How to Choose the Best Heavy-Duty Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic sweepers have a variety of uses in home garages as well as industrial and commercial applications. They keep work areas, roads, and yards free of metal debris like screws, nuts, nails, and washers. Heavy-duty magnetic sweepers can work on smooth and uneven terrain, from asphalt to gravel to grass lawns. To select the right type of heavy-duty magnetic sweeper, it’s important to understand the specifications to look for and their benefits for various applications.

What to Look for in a Magnetic Sweeper

A magnetic sweeper is a must-have tool for reliably clearing loose nails, screws, and other metal scraps from large indoor and outdoor facilities, like industrial shops, driveways, and airstrips. Magnetic sweepers are available in many magnet strengths and build types. Here’s what you need to know when searching for the best magnetic sweeper for your application.

Magnetic Power

Magnet strength is essential when purchasing a magnetic sweeper that can effectively pick up metal objects in your specific setting. Sweepers that can pull up metal from concrete floors won’t necessarily work well at picking up metal from grass. Different applications require varying magnet strengths and configurations. 

Build Quality

For magnetic sweepers that will be used daily or for long periods at a time, it is important to consider the build quality of the device. The right magnetic sweeper should hold up over the course of your desired application. Be aware that the cheapest option could end up costing you more in replacement costs. When comparing heavy-duty magnetic sweepers, look at the wheel tread and the handle’s configuration. Find a good balance between cost and quality to get the most out of your investment. 


Good magnetic power and build are not enough to select the right magnetic sweeper. Design can also influence the product’s function. The best magnetic sweepers are specifically designed with their intended purpose and operating environments in mind. For example, magnetic sweepers for grassy terrain have features that will ensure the metal debris picked up will not be swept off the bottom of the magnet as it moves forward. 

Magnetic Sweeper Applications

The ideal magnetic sweeper varies depending on its intended application. Industrial magnetic sweepers are designed to serve various commercial, residential, and industrial applications. They are metal separators that remove stray ferrous debris and objects from work areas to protect people and equipment from damage. Industrial magnetic sweepers are more effective and efficient than traditional sweeping methods, improving productivity and speeding up cleanup times. 


Some industrial applications for magnetic sweepers include: 

While cleaning up a few metal fragments can usually be cleaned like ordinary debris, it’s best to use magnetic sweepers for large areas or hard-to-see metal pieces. 

Magnetic Sweepers From Bluestreak Equipment

If you require magnetic sweepers, Bluestreak offers a vast selection for almost every application. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect magnetic sweeper for your unique needs. Some of our most popular magnetic sweepers include:

  • Forager: The Forager series are sweepers designed to mount to nearly any kind of forklift to allow operators to quickly clear metal debris. 
  • Powerstik: The Powerstik series are handheld hook magnets that pick up nails and screws in hard-to-reach spaces, especially roofs. 
  • Eiger: This is an ideal magnetic sweeper for shunt trucks, yard trucks, or hostlers. The Eiger series have powerful magnets that can pick up metal objects on uneven dirt and gravel surfaces. 

Magnetic sweepers are the best tool for effectively and consistently cleaning up ferrous materials from large industrial spaces. Trust Bluestreak Equipment’s wide selection of high-quality, heavy-duty magnetic sweepers to perform in specialized applications. Contact us to discuss the right magnetic sweeper for your needs.