Magnetic Nail Sweeper Solutions

Magnetic nail sweepers are a type of magnetic sweeper used to quickly pick up metal objects such as nails or screws. Magnetic nail sweepers work well in a variety of environments, including shop floors and even grass. They are essential for easily and safely clearing environments of metal debris without having to bend over. Bluestreak Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of magnetic nail sweeper products in a variety of widths and pickup heights.


Magnetic Nail Sweeper Testing Standards

As a magnetic equipment specialist, Bluestreak engineers a diverse selection of highly effective magnetic nail sweepers. All of our products undergo testing to determine the maximum height from which they can pick up a 2.5-inch nail. The pickup power of our magnetic sweeper products is measured in terms of this maximum lifting height. For example, the Wrasse magnet has a maximum lifting height of 8.5 inches, meaning this is the highest it can go while still being able to pick up a 2.5-inch nail. 

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Below you will find our primary magnetic sweeper product categories. Within each category, there are a variety of wheel configurations and shapes designed to meet the needs of diverse applications. 

  • Handheld Magnetic Nail Sweepers
    These products are excellent at picking up small debris and are commonly used to pick up nails. They feature a handheld design with no wheels and are curved in shape to reach areas easily. Handheld magnetic nail sweepers from Bluestreak Equipment are lightweight, small, and designed to be comfortable to handle. They are also easy to transport and maneuver into tight spaces. These sweepers are commonly used in manufacturing shops or tight outdoor spaces, and they are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 14 inches.
  • Push Type Magnetic Nail Sweeper
    Compatible with all types of terrain, these sweepers work by being pushed and rolled over debris-filled areas. Typically used within roofing, construction, or manufacturing applications featuring dirt, grass as well as smooth floors, push-type magnetic sweepers can be lifted up to 6.25 inches high while still being able to pick up a 2.5-inch nail.
  • Hanging Magnets 
    Suitable for all types of terrain, hanging magnets deliver a lifting height of up to 11 inches. They are highly versatile and can be used in the front, back, or underneath a vehicle. Hanging magnets from Bluestreak are available in widths ranging from 6 to 98 inches and are an economical solution for many power requirements.
  • Rear Mounted Magnet Sweepers
    Used in outdoor settings, rear-mounted magnetic sweepers free the front end of your vehicle for other work while clearing metal debris in the back. They are frequently used with forklifts and feature a variety of lifting heights depending on the model. Bluestreak offers rear-mounted magnet sweepers in widths ranging from 18 to 50 inches.
  • Fork Mount Magnetic Nail Sweeper
    Used in large outdoor gravel or dirt yards mainly, fork mount magnetic nail sweepers are ideal for picking up nail debris from heavy traffic areas, ensuring no damage to vehicles occurs. These sweepers are mounted onto forklifts, skid steers, or any other type of vehicle with a fork, and efficiently detect and collect nails. It’s even possible to groom the gravel or dirt yard while simultaneously collecting debris. Fork mount magnetic nail sweepers from Bluestreak are available in sizes ranging from 25 to 98 inches.
  • Front Mount Magnetic Sweepers
    Mounted to the front end of vehicles, these sweepers are used in outdoor applications to ensure debris is picked up before its run over. Some models feature a 54-inch sweeping width and can lift a 2.5-inch nail from 7.25 inches high. While generally more costly than other magnetic sweeper solutions, they easily protect vehicle tires.
  • Continuous Discharge Magnetic Sweepers
    Used to continuously clean shot off a magnetic drum and deposit it into an on-board removable debris tray, this type of sweeper is suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces only. Available in widths ranging from 25 to 52 inches, they feature a lifting height of 1.75 inches, and these sweeper solutions are easy to remove and empty.
  • Tow-Behind Magnet Sweepers
    Suitable for both flat surface applications as well as a variety of other outdoor terrain types, these sweepers are towed behind trucks, ATVs, or UTVs. They feature lifting heights up to 16 inches and are available in sizes ranging from 38 to 98 inches.

Nail the Magnetic Nail Sweeper Decision-Making Process

Shotblasting Magnet

With so many magnetic sweeper products to choose from, it can be challenging to identify the most appropriate solution. Some key considerations to take into account for your application include: 

  • Terrain. Do you need a sweeper for gravel, dirt, or grass-covered areas? Will the sweeper be used over flat surfaces or do you require an all-terrain solution? There are many wheel height configurations available, as well as angled nose and wrap-around features. 
  • Area. Will the sweeper be used in a tight or confined area or over a large floor? Magnetic nail sweepers are available in sizes ranging from 12 to 98 inches to meet a variety of space requirements. 
  • Volume of nails. Different sized sweepers accommodate different amounts of nails within the apparatus, so it’s important to consider your typical nail volume. 

Learn More About Magnetic Sweepers

Visit our magnetic sweepers page to view all of our industrial magnetic solutions. Our team is always available to provide additional information about our products. To consult with one of our experts on identifying the most effective solution for your application, please contact us