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Debris Digging Rake™ Series

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Accessory for Yacare, Caiman, Rhino, HOG and Aardvark
  • Disturbs ground so hidden or embedded debris surfaces and is picked up by the sweeper.
  • Tines attached are spring loaded to flex while disturbing the surface of the earth.
  • Steal tube construction.
  • Adjustable depth tines allow you the option of retracting the tines when you do not want to dig.
  • Slides over sweeper tongue and installs in less than 3 minutes.
  • Constructed out of durable Steel Tubing.
  • Grooms and levels soil as it cleans up debris.
  • By grooming the ground, it also allows you to see where you’ve already picked up debris.
Select the size that fits your sweeper. Use the Debris Digging Rake when you need to sweep up hidden debris that is just under the surface of the ground.

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