more effectively in off road applications.

A Quick Clean Off Sleeve comes standard for quick and easy debris removal. 

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For All Terrain!

Hanging magnetic sweeper Khamsin by Bluestreak

Equine Facility Magnet Comparison Table

yacare magnetic sweeper
Caiman magnetic sweeper - bluestreak equipment
Wrasse 2" x 5"
Wrasse 3" x 3"
Wrasse 4.5" x 4.5"
yak magnetic sweeper bluestreak equipment
Khamsin 4.5x4.5
Maximum Lifting Height8 1/2"9 3/4"10 1/2"4 3/4"6"8 1/2"6 1/4"9.25"7 1/2 ” inches9"9"
Sweeper Weight252 lbs, 277 lbs, 305 lbs511.4 lbs884 lbs24lbs, 35lbs, 47lbs, 58lbs, 70lbs, 81lbs, 93lbs28lbs, 40lbs, 53lbs 65lbs, 77lbs, 89lbs,102lbs, 65lbs, 93lbs, 120lbs, 148lbs, 175lbs, 203lbs, 230lbs34lb, 41lb, 48lb124lbs, 158lbs, 192lbs, 226lbs, 259lbs, 292lbs249 lbs230 lbs, 264 lbs, 297 lbs, 330 lbs191 lbs, 225 lbs, 258 lbs, 291 lbs
Sweeper Widths62", 74", 86"72"82"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"26", 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"19", 25", 31"38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98"66"62", 74", 86", 98"62", 74", 86", 98"
Sweeper Height Adjustment0" to 5 1/2" Continuous Adjustment2" to 6" Continuous Adjustment2" to 6" Continuous AdjustmentChange suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 3".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 4".Change suspension height by rising or lowering the chains to a maximum height of 5".3 Wheel SettingsYes – by changing mounting heightYes, 1 to 4 Inches, in 1/2” incrementsYes, by changing hanging height. Minimum 2.5“ recommended hanging height 3” to 5“ maximum.Yes, minimum 2.5" with wheel on the ground, 3" recommended, 5" inch maximum
Sweeper Wheel Type13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires13" x 6.5" flat proof, ball bearing tires16.5" x 6.5" flat proof, hub and spindle wheelsNoneNoneNone7" Steel Hub & Ball Bearing Wheels10” x 3” foam filled flat proof wheels with Steel hubs and 5/8 inch ball bearings rated at 100kg (220 lbs) capacity each10” x 3“ foam filled flat proof - centered hub with 5/8" ball bearing10” x 3” foam filled flat proof wheels with Steel hubs and 5/8 inch ball bearings rated at 100kg (220 lbs) capacity each10” x 3” Foam Filled flat proof bump wheels with steel hubs and 5/8” ball bearings rated at 100 kg (220 lbs) capacity each
Clean Off MethodWipe clean with glove or rag or purchase the optional Quick Clean Off SleeveSpring Assisted Dual Debris Release HandlesSpring Assisted Dual Debris Release HandlesWipe clean with glove or rag.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe clean with glove or rag. Also available with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory.Wipe off debris with glove or ragQuick Clean Off Sleeve comes standardDebris Release HandleComes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve Comes standard with a Quick Clean Off Sleeve
Terrain SurfaceAll TerrainAll TerrainAll TerrainFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesFlat SurfacesAll TerrainAll TerrainAll TerrainAll TerrainAll Terrain
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